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Author Topic: It's that time of year again...  (Read 278 times)


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It's that time of year again...
« on: December 09, 2016, 05:48:05 pm »

So as is my perennial custom, I figured I might as well mention that I hit the big 35 today, and thought I'd take the opportunity to throw out a few words particularly since (given taross's announcement) I might not get another chance next year. I'll miss the forums, but honestly: I think that they've been gone in spirit for a very long time, and the actual discontinuation of their vestigial internet remains is more formality then anything else.

So right off the bat, I'd like to apologize to Rhiann. I'm sorry that the thread just kind of petered out; I've just had all kinds of problems wit creative energy in the past year.

On a lighter note: the discontinuation of the forums means that I don't have any reason to cling to all of my secret plots anymore for my characters and anyone who would like to know about them will get a no nonsense (and potentially verbose) response. Hell, I might even do them up as little mini-stories.

So if you wanted to know what the villainous Moorins plan for Katt was, or what the final challenge for Gaddez's tactics course was going to be, or Why gaddez was so smart, or why Katt recoiled from telepaths, or what the place where Keith grew up was like or anything else then go right ahead and ask :)


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Re: It's that time of year again...
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2016, 05:55:14 pm »

Well, Happy Birthday (belated) Gaddez. I do understand the loss of creative energy. If you want to keep in contact, I do have an AIM account (ends with MZDM) and I believe at least one of my email addresses is accessible through my profile. If not, PM me here (I still check in usually in the mornings, which is why I missed this posting yesterday--I'd already checked it for the day) and I'll give you an email address so we can continue talking. I admit that I appreciate characters with back story and you've always had good back stories.

If not, no problem. Have a good holiday season and I hope your spirits rise with the New Year.
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Will there be others?


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Re: It's that time of year again...
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2016, 07:34:51 pm »

1st off Happy Belated Birthday Gaddez!
2ndly while I am sad to see the forum go I do hope everyone has a hopeful and creative future!

I'm going to miss this place.