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Author Topic: Gaire Senton  (Read 918 times)


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Gaire Senton
« on: October 01, 2012, 04:06:50 am »

Name: Gaire Senton

System of Origin: Pathfinder, homebrewed.

Description: Human, age 28, aubrun hair pulled into a tail, green eyes. 6 feet tall, with tanned skin, and a lean build, around 160 pounds. Typically dresses in loose, practical clothing. While clearly in shape, also clearly not a body builder or an acrobat.

Setting Description: Gaire hails from the setting of Arcacia, a tropical archipelago dotted with small continents and strings of volcanic islands. Naval power is king on Arcacia, and nations find it difficult to exert influence over large amounts of territory. Fairly sparsely settled, small city states form alliances and trade routes along the islands, while most of the larger land masses function more like nations. Wood is extremely valuable, as ships provide food, trade, and military power. Magic is reasonably scarce, with a few wizard colleges slightly outnumbering sorcerers. The nation of Callaway has tamed griffins for transport, but they are unreliable in combat, and few other mounts have been found to be useful. Technology is slow to develop in Arcacia, with ship design, siege weapons, and agriculture being the chief areas of development.

History: Gaire grew up the son of sailors, and went to see at the tender age of 10 as a cabin boy himself. He developed a spark of magic, as his great grandfather before him had, and the superstitious seafarers left him in a foreign port city. Concealing his magic, Gaire found work as a mast man, and slowly developed his powers. Eventually, as his powers became more pronounced, Gaire could no longer conceal them, but his captain was less afraid, and encouraged Gaire to keep learning. After all, his affinity towards wind magic could be useful to a becalmed ship. Eventually, Gaire rose to the position of first mate, but upon being shipwrecked transporting a group of explorers, accidentally became embroiled in a plot to awaken the Gaia Essence, the being who caused volcanoes to erupt, increasing the domain of his God of Land. Upon stopping the Essence, Gaire remembered the world getting fuzzy, and feeling very tired. He laid down, and when he woke up, he was washed up on a strange beach, with a woman's voice saying "This world is Protected. Disrupting, corrupting..."

Abilities: Gaire is a Skyborne Sorcerer. His magic focuses almost exclusively on wind evocations and transmutations, along with divinations, illusions, and abjurations of all kinds. He can fly for a limited amount of time, and his powers increase while he does so. His primary spellcasting falls into one of three forms. The first is weather magic. With almost no effort, Gaire can generate fairly substantial changes to existing weather. He can shift the velocity of wind, either increasing or decreasing its speed, and by concentrating humidity he can generate rain, or increase or decrease temperature. With more significant effort, he can shift weather in a more major way, changing the direction of strong winds, manifesting a storm, or raising or lowering the temperature by tens of degrees. Regardless, his weather shifting patterns take a few minutes to take effect. His second signature magic is localized air control. Causing gale force gusts in a direction, wind walls, or creating localized vaccuums are Gaire's primary combat magic. He typically attempts to slam opponents into the environment to do damage, but more particularly focuses on pushing them out of position. Coming from a world of sword and sorcery, his general modus operandi is to isolate one opponent at a time, pulling them forward and keeping the rest at bay. His third primary magic revolves around enhancement magic. Gaire is gifted at enhancing his, or an ally's, physical or mental attributes for long periods of time. He can improve muscle efficiency, harden skin, or even use polymorph effects with little difficulty.

Gaire is a sorcerer, making his magic inborn. He does not need to study it, or draw upon an external focus, as he practices it, he improves. Naturally resistant to magic on his own world, this may or may not make him resistant to magic from other systems, and he has no particular affinity for other magic. Gaire is also completely unfamiliar with technology, and guns, motorized vehicles, computers, and the like will seem very alien to him. Stats: Human Sorc, lvl16, Skyborne bloodline. Str 10/Dex 14/ Con 14 Int/ 16/Wis 10/Cha 21, Relevant skills: Knowledge: navigation, Survival (only applicable in tropical climates or at sea), Spot/Listen, Profession (Sailor).

Equipment: Magical equipment was very rare in Arcacia; Gaire possess a telescope that always grants vision as though it were noon, and a necklace which lets him breathe underwater. He hates wearing jewelry, however, so he only wears the necklace when he plans on using it. He also has an ornate dagger he wears on his belt, although it's ceremonial, and not balanced very well.