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Author Topic: Derailed (CLOSED RP)  (Read 20052 times)


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Re: Derailed (CLOSED RP)
« Reply #210 on: August 15, 2015, 01:43:43 am »

The few short seconds between Rhade collapsing and Relapse standing over him is all it takes for the ninja's memories to be restored. A flood of relief is tempered by the arrival of a second, angrier Krat-thing. The ninja shifts his position more obviously this time, placing himself now directly between the fallen Rhade and the two Krat-things. Processing things better now that his memory isn't swiss-cheesed, he flips the payload shuriken around so it's no longer concealed in his paw but is instead wielded obviously a threat, with his eyes narrowing. He speaks quickly, noting the position of those around him and that Ocelico has feather-brushed the first Krat. For some reason.

"Keith, defence. Mia, get ready to carry Rhade if we need to run. Oce, what do you know?"


Somewhat off in the distance the Cupboard has enjoyed its game with the fox; so it lead/ chases the creature to a tasty fruit supply before casually swooping its way back to the group. As it gets close it inflates itself up like a balloon, grows a string, and just bobs its way into the clearing.
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Re: Derailed (CLOSED RP)
« Reply #211 on: August 27, 2015, 12:19:36 am »

"Will do Relapse. Never been happier to be recognizable by the way." Mia is certainly the largest member of the group near Rhade, which definitely makes her the best candidate for picking up their still stunned appearing teammate. What with Ocelico being over there playing with the increasingly creepy Krat things. .oO(...am I the only one that is suddenly reminded of a particularly aggressive D&D nerd explaining that 4th edition should not exist?)

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"Hope you can hear me Rhade, I apologize because if I have to carry you it is going to be very undignified for you to wake up to." She is already stooping to haul him up when she says it.
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Re: Derailed (CLOSED RP)
« Reply #212 on: August 30, 2015, 08:43:38 pm »

Different things make people good in a fight. For some it was a simple matter of physicality; a 300 pound man could fracture ribs by putting his weight behind a punch while a man with arms 2 inches longer then most could strike from further away then his opponent. For others it was about training; people like Relapse who had dedicated themselves to studying established martial arts styles that may have had a thousand years of history behind them.

But for some people, it was simply instinct.

Taking a moment to activate his sword and eat the inherent stomach pain that always came with it as the first stage of it's time limit, keith sinks into a fighting stance and levels the 3 feet of light like a short sword at the nearest Krat thing. He isn't lashing out yet because the situation hasn't reached the tipping point, but the implication is as clear as the words he speaks:

"Take one more step and You'll be a feast for rats."
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Re: Derailed (CLOSED RP)
« Reply #213 on: September 05, 2015, 09:58:54 am »

((Ocelico's post))

Cat instincts plus wings really only results in a single reaction.  Oce goes straight up, and stays there, taking to the air with a phenomenal leap before the wings take over.  Relapse seems back on the ball again, so that's good, less to worry about from the managing issues end of things.

"Designer work!  First one's a dud, second one's got drive.  Signs of awareness.  Spawn point located, investigate from air?"  He's sure that between Relapse and Keith, they can defend themselves, so staying on the ground just to help doesn't seem useful.
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