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Author Topic: mIRC Chat Sillyness  (Read 35274 times)


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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #135 on: March 03, 2009, 11:50:39 am »

Original Post by Karina

I can't escape the long-lasting after effects of my official ID card. It's not allowed. ;) This one came from a convo about Soveh's long hair, and then somehow got onto the old Kari big hair jokes...

[20:43] [Tellana] They say, among the campfires of the hairdresser tribes who hunt the great afro, that occasionally a tribe of hairdressers will send their bravest and most artistic youngsters to hunt their most legendary prey. Karina's hair
[20:44] [Tellana] Legend, passed down from hairdresser father to hairdresser son, says that whoever shall manage to bring down and tame Karina's hair shall be the chosen of the great Spirit of L'oreal, and shall lead the tribes to great triumph.
[20:45] [Tellana] However. None of the youngsters who have gone on this quest have ... ever... returned...
[20:46] [Tellana] The elders around the campfires have different stories on what happens. Some say Karina is a fierce man-eating ogress, who devours the boys whole. Others say she's only interested in some forms of devouring, and those are more pleasurable than fatal. Those elders are perverts.
[20:46] [Tellana] All that is known, is that Karina's hair is still out there, and so the tales will continue, and the young men will continue to dream. As has always been the case. The End


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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #136 on: March 03, 2009, 11:52:44 am »

Original post by Udoshi

It all started with a simple, innocent question in the ooc channel. And quickly gave way to silly, and then wrong. Since it looks like no one else is posting this...
Edit: Unsuckified post by removing unrelated junk, as requested.

<Baalus_Seth> ...wait, Kari's death is a known fact IC?
<Tellana> >_ >
<Balance> 'Tis Thanksgiving weekend, this weekend
<FC> well, her will said "to whoever it concerns"
<Psycofrog> I have 2 hrs, 45 minutes til school starts.
<Tellana> Well, she was just one of our major officers. And her will -is- posted.
<Psycofrog> entertain me :(
<FC> you're making me blush
<Feina> what do you think about Mecharina, soveh?
<Ktzi> Mecharina sounds like an actual name
<Ktzi> Not horribly punny
<Feina> We can make you stronger, better, faster!
<Tellana> Heeeeey Mecharina~
* Tellana forms a macarena line with Taross and Feina
<Soveh> <Kari> "I'd short myself on general principle. There are just some things mechs can't do."
* Feina|Astral dances!
<Psycofrog> Like love Bishis?
<Psycofrog> Wait.. she could love on Wiggy then :o
<Psycofrog> So Taross, How do you mummify her brushes, hair taming kits, bras, her bishis
<FC> chuck em in a pit and pour concrete in


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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #137 on: March 03, 2009, 11:54:21 am »

Original post by Achelea

Another Installment in the Kari Hair Saga:

* Taross hms and offers Tellana a Karina-wig for parties...
[Tellana] I'd snap my neck
* Danie_Baker puts on a record of Oce crying to draw out Soveh/Karina
[Zareveh] Not just that, you'd collapse from the weight
* Danie_Baker is now known as Daniel_Baker
[Tellana] so, what's up folks?
[Daniel_Baker] She'd be turning into a hair pancake
[Zareveh] Firelady is doing nothing in particular in the lounge
[Taross] It's not completely Kari, only her hai- oh..
[Tellana] Kari's hair, if compressed enough, can form a blonde hole. Which is like a black hole, but less smart
[Soveh] XD
[Tellana] ...in fact, that's pretty much what happened with SSR...
* Soveh dies laughing
* Adam snickerfits
* Zareveh cackles


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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #138 on: March 03, 2009, 11:56:47 am »

Original post by Karina

Oh #Gutter. Sometimes, the conversation is cleaner than Main. And sometimes weird random things happen...
Edited for, well, cleaning up some. Not much though. Honest; extraneous link removed, the rest happened just like so. This also requires some knowledge of the SethurPG-mimics-Daniel-Radcliffe's-Equus-pose pic which showcases just how very very skinny SethurPG is. Also, there is no RP in Gutter, not even pseudo-IC goofing like in Main.

[23:38] [Denzine] L5:
[23:38] [Denzine] ... Soveh's naked, isn't she?
[23:38] [Soveh] no
[23:38] [Denzine] oh.
[23:39] [Soveh] you only wish, Denz. Sorry. Ana is naked, in the shower behind a curtain. Seemed to think somehow that would offend Soveh.
[23:39] [Denzine] she -should- be.
[23:40] [Soveh] you do realize Soveh's really skinny and flat as a board, yes? There's really not much to see. No curves.
[23:42] [Sethur] So am I and I'm still sexy as hell :3
[23:42] [Wirrit] ...
[23:42] [Wirrit] Wait.
[23:42] [Sethur] wait what
[23:42] [Wirrit] So, Sethur is comparing his figure to a flatchested girl's? ..on...on purpose?
[23:42] [Sethur] Screw you >:|
[23:42] [Soveh] I keep trying to think of a comeback to that, but I think I'll let Wirrit's comments stand.
[23:43] [Bebti_Chione] Thats.. creepy..
[23:43] [Denzine] put a skirt on him and I'm good to go.
[23:43] [Wirrit] You're welcome, Seth!
[23:43] [Sethur] You're all just jealous.
[23:43] [Sethur] ALL of you.
[23:43] [Denzine] I want you Sethur.
[23:43] [Sethur] no
[23:43] [Denzine] :D


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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #139 on: March 03, 2009, 11:59:07 am »

Original post by Taross

Sometimes, timing is everything

[10:06] * Tellana turns Anariel into a night elf
[10:08] * Anariel blinks at Tell, hops a couple of times...
[10:08] * Taross waits for Anariel to start hopping.
[10:08] [Taross] :p
[10:08] [Taross] Seriously, it's so hilarious at times.
[10:09] [Taross] Try coming out of combat with 2 hp left and keeping a straight face when you put your daggers away and hop.
((Massive netsplit!))
[10:10] [Tellana] gyah
[10:10] [Taross] Aieeee!
[10:10] [Anariel] One heckuvasplit
[10:10] [Taross] nightelf hopping did it.
((Moar opping))
[10:11] [Anariel] The last I saw was your comment about coming out of a fight and keeping a straight face. *hophophop*
((NETSPLIT 2; The revenge of netsplit))
[10:12] [Tellana] Stop doing that! D:
[10:12] [Taross] See?
[10:15] [Anariel] I can't help it! *hop hop hop*
[10:15] [Anariel] I blame Blizzard.
[10:23] [Anariel] *peers around.... *hop hop hop*


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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #140 on: June 08, 2009, 08:51:55 am »

The puns I see just before logging off...

[01:03] * Mercy is now known as TDG|Bed
[01:04] [Balance] Oh no the channel is without mercy now. <.<
[01:04] [Balance] Night Diggy
[01:07] [Rosemarie-UEF] You could also point out with the absence of Mercy.. so is the absence of Hope..
[01:09] * Rosemarie-UEF watches the joke fall flat... pokes it..
[01:09] [Rosemarie-UEF] I think I dun killt it
[01:15] [Balance] I think you upset the balance. <.< *cough*
[01:26] [Rosemarie-UEF] ouch
[01:27] [Rosemarie-UEF] careful with those puns.. my cheeks turned Rosey
[01:29] [Balance] Now there's some Sagely advice
[01:34] [+HugoEaston] This line of punning is Fated to end in tears
[01:34] [Balance] It's merely a matter of who croaks first and goes Pysco
[01:41] [Rosemarie-UEF] these puns will start a war of Attrition
[01:41] [TBarnes] Udo-n't say
[01:42] [Balance] The war will probably result in a Killfrenzy
[01:42] [Rosemarie-UEF] Go ahead and Sharaton of these badpuns
[01:44] * +Ruby ... applauds.
[01:45] [Rosemarie-UEF] Thankyou thankyou we tend to Re-cycle our puns.. and honestly we Karina alot for the audience. I hope we win an Emy for this preformance.
[01:46] [Rosemarie-UEF] *ducks*
[01:47] [+HugoEaston] Be very careful, someone might Tarlin feather you for that threefer
[01:47] [Balance] You're just a Database of puns aren't you?
[01:48] [Rosemarie-UEF] mama-Mia!
[01:49] [Balance] Did you have some hot Soup there?

Taross Blackburn

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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #141 on: July 27, 2009, 03:32:34 pm »

[23:30] < Denzine> Heheh
[23:30] < Drathorin> Kung Shoe: Enter the Shoe
[23:30] < Denzine> Mad Max series frigign' rocks.
[23:30] < Wirrit|BRB> Y'know.. there are only so many of these out there, and we've probably said most of them.
[23:30] < Killfrenzy> Sex in the Shoe
[23:30] < Blacktalon> The Three Shoes (the three Caballeros)
[23:30] < Denzine> Oh, there's always more.
[23:30] < Blacktalon> Captain Corelli's Shoe
[23:30] < Killfrenzy> Blazing Shoes
[23:30] < Mischa|FoamRubber> Godshoela.
[23:30] < Killfrenzy> Destroy All Shoes.
[23:30] < Drathorin> White Shoes Can't Jump
[23:30] < Forsyth> Less shoes, more bidding.
[23:31] < Blacktalon> Godzilla Vs. Shoe
[23:31] < Denzine> Shoecula(Dracula, 1951 version)
[23:31] < Wirrit|BRB> Demolition Shoes
[23:31] < Drathorin> ZING!
[23:31] < Wirrit|BRB> *shoe
[23:31] * Drathorin applauds self.
[23:31] < Cyric_Cole> King Shoe
[23:31] < Denzine> Good one Drath.
[23:31] < Killfrenzy> Master And Shoe
[23:31] < Killfrenzy> Cape Shoe.
[23:31] < Blacktalon> Shoecula (Blackula)
[23:31] < Cyric_Cole> Shoeday the 13th.
[23:31] < Killfrenzy> Shoe Almighty
[23:31] < Drathorin> Shoes and Present Danger
[23:32] < Denzine> Mortal Shoe: Annihilation.
[23:32] < Blacktalon> Ugh.
[23:32] < Blacktalon> That movie SUCKED.
[23:32] < Denzine> Yep.
[23:32] < Blacktalon> Shoe Fighter
[23:32] < Denzine> Heh!
[23:32] < Alain_Lyons> That movie sucked MORE.
[23:32] < Drathorin> Double Shoe-gon
[23:32] < Tarlin> The Great Shoe Detective
[23:32] < Drathorin> (Double Dragon)
[23:32] < Cyric_Cole> Shoe Force One
[23:32] < Blacktalon> Been said, tarlin
[23:32] < Killfrenzy> Miss Shoegon.
[23:32] < Blacktalon> Clear and Present Shoe
[23:32] < Denzine> That movie... Wasn't too bad.
[23:32] < Tarlin> It's for the Great Mouse Detective, that one been said?
[23:32] < Killfrenzy> The Thomas Shoe Affair
[23:32] < Blacktalon> The Shoe of Oz.
[23:32] < Denzine> Darkshoe(Darkstone)
[23:32] < Drathorin> BT! Ha I got that already
[23:32] < Killfrenzy> The Man With The Golden Shoe
[23:33] * Zin|Food is now known as Zinic
[23:33] < Drathorin> The Fast and the Shoeless
[23:33] < Killfrenzy> Never Say Shoe
[23:33] < Killfrenzy> YOu Only Live Shoe
[23:33] < Killfrenzy> Shoe Never Dies
[23:33] < Denzine> Shoe Whisperer.
[23:33] < Blacktalon> Shoes and Dogs.
[23:33] < Killfrenzy> Shoebiscuit
[23:33] < Wirrit|BRB> ...Dude, we've been doing this for half an hour or so.
[23:33] * Mischa|FoamRubber waits for Arisu to show up :3
[23:33] < Cyric_Cole> I claim Never Say Shoe, and add The Shoe Is Not Enough.
[23:33] < Blacktalon> The -Difference- Between Shoes and Dogs.
[23:33] < Wirrit|BRB> And on that note:  Dude, where's my shoe?
[23:33] < Denzine> Heh!
[23:34] < Killfrenzy> Shoetrip
[23:34] < Denzine> The Shoeies! (The Goonies!)
[23:34] < Forsyth> The shoe who loved me.
[23:34] < Killfrenzy> Dr. Shoelove, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Shoe.
[23:34] < Drathorin> Shoestin Powers
[23:34] < Alain_Lyons> That's the title I was trying to remember!
[23:34] * Alain_Lyons stabs Kill.
[23:34] < Blacktalon> Shoepetto.
[23:34] < Denzine> Sweet Home SHoe.
[23:34] < Drathorin> Shoeoccia
[23:34] < Drathorin> occio*
[23:34] < Blacktalon> Monster's Shoe.
[23:34] < Wirrit|BRB> Shoetasia.
[23:34] < Mischa|FoamRubber> Shoe Kombat.
[23:34] < Killfrenzy> Shoes Wide Shut
[23:34] < Denzine> SHoes under my BEd.
[23:34] < Cyric_Cole> Bicentennial Shoe?
[23:34] < Blacktalon> Shoetasia Shoethousand.
[23:35] < Wirrit|BRB> 6 Shoes
[23:35] < Denzine> The SHoeman Prophecies!
[23:35] < Killfrenzy> The Blair Witch Shoe
[23:35] < Blacktalon> An Ideal Shoe.
[23:35] * Forsyth baps Re. Supposed to bid on Ryan.
[23:35] < Drathorin> The Shoe-cion king
[23:35] < Blacktalon> The Shoe Who Would be King
[23:35] * Amazona has joined #GamingGuardians
[23:35] * Lana` sets mode: +v Amazona
[23:35] < Killfrenzy> The Shoe of The Red Death
[23:35] < Relapse> Hi Amazona.
[23:35] < Denzine> Crap, what's the new Viggo movie...
[23:35] < Relapse> Re went backstage.
[23:35] < Drathorin> Final Shoe (Final Fantasy. Was that done yet?)
[23:36] * Re will get outbid shortly anyawy!
[23:36] < Amazona> Hi everyone.
[23:36] < Byron> Van Shoesing
[23:36] < Mischa|FoamRubber> Shoes of the Carribean
[23:36] < Denzine> Final Fantasy: The Shoe Within?
[23:36] < Drathorin> did that mischa
[23:36] < Wirrit|BRB> Gone with the Shoe
[23:36] < Denzine> Van Helsing has been done a few times.
[23:36] < Blacktalon> Shoes in the Attic
[23:36] < Cyric_Cole> The Fall of the Shoe of Usher
[23:36] < Mischa|FoamRubber> Drat.
[23:36] < Wirrit|BRB> The Shoes are alive with the sound of music
[23:36] < Denzine> Watershoe!
[23:36] < Blacktalon> The Shoe of Baskervilles
[23:36] < Wirrit|BRB> Or... Hell, that's a song.  NM.
[23:36] * Wirrit|BRB baps herself
[23:36] < Drathorin> BEDKNOBS AND SHOESTICKS
[23:36] * Wirrit|BRB is now known as Wirrit|Lurking
[23:36] < Denzine> DAMN!
[23:36] < Blacktalon> The Sound of Shoes.
[23:36] * Drathorin LOVED that origianl movie!
[23:36] < Denzine> Good one, Drath.
[23:36] < Drathorin> MARRY SHOES!
[23:36] < Drathorin> SHOBBINS XD
[23:36] < Amazona> The show is OVER!!
[23:36] < Drathorin> rather. . .Mwahahaha
[23:37] < Blacktalon> Is not.
[23:37] < Re> If Solly wins Angel's out some money..
[23:37] < Blacktalon> Shoe Hunt!
[23:37] < Killfrenzy> The Shoe is Over, you mean.
[23:37] * Drathorin likes his the best
[23:37] < Killfrenzy> After The Shoe.
[23:37] < Forsyth> !active
[23:37] < Wirrit|Lurking> Ama: Congrats!
[23:37] < GuardianDatabase> I,A = Active in last 5 minutes: [L=4,4 ][L1=4,4 ][L2=4,4 ][L3=4,4 ][L4=9,9 ][L5=4,4 ][Arena=4,4 ][PG=4,4 ]
[23:37] < Killfrenzy> Shoe Grafitti.
[23:37] < Wirrit|Lurking> Space Shoeboys
[23:37] < Forsyth> You survived, Amazona!
[23:37] < Cyric_Cole> Dragon Shoe Z
[23:37] < Amazona> The show I was working on for almost seven weeks just finished. Strike is over. Sweet GODS, it's OVER!
[23:37] < Relapse> Congrats Ama.
[23:37] < Killfrenzy> G.I. Shoe.
[23:37] < Relapse> Now you've just got school.
[23:37] * Amazona does a happydance.
[23:37] < Blacktalon> Shoe Truckers.
[23:37] < Drathorin> YAY
[23:37] < Killfrenzy> Shoecago.
[23:37] < Amazona> And the other show, Relapse.
[23:37] < Amazona> *grins*
[23:37] < Cyric_Cole> Shoes of New York
[23:37] * Drathorin thinks his best was "Bedknobs and shoesticks"
[23:37] < Killfrenzy> My Best Shoe's Wedding.
[23:37] < Drathorin> Can I get an award for that? XD
[23:38] < Denzine> Space Shoeckers. (Space Truckers! First movie I ever saw with an android that had an electrified buzzer, if you get my meaning.)
[23:38] < Blacktalon> Three Shoes and a Baby.
[23:38] < Relapse> Ama:... sucker for punishment, much?
[23:38] < Blacktalon> Said it, Denzine!
[23:38] < Denzine> When?
[23:38] < Killfrenzy> Pretty Shoe.
[23:38] < Blacktalon> hee. shoe truckers.
[23:38] < Amazona> Fuck yes, Relapse. You didn't notice?
[23:38] < Cyric_Cole> Drath: If i get one for Romeo and Shoeliet
[23:38] < Killfrenzy> The Cider House Shoes
[23:38] < Drathorin> Sure? >_>
[23:38] < Relapse> Ama: Yup.
[23:38] * Drathorin was surprised he made some good ones
[23:38] < Killfrenzy> Shoetanic.
[23:38] < Relapse> Ya twitt.
[23:39] < Wirrit|Lurking> Buckaroo Shoozai.
[23:39] * Amazona tacklehugs Relapse.
[23:39] < Killfrenzy> Barry Shoedon.
[23:39] < Relapse> And language, but I think that it was obfuscated in shoe-talk enough.. ack!
[23:39] < Blacktalon> 19shoety4.
[23:39] < Wirrit|Lurking> .. *Shoezai.
[23:39] * Denzine applauds Wirrit.
[23:39] < Wirrit|Lurking> Gah.
[23:39] < Blacktalon> Hopalong Shoe.
[23:39] < Denzine> Nineteen forty shoe.
[23:39] < Wirrit|Lurking> Maybe we need to make #GGShoe
[23:39] < Drathorin> I can't remember the john wayne movie where he was the navy commander!
[23:39] < Denzine> I think we do, Wirrit.
[23:39] < Cyric_Cole> The Longest Shoe
[23:39] < Killfrenzy> The Shoe Rider.
[23:40] * Relapse huggles Ama.
[23:40] < Cyric_Cole> A Shoe Too Far
[23:40] < Wirrit|Lurking> The Shoe Channel.  Heh.
[23:40] * Amazona is SO happy right now, it's ridiculous.
[23:40] < Denzine> Happen enough you could shoe yourself, Ama?
[23:40] < Relapse> heh
[23:40] < Denzine> Happy*
[23:40] < Denzine> Sheesh
[23:40] < Blacktalon> The long Shoe Goodnight.
[23:40] * Amazona shoots Denzine.
[23:40] * Denzine obligingly dies.
[23:40] < Drathorin> The Shoe Witch Project
[23:40] < Killfrenzy> Said that.
[23:40] < Blacktalon> been done.
[23:40] < Drathorin> Doh
[23:41] < Killfrenzy> #GGShoe
[23:41] < Drathorin> Now I'm just recycling. . .I'm no use anymore
[23:41] < Cyric_Cole> Rustler's Shoe.
[23:41] < Killfrenzy> Dragonshoe (Dragonfly)
[23:41] < Denzine> Don't worry, I still have the most restates.
[23:41] < Drathorin> Fight club was probably already done
[23:41] < Mischa|FoamRubber> Shoe Guardians?
[23:41] < Amazona> 'A Streetcar Named Shoe'
[23:41] < Re> Charity auction in #gglounge4 for those who don't know it.
[23:41] < Killfrenzy> Shoe Catcher
[23:41] < Mischa|FoamRubber> Shoe of Dreams?
[23:41] < Denzine> Okeydokey, I'm idle for a while!
[23:41] * Denzine goes off.
[23:41] < Killfrenzy> Vanilla Shoe.
[23:41] < Blacktalon> Mystic Shoe.
[23:42] < Capt-Rebecca> The Temple of Shor
[23:42] < Capt-Rebecca> The Temple of Shoe
[23:42] < Killfrenzy> Evil Shoe
[23:42] * Wirrit|Lurking points at #GGshoe
[23:42] < Amazona> 'A Long Shoe's Journey Into Night.'
[23:42] < TaniaG> Shoe
[23:42] < TaniaG> PoW!
[23:42] < Drathorin> The Last Shoefighter
[23:42] < Capt-Rebecca> A shoe runs through it
[23:42] < Drathorin> ZING
[23:42] * Killfrenzy points at GGShoe too, but isn't saying anything there since there's only two other people.
[23:43] < Drathorin> The Last starfighter ;P
[23:43] < Killfrenzy> The Gradushoe.
[23:43] * Amazona shuts up.
[23:43] * Wirrit|Lurking would join #GGshoe, but isn't gonna shoe no more
[23:43] < Drathorin> Stealing Shoevard?
[23:43] < Cyric_Cole> Tis late, I think i'd best be sailing away from these shoes, and getting to shoe.
[23:43] < Drathorin> ;P
[23:43] < Drathorin> I'm done
[23:43] < TaniaG> Sorry - enter instead of space - Shoe Pow!
[23:43] < Amazona> On the shoe subject, at least. I just had to contribute a few plays!
[23:43] < Cyric_Cole> Shoe long, everyone.
[23:43] < Forsyth> Aww, I didn't get to dash through the Powergamers living room, screaming about crazed rat girls.
[23:43] < Killfrenzy> A Simple Shoe.
[23:43] < Blacktalon> A Midsummer Shoe's Dream.
[23:43] < Relapse> Toodles Cyric.
[23:43] < Wirrit|Lurking> Bye Cyric!
[23:43] < Killfrenzy> Taming of the Shoe.
[23:44] < Cyric_Cole> Somebody better put this on the forum.
[23:44] < Drathorin> The shoewhisperer
[23:44] * Cyric_Cole has quit IRC (Client exited)
[23:44] < Drathorin> Shoes in the Outfield
[23:44] < Blacktalon> Shakeshoe in Love.
[23:44] < Killfrenzy> The Shoe of Venice.
[23:44] < Killfrenzy> The 12th Shoe.
[23:44] < Blacktalon> Shoelet.
[23:44] < Blacktalon> MacShoe.
[23:44] < Drathorin> The Shoe across teh River
[23:44] < Blacktalon> Shoesar.
[23:44] * Wirrit|Lurking flees the shoes
[23:44] < Amazona> 12th Shoe (Or What You Shoe)
[23:44] < Capt-Rebecca> The teenage mutant Shoes
[23:44] < Drathorin> COME BACK WIRRIT
[23:44] < Forsyth> #ggshoue, folks.
[23:44] < Killfrenzy> The Shoe Across The River Kwai.
[23:44] * Wirrit|Lurking has left #gamingguardians
[23:44] < Blacktalon> Henry the Shoe.
[23:44] < Drathorin> It's useless!
[23:44] < Relapse> ...
[23:44] < Relapse> Do we need to bring out the big stick?
[23:45] < Killfrenzy> 16 Shoes.
[23:45] < Killfrenzy> Hey, I'm already there.
[23:45] * Amazona finishes now. END SHOES.
[23:45] * Blacktalon stops shoeing since she's starting to lose track of RP. XD
[23:45] < TaniaG> When Harry met Shoe
[23:45] * Relapse looks at Tania.
[23:45] < Drathorin> Same BT
[23:45] < Drathorin> ALl your fault XD
[23:45] * Amazona glares at Tania.
[23:45] < Killfrenzy> The Sleepover Shoes.
[23:46] < Drathorin> >_>
[23:46] < Alain_Lyons> no more shoes!
[23:46] * Amazona shoots Killfrenzy.
[23:46] < Killfrenzy> Good One, Alain.
[23:46] < Relapse> *highlights names in the nick list*
[23:47] < Edison> That, by the way, is similar to a mech pilot lining up reticles for a good lock. A mech pilot with 6 LRM 20s.
[23:47] < Mischa|FoamRubber> That's a big 'Mech.
[23:47] * Amazona raises her hands. She's done now.
[23:48] < Capt-Rebecca> Cheesy
[23:48] < Killfrenzy> *shrug* Guess it's over.
[23:48] < Blacktalon> I am honestly mentally 'shoeing' everything now. AUGH.
[23:48] < Killfrenzy> *scrolls up* Holy shit.
[23:48] * TaniaG nods. The other shoe has dropped.
[23:48] < Killfrenzy> *scrolls up more* Holy shoe.
[23:48] < Killfrenzy> And for next weeks installment...
[23:48] < Blacktalon> good god almighty.
[23:48] < Killfrenzy> Gloves
[23:49] < Relapse> Which gives Lurker the advantage.
[23:49] < Killfrenzy> Who's posting this?
[23:49] < Blacktalon> or hats.
[23:49] < Blacktalon> Hats are good.
[23:49] < Capt-Rebecca> Pants!
[23:49] < TaniaG> <Lurker> "You called?"
[23:49] < TaniaG> "I find your lack of pants disturbing!"
[23:49] < Forsyth> <Dr.Shinypants> "I think they did."
[23:50] < Drathorin> O_O
[23:50] < Blacktalon> oh god, make it stop!
[23:50] < Capt-Rebecca> Cheesy
[23:50] < Drathorin> Eeeeeeeeeevil
[23:50] * Capt-Rebecca takes the spam song and changes the lyrices to Pants
[23:50] < Blacktalon> ...
[23:50] * Blacktalon has left #Gamingguardians
[23:51] < Capt-Rebecca> woohoo!
[23:51] * Capt-Rebecca ninja vanishs
[23:52] * Blacktalon has joined #Gamingguardians
[23:52] * Lana` sets mode: +v Blacktalon
[23:52] * Blacktalon peeks back in. "Is it dead?"
[23:53] < Capt-Rebecca> PANTS!
[23:53] * Capt-Rebecca ninja vanishs
[23:53] * Blacktalon murders Rebecca and feels better.
[23:53] * Capt-Rebecca is not here to be murdered
[23:53] < Drathorin> Then run Becca
[23:53] < Drathorin> cuz my stinga missile has your name on it
[23:53] < Mischa|FoamRubber> !active
[23:53] < GuardianDatabase> 9,9  = Active in last 5 minutes: [L=4,4 ][L1=4,4 ][L2=4,4 ][L3=4,4 ][L4=9,9 ][L5=4,4 ][Arena=4,4 ][PG=4,4 ]
[23:54] * Mischa|FoamRubber snerks. "Only one active lounge!"
[23:54] * Capt-Rebecca flip kicks the missile back at Drath
[23:54] < Drathorin> . . .You realise missles are contact sensitive?
[23:54] * Capt-Rebecca pulls it off anyway
[23:54] < Drathorin> not to mention detonate a few yards before target?
[23:55] < Amazona> ...The show's over. Now I just have to worry about school, rehearsals, paperwork, planning, and sickness. Woohoo! ...I have a headache.
[23:55] < Blacktalon> Isn't accomplishment fun?
[23:55] < Drathorin> bah!
[23:55] < Drathorin> Bah! to that I say. . .
[23:56] * Capt-Rebecca hands Amazona a cup of water, some pain releviers, and a pillow.
[23:56] < Drathorin> I met a kid today who's 16, and already made 200, 000 dollars from blizzard. . .
[23:56] * Amazona has pillows, doesn't take pain relievers, and takes the water.
[23:56] < Capt-Rebecca> ...?
[23:56] < Relapse> Silly Amazona.
[23:56] < Capt-Rebecca> darth: ...?
[23:56] * Drathorin already said it.
[23:57] < Amazona> I don't take pain relievers 'cause the frickin' things work for three to five minutes then make the pain worse.
[23:57] < Drathorin> Mediciine isn't always teh best thing
[23:58] < Amazona> I can ignore pain, easy. But not if I've taken medicine for it.
[23:58] < Drathorin> good immune system
Session Time: Mon Feb 16 00:00:00 2004
[00:00] * Tarelgeth has joined #GamingGuardians
[00:00] * Lana` sets mode: +v Tarelgeth
[00:01] * Tarelgeth waves to everyone
[00:01] < Relapse> Hi Tarelgeth.
[00:01] < Tarelgeth> Anything unusual tonight?
[00:02] < Blacktalon> ...
[00:02] < Blacktalon> Boy, what a loaded question.
[00:02] < Forsyth> No, not loaded.  I thought you were sticking to water.
[00:03] < Alain_Lyons> Hehe..
[00:03] < Re> Yep!
[00:03] < Re> Auction in lounge4
[00:03] < Tarlin> Most hilarious thing EVER
[00:04] < Drathorin> Dun Dun
[00:04] < Alain_Lyons> This has just been... well, hilarious.
[00:04] < Killfrenzy> Posting and editing.
[00:04] < TaniaG> I hope the log of this gets put up.
[00:04] < Killfrenzy> Feel sorry for my spacebar.
[00:05] < Forsyth> It will.  maybe not directly to the forum, but I'm definitely going to link to it.
[00:06] < Drathorin> awwww
[00:06] < Drathorin> I thought everyone would be broke
[00:06] < Drathorin> Just like me XD
[00:06] * Mischa|FoamRubber comforts Drath.
[00:07] < Drathorin> dun worry about it
[00:07] < Forsyth> So...What if Tizak wins the bid on Re?
[00:08] < Drathorin> >_>;
[00:08] < TaniaG> unlikely
[00:08] < Drathorin> <_<
[00:08] * Ryan_Galen has joined #GamingGuardians
[00:08] * Lana` sets mode: +v Ryan_Galen
[00:08] < Drathorin> Maybe I should have made Drath uber rich or uber uber something.
[00:08] < Drathorin> Nahhhhhhhh, I think People that aren't powered are. . .rare
[00:08] * Ryan_Galen has left #GamingGuardians
[00:09] < Alain_Lyons> Ooookay, folks, I need to log off for the night, I think. Before my brain melts down further.
[00:09] < Drathorin> later
[00:09] < Relapse> Night Alain.
[00:09] < Blacktalon> Nighters, Alain.
[00:10] < Alain_Lyons> Gnight, folks! Vaya con Dios! And remember... it was all for charity.
[00:10] < Alain_Lyons> BOY are the charities going to be pissed.
[00:10] < TaniaG> pissed? Why?
[00:10] < Guardian-Angel> Night Alain!
[00:10] < Forsyth> Because it's just play money?
[00:10] < Alain_Lyons> Well, they had to associate with us? And then there's the haunted mine...
[00:10] < Alain_Lyons> anywho. Gni!
[00:10] < TaniaG> G'Night, Alain
[00:10] < Killfrenzy> Posted in Forum.
[00:10] * Alain_Lyons has quit IRC (Quit: To sleep, perchance to dream.)
[00:10] < Zinic> http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/sysadmin/59ce/  <- Mine
[00:11] < Forsyth> PR coup for Carl, though.  Heh.
[00:11] < Killfrenzy> Oh, NM.
[00:11] < Killfrenzy> ...
[00:11] < Killfrenzy> Fucking UBB.
[00:11] < Killfrenzy> I just lost the whole thing.
[00:11] < Drathorin> heh


Session Start: Sun Feb 15 23:40:21 2004
Session Ident: #GGShoe
[23:40] * Now talking in #GGShoe
[23:40] * Alain_Lyons has joined #GGShoe
[23:40] * Blacktalon has joined #GGShoe
[23:45] * Alain_Lyons rawks.
[23:46] < Blacktalon> <> I own you.
[23:46] < Killfrenzy> The Shoe Wore Tennis Shoes.
[23:46] < Blacktalon> The Shoe Who Could Fly.
[23:46] < Killfrenzy> Sneakers.
[23:47] < Killfrenzy> The Flying Shoe.
[23:47] < Killfrenzy> The Swiss Family Shoe.
[23:47] < Blacktalon> A Shoe Too Many.
[23:47] < Killfrenzy> The Jackboot (The Jackal)
[23:47] < Blacktalon> ..meh.
[23:48] * Blacktalon has left #ggshoe (MY BRAIN!)
[23:50] * Alain_Lyons has left #GGShoe
Session Time: Mon Feb 16 00:00:00 2004
Session Close: Mon Feb 16 00:04:31 2004

Taross Blackburn

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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #142 on: August 13, 2009, 12:13:06 pm »

We got NEW sillyness... woooooo

<Tellana> "Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool ... AND Green Lantern"
<Tellana> At once
<Jarod> In brightest day, in darkest night, you will snikt me! SNIKT ME!
<+Sage|GSS> Green Deadpool.
<+Sage|GSS> Oh, the horror.
<Skarmory|ThePG> what.
<Jarod> Dead Lantern, oh wait, we have those already.
<Tellana> "What the hell. Why do I have green boxes too now?"
<Tellana> "I'm your ring, Wade"
<+Sage|GSS> "Dude shhhh Wade is my slave name"
<Tellana> Cue green boxes and yellow boxes talking for three pages
<+Sage|GSS> "Nnnnno... to be accurate, Deadpool is your slave name."
<Jarod> Cue green boxes and yellow boxes talking to THEMSELVES for three pages.
<Jarod> And Deadpool going for a sandwich while they blather.
<+Sage|GSS> Until the end of the book...
<Tellana> "Bugger off, we saw him first"
<+Sage|GSS> <Green> S'aright? <Yellow> S'aright. <Green> S'aright? <Yellow> S'aright. <Green> S'aright? <Yellow> S'aright.
<Tellana> <All> "Wazzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuup?"
<Jarod> <Deadpool> Do you guys mind? I'm trying to get Bob to bring me a pizza and I can't even read the menu with you two covering all the artwork.
<Tellana> <Green> "Wade, there is a crime being commited on Andromeda five" <DP> "Cool" *five minutes later* <Green> "Wade, we appear to still be on your couch" <DP> "Yeeeup"
<+Sage|GSS> <Yellow> "I want anchovies!" <Green> "Eeeew"
<Tellana> Bob of Hydra!
<Jarod> <DP> So... This ring can make me anything I can imagine... <Green> Erm... is there still time to pick another new GL?
<Tellana> It could be worse, though.
<Tellana> He's "died" so many times he could be a Black Lantern
<Jarod> Next up! The fight of the Century! Shipwreck and the imagination device versus Deadpool and the GL Ring!
* HugoEaston|GSS is now known as Hugo|Sleep
<+Sage|GSS> <Deadpool> "I wanna make a woman." <Green> "That's not how it works." <Deadpool> "I wanna make a woman!" <Yellow> "Yeah, quit being a buzzkill and make us a woman!" <Green> "I weep for the future of the Corps."
<Jarod> <Green> There's your stupid woman, happy now? <DP> She's not my type... <Green> WHAT? BUT! YOUR IMAGINATION... GHTPHT... HT GZZZT... <Yellow> It's ok dude, everyone who tries to understand him gets that.
<Tellana> Ross, my character has rerolled priest http://zip.4chan.org/tg/src/1250145661947.jpg
<Jarod> Holy Bear, Batman!
<Tellana> Bear pope :o
<Jarod> A pope is a bear who has made a choice.
<Jarod> BLESS THE FLOCK ([])
<Tellana> <Yellow> "So you don't like yellow huh?" <Green> "Well, yes, but..." <Yellow> "Nya nya you can't touch me, you can't touch me" <Green> "Stop it" <Yellow> *inarticulate hooting and jabbing* <Green> "Stop it"
<+Sage|GSS> <Deadpool> "So help me I will turn this storyline around!" <Green> "I'M NOT DOING ANYTHING!" <Yellow> "Green
<+Sage|GSS> <Yellow> "Green's still on MY side of the panels!"
<Jarod> <Green> Oh yeah? Well, how about this then? I'm not touching you... <Yellow> What? <Green> I'm not touching you... <Yellow> Hey... <Green> Still not touching you. <Yellow> Waaaaaade...
<+Sage|GSS> <Deadpool> "God damn it daddy's watching his soaps!"
<Tellana> <Deadpool> "Can't a man watch Bea in peace?"
<Jarod> ((We should sell this to Marvel to script))
* Tellana sells Sage to Marvel`
* +Sage|GSS feels her soul draining away
<Tellana> * Sage is assigned to work with Liefeld
* +Sage|GSS is on the news that night
<Jarod> <Green> Deadpool, whatever was on Andromeda's coming this way... <Deadpool> Looks like it. <Green> You know, if you don't act I'll be forced to go *Green Lantern Alert* all over the fun bits of 'Debbie does Jamaica'  <Yellow> For the love of all that's holy! We have to stop this threat!
<Jarod> <Green> I think I'm getting the hang of th-OHLORD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT POOR KILLER MUTANT!
<+Sage|GSS> <Deadpool> "You're bluffing." <Green> "Oh look, here comes the cable man..." <Yellow> OH MY GOD NO <Deadpool> "You heartless bastard!" <Green> "Andromeda will be safer for the atrocities committed here, I'm sure."
<+Sage|GSS> ....bweeheeheehee Final Destination is almost here
<Jarod> For some reason, the segue between Deadpool and Final Destination seems completely natural.
<+Sage|GSS> I really don't want to pay money to see it, but I need to know how the hell they justify a car wash of death
<+Sage|GSS> <Yellow> "Orale!" <Green> "I don't hear you." <Yellow> "'Ey!" <Green> "Nuh-uh." <Yellow> "'Ey!" <Green> "Grr..." <Yellow> "YOO-hoo!" <Green> "WHAT?!" <Yellow> "Do you have tasty niblets?" <Green> "FOR THE LAST TIME I AM NOT THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT"
* Tellana imagines Wade vs Giant Enemy Crab
<+Sage|GSS> <Deadpool> "grgmfpflecrab battlegrgmp" <Green> "What are you even saying?!"
<Jarod> *Deadpool puts down the latest Green Lantern Corps issue* <Deadpool> Hey Yellow boxes, you know you could technically claim to be from this other colour ring thingger. <Yellow> I can? Whoa, cool! <Green> No! NO! We do not associate with the Yellow Ring Corps! Before you know it the entire neighborhood will go to- <Purple> Yoo-hooooo... <Green> Aww crap.
* Sethur ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
<Jarod> And it killed Sethur.
* Sethur ([email protected]) has joined #GamingGuardians
<Tellana> He's back as a Black Lantern
<Jarod> nuuuuuuuuuuuu
<Jarod> <Deadpool> Whoa! Yeah! Black Lantern, represent brother! <Green> I think you're confusing the issue... oh who am I kidding to even try. <Yellow> By jove, I think he finally got it.
<+Sage|GSS> One month later, the Ring is found in a gutter, having gotten drunk by a prostitute
<Tellana> oh, a purple ring...
<Jarod> Next is Deadpool hunting down and killing a member of each of the corps to get one of every color ring. Because Deadpool.
<+Sage|GSS> And then attempting to summon Captain Planet
<Jarod> Because Deadpool. :P
<Tellana> "Wait... there isn't a Heart Corps is there?"
<Jarod> Or pretending to BE Captain Planet.
<Tellana> "Do you have ANY idea how long it took me to find metal underwear?"
<Jarod> <Bob> ...

Taross Blackburn

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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #143 on: March 22, 2012, 01:28:24 pm »

It's time we had some more of this happening again...

 * Tellana dresses Relapse up as Yakko Warner
[12:41] <+Taross> Kittyface! :3
[12:42] <+Relapse> *drumroll* And now, the characters of the Guardians by Relapse Warner
[12:42] <+Taross> I'm sorry, but your answer needed to be in the form of a question.
[12:42]  * Tellana thinks about "The Guardians" to the tune of "The Presidents" by Jonathan Coulton
[12:42] <+Taross> Anyway, lunchbreak now. Seeya later, and in case of leaving ninjas, take care.
[12:42] <@Tellana> o~/Graveyard Greg came first and he was perfect o~/
[12:44] <+Relapse> ~/o There's the bald one Greg and with his many clones ; and the min-o-taur with no clothes he owns ; the sarcastic 'bot and the super who's hot - its a Game World After All ~/o
[12:44] <+Relapse> Toodles Tar.
[12:45] <+Relapse> ~/o It's a Game World after all ; who wins rests on the way dice fall ; with no artist the stories stall ; it's a Game World after all… ~/o
[12:45]  * Tellana sings the chorus
[12:46] <+Relapse> ~/o The Jester returns with each new edition ; plus there's Ti-a-mat spreading male castration ; The threat of the Cat ; plus there's more - how 'bout that? It's a Game World After All ~/o
[12:47] <+Relapse> ~/o It's a Game World after all ; every system poised to fall ; the green shirts answer the cal ; it's a Game World after all… ~/o
[12:48]  * Relapse 's Cupboard yanks Relapse off the stage with a comically oversized hook.
[12:48] <@Tellana> The writer's slipped we have no script why bother to rehearse?! It's Guardian-aniacs!
[12:49]  * Ocelico hugs Tellana
[12:49]  * Tellana cheers
[12:51]  * Relapse 's Cupboard turns green as the traditional St Patricks day music starts.
[12:51] <@Tellana> http://images.4chan.org/tg/src/1332414539085.jpg
[12:53] <+Relapse> ~/o … Oh Greggy-boy… the dice, the dice are rolling… all 'round the board and every crit table… tis you, tis you who must give us a nat '20. Oh Greggy boy, Oh Greggy boy, its now your go…. ~/o
[12:54] <@Tellana> Stop that infernal crooning!
[12:54] <+Relapse> This is what happens after I watch a bunch of Whose Line Is It Anyway.
[12:58] <@Tellana> Whose shuriken is it anyway
[13:08]  * Tellana hugs Lapse
[13:08]  * Relapse hugs Tellana
[13:15] <+Relapse> And now to vanish.


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Re: mIRC Chat Sillyness
« Reply #144 on: July 06, 2013, 08:52:59 am »

[02:05] * Joins: MalkCorp ([email protected])
[02:06] <Sage|GSS> ... "poopsock"?
[02:06] * Parts: MalkCorp ([email protected])
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