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Author Topic: Rythym  (Read 681 times)


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« on: January 30, 2015, 05:33:11 am »

Name: Merin "Rythym" Skaus

System: Homebrew

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'2"

Build: Slight muscular build.

Hair: Short brown hair with a small tint of aqua blue.

Eyes: Hazel

Other: A tattoo of music notes going around his left wrist.

Clothing Preferences: Slack jeans, t-shirt with a button up over top, running shoes and a beanie hat.

Accessories: A small art button on the inside of his collar. Was bought at an Expo when he was younger. A pair of custom headphones built for amplify his combat abilities.

Affiliations: Although he works solo on certain jobs, he keeps the connections of his previous hires, co-workers and others met. He has a very distant attachment to his family and talks about them very little.

Equipment: Rythym has custom made gauntlets that allow him to channel pure music energy into a physical form. This allows him to fight up close and also send out the energy as if it was shot from a powerful rifle. He also has leg braces that do the same, but are more enforced for close combat rather than firing energy.

Powers: All of Rythym's powers are depending of what type of music he is listening to. Music is his means of focusing in battle.

           Tempo Rush: A flurry of fast punches and kicks. Also can be used to maneuver around enemies easily.

           Treble Shot: A mid range attack made of pure energy.

           Bass Blast: A powerful shockwave triggered when his foot stomps hard on the ground.

           Conductors Sheet: A near endless rope made of light. Can pull in enemies from a great distance.

           Soothing Symphony: A basic healing ability that can cure wounds.


       Music Streaming: Rythym has the ability to see music as a physical entity. Doing so allows him to 'conduct' more professionally.


       No Headphones: Without a single song, Rythym is near useless. He loses his focus on the battlefield and is unable to fight most of the time.

       Setting a pace: With most of his strength and agility comes from the music he listens to. Depending on the music will depend on the pace he sets for himself. This is problematic when he is in large groups because he sticks to his music and tends to go off and do his own thing without slowing down for others.

Personality: Rythym tends to keep mostly to himself in terms of socializing, but when it comes to a job or mission he is hired for, he can join group conversations and keep a smile on his face even in the face of danger. Depending on the genre of music he listens to will have a minor effect on his personality.

History: Merin Skaus grew up with one thing close to him, music. He went to all the different local bands, major concerts and even some starting up musicians. He grew up in that life style and soon gained his nickname for having a good ear on music, but that wasn't just what he had. He could see something that was didn't even believe to exist. Merin saw music as a living thing. Fascinated by this, he decided to use music as an everyday thing and soon enough, he couldn't live without it.

A few years after enjoying his new found powers, a strange enemy began its attack on Earth, wanting to take music as its power. Many musicians and artists had their souls taken in order to power their world, but Merin was not wanting part in this plan. He devised a plan to set out and save the souls of the musicians and kick a bit of ass doing so. Now, with his equipment prepped, his music list fully set, the liberator of music known to some as Rythym, sets out on a journey to save the souls of many, and make music a flourishing thing once more.