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Author Topic: Flats might run even more RP?? Updated.  (Read 16607 times)


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Re: Flats might run even more RP?? Updated.
« Reply #180 on: April 08, 2015, 04:24:32 pm »

After rescuing what items they can and taking what pictures he can Dathiel makes note of what he can with the magical energy and starts packing up everything to leave. If jaunting canít be accomplished this close to so many anomalies someone will have to carry it out and Dathiel is volunteering.

When everyone is ready to go Dathiel will wait for Dav and Nightwhisper seeing if any of them need help.

((OOC: Thank you for GMing Flats! We really appreciate it and it was a fun time!)


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Re: Flats might run even more RP?? Updated.
« Reply #181 on: May 13, 2015, 10:30:05 pm »

Nightwhisper gives Dathiel a quick thumbs-up to indicate she doesn't need any help. She swipes one of the pole-handle things with antennas, and just for the sake of it, one of the (presumably portable) sunglass displays too. Hey, it might be important... somehow...!

"We probably should be going before there's more awkward questions," she says curtly and prepares to jaunt back.


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Re: Flats might run even more RP?? Updated.
« Reply #182 on: May 14, 2015, 02:00:10 am »

Dav successfully retrieves the body (and another PDA) with use of the Grounding totem. Although it only temporarily dispels anomalies, it does so for long enough to comfortable retrieve the items.

The team gathers up their various odds and ends and prepares to extract. There is a delay of several minutes, but the actual jaunt itself is uneventful.

Upon return to the Outpost, the team is greeted by a number of people in full Level A hazmat gear. They quickly bag the dead body, then wave Geiger counters (and more exotic scanning devices) over the Guardians and the retrieved technology while muttering among themselves

Then they gingerly place everything into a large anomalous item containment locker (lead-lined) and wheel it out to the nearest lab.

"Good work, team. Please hit the decon chamber first, then report to medbay for post-mission examination in case you picked up some interesting germ, memetic agent or related infohazard. With all that system detritus, you never know, right?"

The suited person gestures vaguely. "That done, report for debriefing. We'll analyze these bits and bobs, although it might take a while."


At a later date, R&D offers the following brief summary, based on the examined technology, recovered data and the team's debriefing:

-Initial anomalous jaunt event originated from within the system
-The matter displacement was intended, the creation of the zone was not.
-The body retrieved was a scientist (Dr. Impeccable) employed by Status Quo.
-Device appears based entirely on native technology, although multiversal theory was the prerequisite for the initial idea.

Rough timeline of events:

1. Dr. Impeccable initially proposes the development of the device to his superiors.

2. Proposal rejected, Impeccable informed that he is not the first to have the idea, but that deliberately damaging local reality carries too many risks.

3. Impeccable is contacted by Agent Bischoff, posing as high level SQ agent, manipulates him into constructing the initial device in secret. Bischoff also coerces other agents into assisting the effort. For the good of the organization of course, even over the heads of shortsighted fools!

4. Activation of device. Intended effect achieved (removal of matter from local space-time), but creation of anomalous zone unexpected.

5. Bischoff demands construction of second device.

6. Conjecture: Impeccable comes to the realization that he has aided a rogue or enemy agent.

7. Impeccable damages the second prototype and destroys most of the data on its construction and underlying principles.

8. Impeccable expires when a magical discharge compromises most of his cranial neural tissues. This effectively prevents post-mortem extraction of information.

9. Bischoff is killed during an attempt to secure transport out of the region.

Examination of the retrieved body revealed several colloidal silver patterns tattooed onto Impeccable's body in concealable locations. Based on in-mission observations and examinations of the retrieved body, we conclude that Status Quo has the ability to compel loyalty through anomalous means. (Possible loyalty geas?) As Impeccable's death was delayed, this effect appears to be based primarily on the subject's perception of their own actions. Agents subject to the effect may be fooled (or delude themselves) that they are acting in the interest of Status Quo. On the other hand, it is theoretically possible for a subject to chose, consciously, to share classified information, allowing them to self-terminate in captivity.

Conclusion: The mere knowledge and acceptance of multiversal theory appears to have caused the creation of the device which originated the observed jaunt phenomenon. The idea is to forcibly eject theoretical threats that cannot otherwise be combated or contained from local space-time. However, Status Quo leadership rejects the use of this technique, due to the unknowable nature of long term effects on local reality.

Agent Bischoff, while responsible for motivating the creation of the prototype, appears to have had nothing to do with its initial development Ė although considering that he had apparently included its capabilities in his unknown plan, his termination by SQ agents may not have been the worst possible outcome. Based on GJG Leafstalker's observation of Bischoff's magic, it is probably that he originated from a Laundry RPG system, and has been active in Status Quo's system for some time, to unknown ends.

In addition to the unexpected technological achievement, the mission has also revealed that our embedded agents may have been too quick to dismiss SQ's thaumatological research efforts in the past. The extent of their capabilities in that field bears investigating.


Alright, thanks for playing! I hope you lot had a good time, I did.
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