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Author Topic: [Closed RP] XCOM: Green Ops - A Gaming Guardians Field Mission  (Read 2767 times)


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Re: [Closed RP] XCOM: Green Ops - A Gaming Guardians Field Mission
« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2015, 03:25:20 pm »

Out in the rubble (Where the aliens never play fair)

Zoey's target is the smaller sized Cyberdisk, with a brightly glowing underside and a brighter hull.  As the undamaged unit, it did not seem to notice the Nephilim and so was a perfect target of opportunity.

Click link to see the Classic look.

(( Jack of Diamonds stunt with Ten of Hearts - No bonus, no penalty - High Success with extra effect from stunt.  Player will get to end encounter with their opponent however they want, they have narrative control ))

After this mission, Zoey may want to have a talk with R&D about getting an Alloy Cannon for regular use.  The sound of it cycling up seems to speak to her CM'd self on a visceral level, then a small rod of the alien alloy is broken down and fractured into hundreds of dense razor sharp shards before being flung at the general area she is pointing.  The effect?  A hole big enough for Zoey to crawl through is ripped into the hull of the Classic Cyberdisc.

The burst from Gaddez's gun sounds like a jackhammer of electric softballs being flung from an autopitcher, the bursts of purple plasma contrasting the bright green of the System plasma weapons.  Even in the hefty power armor he needs to take a bracing stance due to the kick that Nauruni weapons produce when converting mass directly into energy.

(( Three of Spades - +2 bonus for giving a tactical plan and team following through.  No further bonus until a new plan is successfully executed - Success with a cost. ))

Sparks fly from the larger Cyberdisc, a haze of glowing yellow gas starts venting from fractures in its shell before it unfolds into a floating mechanical monster.  The Cyberdisc seems to roar with a low pitch bass tone, the kind you feel more than hear.  It also flings a small flashing object at Gaddez...

The drones will find Ren as he focuses on the larger parent unit of the small flying orbs, the electronic chitters coming from them almost making them seem like malevolent metal squirrels.

(( Four of Spades - +2 Bonus for "Protect the Queen" - Success with a cost. ))

One will hit Ren with a low powered shot of crackling electrical energy, wounding the Guardian as he lines up his shot.  Unfortunately for the other, it gets in the way of Ren's shot, and the grazing hit is enough to send it spinning off in a ricocheting flight.

Ren's own plasma fire will scorch the crumpled metal of the car he is using for cover, the bolts streaming past close enough to cause burning just by proximity to the bright green shots.

((Jack of Clubs stunt with Eight of Clubs - +2 Bonus for the aimed shot, but -1 for the hit taken from the drone while you were lining it up. - High success with a stunt.  Player will get to narrate the end of the encounter with this opponent.))

Inside the apartment building (where nobody can hear you scream)

The sound of gunfire is hard to miss from outside, though it doesn't have the same impressive effect as being right there for it.  On the upside, there's also no crossfire.  Tracker's visual shift will show the hallway with strange chemical splashes that he should be pretty sure are not urine.  The gurgling sound comes again, only this time it seems closer.

((Jack of Hearts stunt with Four of Diamonds - +2 for stealth observation, though this bonus only applies again if more drastic efforts are made to stay concealed in the next post - Success with a cost.  Stunt result is a found item before leaving this scene, GMs choice. ))

IR usually produces some strange amorphous shapes, but this object seems more amorphous than most.  A shifting blob that seems to float through the air is gliding along through the building... Tracker will actually see it stop in another room, a tentacle of some sort whipping out and the ground and then curling back in, likely with a rodent, or something too small to have a heat signature seen through walls or with just none at all.

Unfortunately, while Tracker does a good job of staying undetected long enough to observe, rubble has just shifted from his presence and a loud clattering sound comes from behind him as a door goes from leaning against a wall to laying on the floor.  His target has detected this and is coming Tracker's way now.
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Re: [Closed RP] XCOM: Green Ops - A Gaming Guardians Field Mission
« Reply #16 on: August 23, 2015, 01:38:30 am »

-- Apartment building, third floor --

Ah, nothing like Flying Spaghetti Monsters, hmmmm?

Sounds like it might be a good time to check out one of those broken/open windows (if there happens to be one). If not already open, a left-handed shot with the shotgun should open one up pretty quickly. Stealth? Only if an easy exit is available. Otherwise, quicker may be safer. Moving towards the side with the gunfire actually sounds like a safer bet as any attacking aliens will be focused on the noisemakers. If there's a fire escape available or a ledge outside the windows, great! If not... Prepare for a bionic standing broad jump. This fox ain't hangin' round ol' tentacle puss in closed quarters now that he knows what it eats. And forget the pistol (and sling the shotgun too, if not needed to open window). Blade vs tentacle sounds more effective.

Probably won't help, but force field is charged, too.
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Re: [Closed RP] XCOM: Green Ops - A Gaming Guardians Field Mission
« Reply #17 on: August 27, 2015, 12:33:01 am »

Zoey likes the high-tech boom stick very much thank you and can't she just take this one home? There's also the almost irresistible urge to throw out a cheesy line when she sees the damage the alloy cannon deals but somehow she keeps it to herself. If she were a bit more NPC marine brained she would be doing something stupid like using her lovely new legs to jump on the cyberdisc before shooting it again.

Instead she's going to pull a whole different stupid and go running from her nice safe-ish bit of cover behind the mailbox, out into the open and across the street (like a streaker across a soccer field) and shoot at it after she takes the less certain cover that looks to be a former chunk of building. This also leaves her probably a little bit closer than is wise if it explodes in a 'hope I am not actually on the edge of the blast radius' type of way. That cyberdisc of hers has got be to having a very bad day after having a second person sized hole punched in it.
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Re: [Closed RP] XCOM: Green Ops - A Gaming Guardians Field Mission
« Reply #18 on: August 30, 2015, 08:53:40 pm »

Gaddez's mind percieves the grenade even as he considers the situation, the fact that the de jure tactic in Xcom (kill them before they can shoot back) hasn't paid off, that Ren is being shot at, and that one of the Discs has unfolded itself.

What the orc elects to do would generally be regarded as insanity; he reaches out to catch the grenade and throw it back, gambling that the systems kludge of rule versions would include a brief moment between landing and exploding. If he catches it, then that time is increased to a few seconds.

If this didn't work though, he was going to see first hand how tough the armor actually was.


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Re: [Closed RP] XCOM: Green Ops - A Gaming Guardians Field Mission
« Reply #19 on: August 31, 2015, 04:55:16 am »

Ren did not mean to set the car he was using for cover on fire. While he does feel a moment of pure elation when he thinks he hit the disk this is followed by pure mortification as he missed his original target. At least he killed the second drone! The more pressing concern is the drone left standing that is still targeting him and the car that's suddenly on fire.

Ren heads for new cover away from car explosion and he tries to take cover behind a dumpster and away from the drone. Last time he checked Dumpsters didn't explode. Checking his burn it didn't look like a serious wound at the moment so he focuses his fire on the remaining drone.
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