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Author Topic: Room Mating (open social)  (Read 3721 times)


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Re: Room Mating (open social)
« Reply #30 on: September 30, 2013, 05:48:45 pm »

At the news of Keith’s rather sad home Rhade looks like he wants to give Keith ALL the water now.

“I come for a place where if it wasn’t the racial transplants and genetic modifications, it was the spells and shapeshifts and illusions. Merfolk are about the one thing I don’t like. Nothing wrong with humans, and Humans with fire sound fun.” Apparently Telepathy, empathy and pyro-kinesis were also things where Rhade comes from, but before Rhade can talk too much the fox’s song comes on.

After discovering such a sad song was on his mp3 player, a horrified expression crosses his face. A moment later he had the idea of getting rid of that song. No! He must resist! Song learning was part of his cultural immersion! Why oh why sing such a sad song at Karaoke? Calm down… singing was expression, the Fox was sad, nothing wrong with that. “That was … with tones and pacing and a good first try singing.” Rhade’s uber enthusiasm wins over in the end.

Once he was calmed down and the song was over Rhade turns to Keith with a calculating look on his face.

“You’re a warrior? That’s awesome!” after the fox leaves the stage Rhade hands over the mp3 player to Keith and started highlighting some easier songs to sing for Keith. “”I’m not too good in a fight, if you start any fire by accident though I can put them out though! Water manipulation is about as close as I come to combat right now, though I am in martial training.” Now he was just talking for the sake of trying to eliminate awkwardness, silence, and keep people at ease.
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