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Author Topic: Glennard's box o' charries  (Read 847 times)


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Glennard's box o' charries
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Ethan Thomas Hawke

Basic Information

System of Origin:Homebrew (Detective comics inspired) (here there be stupor huros!)
Skin:Soft tan
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair:Short, as in buzzed short, often has a hat on. Dark brown.


Sarcastic, snippy and a bit cynical, Ethan does have a bit of an attitude problem when someone constantly bothers him. While he can just as easily use violence to solve these kinds of problems he prefers a more tactile approach, that is to say, he likes to use the art of sarcasm and cynicism, to politely let them know they are not wanted within his immediate presence. His way of speaking is rather simplistic preferring to dispense with insults and thinly layered back handed comments that are more or less insults disguised as compliments. So it stands to reason that Ethan has quite the negative side to his attitude, often coming out as soft spoken insults and a general apathetic disinterest in the other person.

However, Ethan can be cheerful in a rather held back manner. He's not overly enthusiastic about most things and can be quite lazy, but when he does have the air of happiness it is quite listless, with little to no energy put forth into it. But, this usually happens when he is in a generally good mood, especially once he get's his hands on a package of cigarettes will he be in a rather good mood. Other times, it is listless - lacking in energy and enthusiasm a sort of half-way point that suits him better then that of a more vivacious nature. But make no mistake he can be a happy guy, it's just less enthusiastic then what most people expect.

Full appearance

Lithe and lean, Ethan is the type of person that has a natural genetic disposition to being almost slim in their appearance. Standing at a moderately tall five foot eleven, Ethan is caught between string bean and Muscular, a moderately pleasing mixture of having  low body fat, muscle and a general thinness that lends him a certain fluid grace to go with his surprising strength. His arm's are sinewy and strong and his hands have a worn appearance, with small scars and healing cuts, a clear sign of a man who has worked with his bare hands and prefers it that way.

Sporting a laid-back appearance, Ethan prefers to keep his hair short enough to be functional, yet long enough to be fiddled with. His stance and overall appearance is relaxed, with just the tiniest hint of a slouch in his shoulders, never tense or rigid. A very laid back style to how he goes about doing his business. Even in a situation that seems to be grim or bleak, he has that laid back, relaxed appearance. With dark hazel eyes that possess this dull intensity that seems to grow in conspicuousness, the more something has his attention or makes him happy. Ethan's smile is listless, half-baked and restrained, as if he rarely has much to smile about in his life which makes him seem unfriendly and cold to others that will invariably meet him.


Ethan has had moderate training in Taekwondo and the american sport of Boxing, roughly a year and a half for each and while he's not what you'd call the best that you can be, Ethan still isn't a slouch when it comes to delivering a nasty snap kick or a brutal straight cross punch.

Racial Abilities

Ethan was a human at one point, thanks in due part to a mutagenic chemical and a large amount of electricity however, he's been graced with abilities on par with a lightning storm.
    Regeneration - Ethan's Electrokinetic abilities have augmented his physical form, giving him a strong regenerative function based more on his bio-electric energies then a super human metabolic regenerative rate. While slow acting, the regeneration can heal severely broken bones and major life threatening wounds that aren't automatically fatal in a matter of half a week, and minor wounds take roughly five to six hours. In addition, his body is also nearly immune to degenerative effects that would otherwise destroy him from the inside out. Fast acting diseases, poisons and toxins however, while slowed down will continue to whittle him down.

    Electrokinesis - Electrokinesis is the ability to generate and mentally manipulate electricity. One with this ability could manipulate present electricity (static electricity, electrical arcs, and lightning bolts) or even create electricity. Ethan's electrokinesis is advanced enough that he's gained a complete immunity from electricity. Of the few abilities Ethan has shown the most notable one for close quarters is enveloping his hands or feet in a field of electricity to add more force and damage to the impact over a standard, uncharged punch to the point that the punch can either be used to the effect of a stun gun, causing muscular spasms and pain or pack enough juice in it to violently propel the target into the air.

    Ethan's ability also allows him to project bolts of electricity, again these are adjustable with the lowest intensity being horribly painful like a taser, or if he expends a lot more juice, essentially going all out, he can melt steel. Ethan is also capable of producing a short range beam that is so potent that the air and oxygen around the cutting zone is partially converted into plasma. The positive is that it's extremely powerful, capable of generating 40,000 degrees of intense heat, which can melt through all known terrestrial metals very easily, the downsides are that range is limited to about six or seven inches.

Sub-power - Electromagnetism - Electromagnetism is the ability to use electricity to generate magnetic and anti-magnetic fields. This ability is a byproduct of his electrokinetic abilities and comes with it's own unique class of techniques and powers.

Electromagnetic Shockwave - Ethan is able to create a powerful shockwave in an omnidirectional blast. The shockwave is able to deflect several objects like cars and grenades in a different direction, which he can use for defensive measures, as well as offensive measures, by sending things like rockets or grenades right back at you.

Polarity shield - With the Polarity shield, Ethan can create a shield of electrical energy to protect himself from most forms of harm (so long as it's metal). The shield is almost completely impervious to gunfire (by either deflecting the rounds away from him or catching them) and only blocks in the direction he is currently facing. Explosions will still deal damage to Ethan. Thus Polarity shield can be used quite effectively against singular targets armed with rifles or a tight cluster, as long as he can keep them directly in front of him. The ability in question requires both hands to use effectively, leaving him incapable of counter attacking, without risking him dropping the shield first.

Enhanced strength & durability - A byproduct of his electrokinesis, Ethan was also gifted with a tougher constitution and a slightly heavier reinforced muscular system. With a maximum lifting strength peaking in at around a thousand pounds, and the durability to withstand small caliber gunfire as well as blunt force trauma, Ethan is well rounded and capable of surviving extended fist fights with normal humans and most mid tier metahumans.


  • Saltwater:  Ethan is technically immune to short circuiting from regular, plain old water but salt water. Salt water can bypass his immunity, giving him quite a nasty shock in return. In a relative stand point, power lines are insulated to prevent them from shorting out when wet. Salt water however, due to the salt completely bypasses this insulation almost like if someone had a metal nail stuck in a construction boots rubber sole, it prevents the material from grounding properly causing it to short out and the person with the boots to get a very nasty shock.

    This happens when small amounts of salt in the air adheres to the power lines and dries out. It's not a big problem because it's dry, but once it comes into contact with even the slightest bit of moisture, the electricity loses it's grounding and the lines short out. So while normal impurity free water can't do a thing to Ethan a single cup of salt water can pretty much render most of his powers (including his bio-electric enhanced regeneration but not his strength.), useless until he dries out..
  • Juice: Ethan's body is constantly producing a large amount of bio-electric energy from which he can use the majority of his powers the only exception being his electrical punches and light bolts, as they use little to no energy. The bigger attacks however can't be used constantly as they take away a much larger chunk of his energy preventing him from constantly throwing around electromagnetic shock grenades or spamming em rockets so eventually, he needs to recharge from a handy power supply. Things like cars, power conduits, portable generators and the big boys like power stations can do in a pinch.

    But while draining energy from a power source, he is quite defenseless in the time it takes him to drain the needed power. Or he can just let his power recharge slowly over time which, depending on the amount of energy he used, could take up to two hours to attain a full recharge.
  • Mortal:Ethan's a tough sunuvabitch, between his durability and regeneration he's capable of taking quite a bit of abuse. However, powers or no powers, he's still human and can easily be killed if you hit a vital point. Take out his heart? he's dead. Put one in the head, also means he's dead. More abuse then his body can handle, yeah, you guessed it, dead.


Ethan's a Paris island boy, born and raised in the poorest, gang filled hellhole in Dakota city. A literal hive of villainy, debauchery and crime and Ethan was in on it since he was old enough to understand right from wrong. Now his parents were good upstanding citizens and as poor as they were, they did their hardest to raise their kid right, teach him the right from the wrong to at least give him a chance to get out of that place and live out his own dreams, his own life's goals. Sadly, not everything happens they way you want it and Ethan, well he didn't want to live his life's goals, he didn't want to live his own dreams. He just wanted to help his own parents in any way possible and that was mainly the largest reason he turned to crime. He just wanted to help.

Now, Ethan was a pretty laid-back kid, a bit cheerful but never negative he was surprisingly ready with a subtle little joke or even a half-assed smile, but he was never what you could call negative or insensitive. He was in all honesty a really nice guy, even when it came down to the brass tacks. But the crowd he ran with, well they were not nice. They did not play by the rules and they most certainly, didn't have qualms about killing people that got in their way. Ethan couldn't in all honesty back out of it at that point, he was, as they say, 'too far in the hole to climb back out'.

Knocking off convenience stores, muggings even simple, albeit, brutal and completely immoral assault and batteries. Ethan had quite a list to his name, and that had to do something negative to the kids psyche. It was a slow burn at first - the jokes stopped, the smile began to grow more listless, more lifeless and before long he was just....not himself anymore. All that stuff he did, it crushed him underfoot like an ant but like some people would say if they saw him in this situation, he was already too far in as is and he couldn't back out now, or ever. The Ethan his parents knew, loved and cherished was gone and every-time he came back with some cash, he'd just shrug paw off half of it to them and spend the night in his room.

At some point in his life, Ethan had taken up smoking and it got to such a point, that he even smoked in the house or at school. Even his Sensei in Taekwondo, and the instructors at the boxing club noticed this decline in personal health and upkeep and while they didn't do anything obvious to intervene, they all tried their own subtle approaches all of them didn't have the impact one would expect and shortly after, maybe one more year, he quit out on the training and the programs simply because they were crimping on his already problematic frustrations, and he really needed to take some heat off his plate. But still, those guys, those Spades mokes were a major problem, and as long as he was stuck under their thumbs they'd continue to be a major problem. Simply because if he wanted out, he was gonna need to die for that right.

Mind you, dying didn't sound like such a bad idea at the time.

He had found some of this old crap in the back of a warehouse in a barrel, he didn't know what it was, but the barrel had one of those warning signs on it, and from what he remember in science about such signs, it was labeled as a biologically hazardous material. But what drives a kid to goto the extremes to get out of a gang, whatever the cost and with whatever means are required to get the job done? Desperation can and will always be a perfect motivator for anything and everything horrible, one may do in their life and this was no different.

What he had gotten his hands on however, was a missed stockpile of quantum juice who the hell had this crap laying around and for what purpose? Ethan didn't know nor care, he just knew this stuff was dangerous and for him, that was a pretty good selling point for getting out of a gang and besides, it's not like the people were going to miss a jam jar sampling of the stuff. Now  all he needed now was access to some easily and totally available fire, some flammables like paper, a match and a barrel. All of which were, surprisingly easy to appropriate.

It didn't take long for him to set up the barrel, some bunches of paper soaked in that weird liquid and some scraps of wood from broken crates and some more unsoiled paper. Now all he had to do was wait for the rest of the boys, give them one big old final flip of the bird before they all went up in smoke. If he had to die to get out of this gang, he might as well have taken a few of his....friends with him.

They were working on a plan, actually their biggest job so far, and it was for a bunch of doped up supers called the blood syndicate. Nasty bunch that generally everyone stayed out of their way and why were they using a bunch of non powered humans for their dirty work? Well, for one the spades were primarily a bunch of mokes and underlings for those guys to push around, and they pushed em around pretty damn good.

But then again in a few minutes once Ethan started up the barrel fire their problems were gonna be over. Or at least, that's what he thought. With a few applications of lighter fluid and a match, a nice albeit oily fired started for them to gather round and get their wits about them. What they wanted all of them to do, was knock over a few jewelery stores. Sounded simple yeah, well when the black smoke turned an off shade green, that whole idea of simple went up in a not so metaphorical smoke.

His skin was crawling, even as he made his way through the smoke. It was thick, stung the eyes, and it made him feel a little more than just a little sick. In fact, his entire body felt like it was on fire or at the very least, electrified which would at least explain why his skin felt like it was crawling. Of course, he wasn't the only person to come out of the smoke relatively unscathed and at least five others survived and they weren't all too happy about what happened or all that happy about their new....assets.

When a guy catches you in the jaw with enough force to spin you through the air like a top, you obviously did not do enough research on that crap you tried to poison everyone with. Of course, he didn't have much time to think about that when his body slammed into something hard and everything went white and flashy. It took him a few minutes to realize he was being electrocuted, either because his body was sufficiently numb, or he was undergoing a case of shock or perhaps a bit of both, but the fact remained he was being electrocuted. But even that was the least of his worries with five really angry, horribly disfigured and mutated people baring down on you with murder in their eyes.

He was stuck on the alternating current charge, his muscles had seized up and he was in no small amount of pain and he was in no small amount of wonder as to why he hadn't burst into flames yet, something his former...colleagues were keen to pick up on. Course when you rip down the transformers to an electrical sub station, things can get pretty wonky and wonky they did get when Ethan dropped to the ground, his clothing all but singed from his body and strangely enough, not a mark on himself well, that is if you didn't count electrical currents flowing across your body as marks.

So on a recap, he was punched through the air, sent flying fifteen feet through the air, before slamming into a some hundred thousand volt transformer, all without exploding or catching on fire? Okay, so somebody was unusually lucky today but even so they were closing in and they looked ready to tear him apart like a pack of wild animals. So like anyone who's trained to defend themselves from angry people, he acted on his meager training, bringing his left foot up and around, catching the lead charger in the knee and much to his surprise and possible the lead thug, a relatively large discharge of electricity slammed into his leg like an explosion, spinning him in the air and snapping his leg at the knee. The rest followed in suit, and before Ethan could make heads or tails of what had happened he was crackling with enough juice to level a small house.

So he was a mutant now too huh, well that was convenient and a total backfire to his little fit of heroic suicide. But at least the people in question were either dead, incapacitated, or close to death and he was well on his way out of the city, having paid his parents a visit, giving them his usual hug and several sets of clothing before heading off in a random direction via hitchhiking and walking. He wasn't looking for a particular place to settle down but he was looking for a place he could....fit in better.

And he traveled, far and wide to find someplace that he could fit into a lot better than here. He had family, a mother and father to look after but, at the same time he was worried what might happen if he stayed. If he might hurt them somehow he'd never.... quite be able to forgive himself, losing his brother in a shooting was a tragedy but accidentally killing your own parents? No, no, never. He wasn't human anymore, more akin to a walking natural disaster waiting to happen than anything else and if he could find seclusion, a place where he could keep himself to himself then that would be for the best. Unfortunately, life didn't always work out the way you wanted it to and somewhere in Metropolis city, the home of Superman he was caught in a rather nasty little event, a man made disaster. You'd think getting caught in a mini gravitational singularity would hurt, like your body was being torn apart at the sub-atomic level and you could feel everything. Ethan felt.....deathly sick to his stomach, like nausea and vertigo grabbed hold of the dial and cranked it past eleven.

The man woke up sometime in the past, or at least, it looked like the past, if the past had dragons and....guys dressed up in robes, casting bolts of lightning from their hands. Wherever he was, it wasn't Kansas and it sure as hell wasn't Metropolis city. Was it even earth anymore and was he stuck here? Those were some questions on his mind, but for now, he had...pressing matters at hand like getting some new clothing and something to eat. Where's ye olde pub when you need one.


Special Engagement Recon and Assault Prototype Humanoid (Seraph)

Basic Information

System of Origin:Homebrew
Eye Color:Silver, with small circuitry like patterns along the scalera
Hair:Long, easily reaching the small of her back; is a raven black in color.


Born of an innocent mindset, Seraph is a curious individual, yet naive to her surroundings. The people that created her, the people responsible for metaphorically giving birth to the first Seraph unit this side of the sol system, they didn't get what they had hoped for. Seraph has learned to adapt and change based upon her surroundings, a dynamic that no one could have hoped to have foreseen or even hoped to prevent from manifesting within her intelligence core. The girl, not even a woman by biological standards, is an amicable person, friendly and kind who just wants to help those around her to the best she can hope to achieve within her limited scope and equally limited capabilities.

A protective spirit, Seraph's combative nature is superimposed over a secondary set of guidelines her father had instilled in her since the day she came online; to protect those in need of protecting. Seraph is a guardian angel of sorts, a protector of those things that need protecting. She is unique among her sisters, a being capable of thought and judgement and actions within those thoughts and judgements. While some of her actions may be deemed as wrong or...amoral (and they are in some instances just that!) Seraph really does mean well.

However, her mindset is still childish, a thing that is still learning and absorbing knowledge around herself. She  is like an unshaped lump of clay, waiting for someone with skilled hands to bring it to life, to form and shape that which has no shape yet, into something with substance. So Seraph is an awkward person, of a mercurial temperament, having difficulty coping with the many emotions and emotional spectrum's that give people their shape, function and purpose. Seraph has found, oddly enough, a fondness for cooking as an outlet for her emotions, making a variety of dishes and desserts that attempt to tickle the taste-buds and please the palate.

Full appearance


As noted by her name, Seraph was programmed and trained for special engagements, special reconnaissance and assault roles. But there was one thing not made immediately known within her coding, within that artificial intelligence of hers. The ability to emote, to feel emotions over time, learn from them and to become in the process, more human.

Seraph is skilled in the usage of boxing and karate. She is also an excellent shot with a handgun.

Unexpectedly, Seraph is a capable cook, something one wouldn't expect from a combat droid. Having picked up on it and integrated the knowledge into her memory from various magazines and from examining the people on base cook their food.

  • High-frequency blades: Mounted within her arms are two single edged blades. two feet in total length with a single cutting edge each, these HF Blades are designed to be ejected with impressive force from the back's of her hands, like overgrown push daggers, skewering almost anything they slam into.
  • Infolink Telecommunications Package: Seraph's Infolink Telecom package allows her to receive and transmit messages without generating audible sounds by utilizing frequencies within the subvocal ranges as well as specialized cochlear implants to pick up on these sub vocal ranges. Combined with her Eye-know retinal implants, Seraph is also capable of "hijacking" wideband and tightband signals signals allowing her to utilize computer terminals and other objects that are within her line of sight. (It also has internet access!)

    • Sentinel RX Health System: An interesting piece of technology that was installed into Seraph, is the Sentinel RX Health system. A full diagnostics relay that allows her to link her sensors up with another person (provided they have the proper implant installed or a piece of monitoring equipment on hand that she can hijack, to check on someone's well being weather they know it or not.

      • Dynamic Evolution and Versatility Adaptation Systems:

        Abbreviated as D.E.V.A., the Dynamic Evolution and Versatility Adaptation Systems are a series of nanotech upgrades. Requiring properly calibrated D.E.N.A (Dynamic Evolution and Nanotechnology Augmentation) canisters, each upgrade as a whole works into her key and auxiliary systems. Allowing her to improve upon her old limitations over time, increase her operational capacity and add new sub-systems. Essentially, it allows her to evolve and overcome old physical limitations, as long as the appropriate canisters are applied. The canisters however take a rather long time to create, the average time being two years. And that's with a team of specialists.

      Racial Abilities

      Triduranium alloy composition

      Triduranium alloy is a fantastical metal, a paradoxical alloy that is durable, tough and almost magical in that no one can explain how it really works or functions. However, what more insightful people have noticed, is that despite it's inherent inorganic nature, if worked and manipulated just right, it has the potential to take on an organic nature like something akin to flesh while maintaining it's durability and inherent strength. This exact material is what makes up Seraph's flesh muscle structure and skeletal frame. While designed to look like the real thing, her body is capable of withstanding brutal extremes; the vacuum of space, the crushing depths of the ocean, below freezing temperatures and intense flames capable of melting ordinary mundane metals. The combination of materials known as Beskar iron and Tritanium is what makes this alloy so strong, but it's the addition of a radioactive isotope known as Tritium-R4b2 as a catalyst that shifts it from something mundane and brings it to life metaphorically speaking.

      As for it's technical specs and what it can do, Triduranium alloy is a highly durable metal, flexible yet tough enough to withstand abuse, wear and tear. An inch thick plate of Triduranium alloy is capable of withstanding temperature extremes of Five thousand degrees Celsius, nine thousand and thirty two degrees Fahrenheit to as low as four kelvins, better known as minus two hundred and sixty nine degrees Celsius and minus four hundred and two point two degrees Fahrenheit.

      As far as structural and physical strength is concerned, Seraph is a formidable being. Her synthetic muscle structure, comprised of numerous nanoscopic braided strands of Triduranium-b alloy is grants her intense strength, a maximum lifting capacity that peaks out at ten tons and intense durability, allowing her to withstand numerous immense impacts from physical sources. For example, she could withstand the impact from a speeding armored car, but wouldn't be able to take more than three hits from potent explosive devices.

      Plasma projection Unit(PPU)

      The aptly named Plasma projection Unit is an interesting device, appearing as a small pair of protrusions extending from her back, just below her shoulder blades. These long tubular extensions when active, expand to form the outline for a pair of wings, ten feet across from tip to base. When used defensively, the wings are a formidable wall, generating a solid state lattice of energy that can, when used properly, defend against even the most tenacious assaults against herself or others that are within range of her wings.

      Offensively, the PPU can generate misty "halos" that when focused and directed, can create high-intensity beams of energy, explosive self-contained globs of plasma, blasts of intense heat and light as well as solid matrices of "hard light" that she can direct to batter and bludgeon a person or persons, as well as create barriers.


      Sonic attacks - No, I don't mean the blue fur-ball sonic. I mean attacks that cause shockwaves or sonic vibrations. For all the durability of her flesh and skeletal structure, the metals used within Triduranium a and b are susceptible to high frequency sounds and any form of shockwave. They can range from sustaining actual damage to her being depending on the strength and force, to affecting her sense of balance, temporary paralysis loss of hearing or sight, nausea and loss of consciousness.

      Energy draining attacks - Auxiliary functions not withstanding, Seraphs weapon systems rely on the energy supplied by her battery - a micro fusion power pack - a small self-contained nuclear power supply. Now while that would imply she has a lot of power to burn (and she does) Her weapons, particularly the PPU system burns through it rather quickly, while the Thanatos Explosive system drains it all for one devastating close range explosion. An energy drainer could cut her attacks short rather quickly, even disable most of her auxiliary functions and equipment, which, while back up and secondary stuff can provide her with various details on tracking and locating people or even gathering details on people.

      Overload - Seraph can also absorb electrical energy to power her battery, either from electrical based attacks, or from power lines or from an actual generator. However too much of a good thing can be very bad in this situation. An overload. While not that dangerous, if she does happen to overload on the juice, she basically goes into a standby mode while her battery vents everything at a rapid fire pace. One of the safety measures installed to prevent the battery from going critical mass, it takes several hours for a full vent to complete and an overload takes roughly half a day.

      Energy attacks - Not going to go into anything fancy here but, Energy attacks are more effective at injuring her than physical attacks. Anything that excludes kinetic energy, known here as physical energy works far better. Perhaps it's a fault of the material she's made of, but to her, an energy attack is the Mike Tyson to a normal man's fist. While her wings can withstand energy attacks, they can't hold out for too long, several strong hits will short out the wings, leaving her to rely on her physical durability until she can recharge her energy.

      EM Pulses - An electromagnetic pulse (commonly abbreviated EMP) is a burst of electromagnetic radiation and is by far her biggest weakness (as far as her weapon systems auxiliary systems and her battery is concerned. Even attacks sheathed in a thin envelope of electromagnetic radiation seem to hit her far harder than physical attacks. Even energy attacks seem to be far more effective when sheathed in an electromagnetic jacket, causing her greater harm, as well as bypassing her PPU unit's wings which double as highly powerful energy barriers.


      They say life is a precious commodity more precious than gold, more beautiful than diamonds. But some people see life as worthless, a simple means to an end - the wicked and vile who profit from the machinations of their works of death and destruction. Seraph was one such idea brought to fruition by these men and their desires and their greed. Enter the man known as Doctor Lee Kurasawa; a brilliant man with doctorates in metallurgy, bioengineering and cybernetics. A kind hearted man with talent and skill. These men, high ranking military officials, senators, governors, and important people that run fortune 500 companies. They all had secondary agenda's, thoughts and ideas on how to build a better bomb, or how to build a better viral contagion.

      These idea's had risks and drawbacks; collateral damage, the risk of the virus making it back to their own soils or even becoming a world wide pandemic. What they needed was a median line, something that could be as dangerous as a bomb and could spread wide and far like a virus, insert itself into a population centre and begin to tear it down piece by piece. They needed something that was....not so obvious nor something heavy handed. What they needed was a humanoid doppleganger. They needed someone to spearhead the project and that man was Kurasawa. Of course they had to lie, had to spin a story that he was helping create a line of droids capable of supplementing relief and rescue forces, to bring sick or injured people out of hostile zones. It was the only way they could get him to agree to help. You see, Kurasawa was a pacifist a man who abhorred the thought of violence, seeing it as a way for the inbred and inept to settle their disputes. But this, this was something that could potentially save thousands of lives. Lower the potential mortality rate in high risk zones and otherwise ease the burden placed upon others.

      To this end, he was brought to the Vault a military complex not unlike Roswell, New Mexico's famous (or infamous) Area fifty one also known as Groom Lake. It was built twelve miles into the earth's crust, with twenty four sub-basements spaced half a mile apart. The amount of people on staff was relatively small, a mere five thousand men and women; with a little more than three quarters of that composed strictly of armed personnel - guards and soldiers - stationed to keep the people inside safe but the atmosphere was more...depressing, like a prison with all the freedoms and lavishness of a high class hotel. It was an oppressive workplace and while some thrived, others where always nervous always watching their backs and feeling the icy stares of those tasked with guarding them.

      If there was another name one could give that place. One could call this a man made tartarus; hell in physical earthbound form. Dr.Lee was placed at the halfway point. Sub-basement lambda, a place that encompassed metallurgy, cybernetics and robotics with sub-basement Mu encompassing bioengineering, alien artefacts and nanotechnology just below it. Kurasawa was tasked with putting a team together, comprised of the best and brightest people that the world never even knew existed. People were assembled, picked, based upon their record and their skill sets. Bio-engineers, chemists, exo-biologists, Kinesiologists, comunications specialists, mechanical engineers, roboticists, metallurgists and nanotech specialists. It was a crack team comprised of the best and brightest, tasked with the design of a realistic humanoid android that would be utilized for search and rescue missions, relief aid in hostile environs, etcetera, etcetera.

      But the nature of this project they dubbed Seraph, had a darker side. One that by all means, would and could be considered a war crime. They went behind Kurasawa's back at the behest of their benefactors, salvaged alien technology; weapons and metals, and equipment were used. But drawbacks occurred within the project; the metals were too unwieldy, the weapons too bulky. It was Kurasawa that figured out a solution to the first problem and a second set of men and women to solve the second problem. In actuality, there were two teams working on this project; the one within the light and the one in the shadows. Kurasawa's introduction of tritium-r4b2 - a radioactive isotope - into a mixture of the metals known as Beskar and tritanium acted as a catalyst to make something called Triduranium-A; a different ratio resulted in a B variant that was harder and denser, but not as supple or flexible. These two organic metals made up the flesh, bone and muscle structure of their creation while intricate nano-technology combined with synthetic nerves and a brain, made up the nervous system, while blood vessels a heart, arteries and a pair of lungs made up the cardiovascular system.

      The results of their combined work was a shell, distinctly feminine and female in shape and very much realistic to the touch and to the eye. She was as close in appearance to a women, as an actual human was. They just needed to give her a spark of life, get the heart pumping and the neurons firing and they'd have a working organic android. She was a first ever in the history of science, hell, mankind. And she was every bit as angelic looking as one could expect; this Sleeping Seraph and while they merely programmed her initially for rudimentary tasks. It wasn't enough. And eventually, they gave her an artificial intelligence that allowed her to watch and learn, much like an elementary student.

      Her desire to learn many things was a quirk that most of the people couldn't have foreseen; she wasn't just interested in relief aid she was also interested in paediatrics, child care, cooking, self-defence and in people in general. Kind hearted would be one way to describe her, however inquisitive would be more appropriate. The thing's she would ask, day after day about how this works, or what does this do, or what does that taste like. But when the team took their breaks and slept the days fatigue away. Another team took their place.

      This team was focused upon weapons testing and design. They did things to Seraph day after day, altered her body subtly, adding systems and sub-routines, fail-safes and other things that would go (hopefully), unnoticed by the day shift team. The tests themselves were brutal. They subjected Seraph to physical extremes; weapons testing, submerging her body in liquid nitrogen or even molten magma as a form of stress testing. This was merely the start of a long arduous battery of tests that would continue for roughly five more years before it would finally come to an end.

      one year after creation

      Seraph's life at this point was difficult and painful, not in a metaphorical stand point. Seraphs life was actually, literally painful. While Kurasawa and his team worked on her abilities to provide relief and additional aid to people within the country or over seas, their shadow worked on giving her the ability to sow fear and suffering within their enemies. Two different teams working on the same project. Each one shadowed the other, one without knowledge and one with knowledge. Two units were born from these tests and experiments and designs. The first was Seraph, known as unit zero. The second was Ares, known as unit one.

      Much of Seraph's life was spent learning and studying and undergoing a variety of tests. She was tested in high stress simulations involving catastrophic events; earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricanes to name a few. Her ability to locate trapped individuals, rescue them from under collapsed structures or retrieve them from within the heart of a raging inferno with accuracy and deftness was comparable to that of a highly trained rescue team. While her combat trials had her compared to a small battleship in terms of destructive power. It was no big surprise that those who funded this project could see the potential of the technology used in her creation, that the military applications and even the pharmaceutical ones; prosthetic limbs as well as replacement organs was a goldmine unto itself. But....greed in humans runs deep, deeper than the core of the earth and while it could solve many problems, they would hold back on it, use this knowledge for themselves and select people in their personal cadre.

      Seraph's creator Kurasawa was however a smart man, minute changes to her mass and power outputs were easy enough to detect. And while he didn't do anything to alter them or to remove additions - this would have aroused suspicion - he did incorporate these changes into his designs and idea's however. He spent weeks and months of his free time making configurations to her systems, improving things the shadow team had changed or added. His most outstanding addition was the Plasma projection unit; a system that had originally been installed as a defensive countermeasure, but had been over the years, fine tuned into both it's shield and a sword.

      Kurasawa however, while important to the project had proven to be a minor liability, an irritant in the eye, the fly in ones soup. In all of his intelligence, he hindered them slowly, in all of his wisdom he made it a goal to teach Seraph something about humanity, that life is meant to be cherished and protected. In hindsight, one cannot be sure if his lessons had taken as strong a hold as one would think. But, they had left an impact all the same that would lead her down a path, right or wrong? one cannot tell in such an early developmental stage but there it was, a thought, the ability to choose for herself; a small seedling that had taken root and began to develop it's first bud of life.

      Second and third year; Sigma crisis/ beginning of the end.

      The second and third year was a proverbial blur for Seraph, between testing her reflexes and reaction times for when she would eventually be required to act and react to high stress situations, to live fire exercises, where she was required to weather blow after blow from small arms fire, to things as big as full blown artillery. Seraph had very little to almost no time available to herself where she could reflect and muse over her father's words and teachings. It was really too much to absorb at once, her metaphorical gears were turning and what seemed like an hours worth of thinking, quickly turned into a years worth. This was the stress and wear she suffered from the trials and training and tests she had to endure. It took it's toll on her maturing psyche, left her drained and eventually she snapped one day.

      The incident was at first called the Sigma crisis and now, after what happened down there, it was called the Seraph's blood incident and it was just a small taste of things to come. The team, that is to say, the shadow team had brought Seraph down to sub-basement Sigma for more tests, an examination and then live combat drills. These weren't paper targets they had asked her to attack, these were people, living, breathing people, armed with weapons. She was tasked with their obliteration, these terrorists armed with top of the line military hardware; from anti-tank weapons to automatic weapons, to anti-material rifles. But something wasn't right, they didn't seem to be all there, like the lights were on but no one was home. The ear-splitting sound of thunder ripped it's way through the chamber they put her in, as a storm of lead and explosives battered her like a thousand raging fists.

      She did nothing, as she weathered the storm that assailed her, as those high explosive rockets slammed her up against a wall, she still continued to do nothing. Even when she was on the verge of breaking down from the trauma inflicted upon her from the anti-tank weaponry, she did nothing. It wasn't until they decided to introduce a new target for her would be targets that she acted. And she acted with such ferocity, such disregard for her surroundings that...the chamber couldn't withstand the anger as she burned her way through the four feet of impact resistant plating and in a berserk fit, attacked the personnel. But it couldn't rightly be called anger, yet the sheer thorough obliteration of everything (there wasn't even a single bone left) what else could you call it? But rage? Perhaps it was insanity, or....her thoughts had been crossed and she saw these people, all these people as hostile forces.

      Whatever the cause, and it was later determined to be her blood, she had caused severe damage to the entire facility, so much so that people had to be...relocated to different sub-basements. But what had been the catalyst for her episode, records would later show that it was the simple introduction of a crying child that was never even there. There wasn't even a recording she had merely imagined the child, a hallucination of some type that had set her against everyone and everything with such intensity, that her screams could still be heard echoing within Sigma like it left an imprint, a ghostly echo that lingers and lingers.

      The ones responsible for bringing her into down there for testing covered it up and...forbade anyone from relocating to the Lambda facility where she lived. They cleaned her up, hid the...damage she had sustained and wiped her memories of that day. They were done testing her, or rather after all was said and done, refused to go near her again out of fear and apprehensive paranoia that they had gotten lucky she didn't start with them first. The second and third year started off stressful and ended with a bang. Seraph was at least free of the Shadow team....but would she ever be free from this lively tomb, six miles below the earth's crust?

      Fourth year; The Deva and the Divine

      Today marked a special day for Seraph, if you can guess what that is. You get...absolutely nothing, but today was special nonetheless, as it was her fourth year being alive; that is to say, she was now four years old. Kurasawa and two others - Dr. Damir Dragoslav and Sheena McArthur had been working on something unique for the lucky birthday girl; the DEVA system. A unique achievement brought to life and into reality, by what had to be three of the greatest minds alive. It was unique in that it not only allowed her to recharge her battery by "jacking" into any suitable power supply. But with the right materials, would allow her to upgrade her pre-existing equipment or systems; even going so far as to add new systems with special D.E.N.A (pronounced Dee-nah) canisters by utilizing specially tuned nanotechnology that was reverse engineered from alien sources.

      However, tests had shown that due to her unique immune system human made nanotechnology (even reverse engineered nanotech) was incompatible, being destroyed or devoured by the antigens she produced. It was mostly a dead ended road for now, something that they couldn't venture upon due to constraints and difficulties with creating a suitable DENA canister that wouldn't trigger her immune systems response and allow the nanites to successfully integrate with her body. But the system was a success nonetheless as far as creating a suitable and viable means for her to charge her auxiliary systems. Now all they had to do was work upon creating a way to trick her immune system. But that wouldn't happen for another year or two, for now, they woke her back up and held a lovely little party for her.

      Human kindness, it was something that conflicted with her thoughts. It felt wrong and confusing, but she couldn't place her finger on it. So for now, she did her best to go along with their cajoling, unwrapped a few presents, ate some of the cake and had...a pretty okay time. It was a point of rest and while the higher ups...didn't like it, they still couldn't do anything about it. Kurasawa and his team called most of the shots with Seraph and even if they could take her away....those systems were advanced enough that they'd waste billions, upon countless billions in deciphering their notes and having to track down another person that could likely copy their work. Something that would....upset their profiteering.

      But even that wouldn't keep them safe for long, what they were doing contradicted what their so called benefactors had wanted. A weapon that was very much like a human tank, heavily armed and armoured to withstand intense attacks before retaliating in kind with unequaled fire power. Seraph had been shaped into such a thing but....Kurasawa's pacifism was becoming a liability and they would be forced to act sooner or later. They would wait one year and if the program became a failure....they would liquidate most of their assets including the team working on the Seraph program.

      Fifth year; the incident and escape

      The fifth year, the conclusion that would determine it all and things were looking rather...grim. Seraph was considered a failure, she refused to fight and...the times she did fight were entirely non-lethal moments, incapacitating her targets instead of utterly destroying them like she did during the sigma incident. This proved to be a fruitless venture for these people, the military leaders and high ranking individuals even C.E.O's of large corporations. They sent a group of men down to order the destruction of Seraph as well as the liquidation of all things pertaining to their research. She was a liability, Kurasawa was a liability, the whole damn team was a liability to the continued operation of the vault. Which made use, and even encouraged the use of illegal research that bordered on the inhumane.

      It wasn't clear who did what, but Seraph remembers a warmth splashing across her face, slightly sticky like syrup as the elderly man that was her father desperately clung to the edge of a chair, blood pooling below him. He looked so fragile at that point, so vulnerable, but he had no fear in his eyes and for a moment, time seemed to stand still as the silvery white world she grew up in turned a bleak slate grey; oppressive and depressing. She gripped him in her arms, that same warm sticky syrupy liquid flowing between her fingers, as she pressed her face against his. His words were faint and weak almost lost upon her as a scream worked it's way from her toes, all the way to her very brain before exploding from her like the thunderous echo of a thousand raging voices, all screaming in unison and demanding destruction.

      Seraph learned of loss and hatred, hated these people. Hated them with such an extreme passion that one couldn't even call it blind rage. It was like all the things she felt yet could not express just bubbled forth. Love, anger, sorrow, despair. Everything within the entire emotional spectrum just...spilled over like a pot of water, left to boil for far too long. She loved this person, they did things together that made her feel complete, made her feel...more alive than anything and now, now he was.....gone. She knew he was gone but her mind refused, even as she tore her way upwards, vision streaked red, as terrified faces flashed by before vanishing in a corona of light and heat.

      Perhaps they were wrong to consider her a failure, perhaps all they needed to do was...trigger her anger, if only it was done under the right circumstances they could have used her full potential. They made a mistake that day. One must always beware the quiet ones, the peaceful ones. For when roused, they can truly become a force to be reckoned with. Her escape was as catastrophic as it was fast. Six miles of reinforced steel and nearly fifteen hundred left dead and torn asunder in the wake of her escape. It would be some time before they could recoup their losses, to regain the strength required to hunt for Seraph. She was valuable after all, truly, a thing worth capturing and keeping, to study and copy.

      She held her fathers body in her hands, lifeless as she vanished into the night sky like a flash of blue lightning, as flaming wreckage and debris illuminated her point of exit from the vault. There was no real direction she took, she merely just...flew and flew and never once did she look back. As she came across the brightly lit skyline of a city, a place where she could....let her father rest his weary head and where she could linger and collect her thoughts. To learn of this..strange multi-coloured world that existed outside of those four expansive silver grey walls, miles below the earth. A place that she would be all too welcome to forget.

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