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Author Topic: Jersey Hart - GFC Security(Spec. Ops)  (Read 1113 times)


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Jersey Hart - GFC Security(Spec. Ops)
« on: November 28, 2008, 08:50:27 am »


Name Jersey Hart
Affiliation Gaming Guardians – former GGSOS(Gaming Guardian Special Operations Squad)
Home System Primary
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 33 Birthday: June 13th, 1976
Height 5’11”
Weight 175 lbs
Build physically fit but not overly muscled. Trim
Hair Spiky dirty blond hair that has consumed lots of gel and hairspray
Skin Caucasian.
Eyes green
Clothing He’s a casual dresser. Jeans with a tee-shirt sporting a logo or even Hawaiian shirts when he’s off duty. He has a leather jacket with what appears to be a simple black patch on the shoulder. He’s never said what the patch is for and likely never will. On missions he wears a standard-issue jumpsuit (night-ops camouflaged, no unit insignia anywhere to be found), a pair of tanker boots, a web belt (night camo, with a sidearm holster and an ammo pouch), and his wristwatch that has an earpiece and link up to his personal comm..

Specialized skills

    * Computer Use- covering various aspects from building computers from spare parts to programming and Hacking. This is his field of expertise it has been since before he joined the Guardians and his knowledge has only broadened with time. He is remarkably good at encryption(creation and breaking). He knows the ins and outs of almost all operating systems from modern say to high-tech and possesses the ability to hack them. Let it be known that Jersey has no Neural implants. To him finding system loopholes is a science and an art. What it is not is a free party access to all things mechanical.
    * Stealth Due to his training with the GGSOS his stealth skills has become quite capable. This includes stealth as a team and solo. He typically does not use stealth gear like hi-tech camo but wouldn’t turn it down if offered.
    * Firearms Jersey is competent with most firearms. He can just can pass the required rating for a GGSOS operative in pistols and assault weaponry with a decent score. On the other hand he is quite skilled with Sniper rifles achieving a sharpshooter ranking with them.
    * Mechanical Aptitude: Jersey is decent at building and fixing things especially things computer related.


    * Denn'bok (Minbari Fighting Pike)
      Jersey picked up this pike during his time fighting the High Guard. One of his fellow teammates a Ranger from a B5 system was caught in a bomb blast and sadly didn’t make it. Jersey carries it as his personal melee weapon now. Basically it’s a six foot long staff that condenses down to six inches when not in use.
    * GGSOS Standard issue Neurolaser Very nondescript black neurolaser looks mostly like a regular pistol just a little more high tech. It’s linked to a watch that takes spoken commands to switch from Stunning to lethal or to a cutting torch if needed.
    * Bravo 51 Sniper Rifle modified for system use. This military grade Sniper rifle is one of Jersey’s favorite weapons because it keeps him away from the intense action.
    * Personal Laptop Years of fighting and scavenging parts has allowed Jersey to create a very nice portable system for himself with as much intrusion and counter-intrusion software he can muster. The system is capable of linking into almost any type of computer system, be it modern or super tech.
    *Ares Predator IV This is a favored heavy handgun in the Shadowrun system.  It uses caseless 12mm bullets which can only be gotten in a shadowrun system. It has an uplink for targeting which Jersey has linked to a visor he can wear. It has been modified to be able to dispense full auto. Though this decreases accuracy drastically.
Supernatural Skill
   * Disurbe Prion: Until recently Jersey was a normal Primarian with no 'extras' so to speak. A mission to a home-brewed system known as Disurbe changed that. The virus inherent in the system was introduced to his bloodstream and he became infected. Thankfully he survived the rather intense sickness and had abilities granted to him. They are reality warping abilities but have fairly strict limits on them. He's only explored the abilities a little bit and is focusing on perfecting the few tricks he has learned. Note that the more tricks he runs at once makes things more difficult to accomplish them and is also hazardous to heis health.
       *Shield: Can create a energy field to deflect incoming blows. He has toyed with this figured placements to deflect things at certain angles. Or places an energy plane on the ground that is frictionless.
       *Listen In: He's figured how to tune into frequencies to listen in to broadcasts or secure messages(cell phones comms, ect) It may take time to find the right frequency or code but he's figuring new and faster ways of doing that every day.
       *Jammer: As he can find frequencies. He's also figured out how to Jam them for a period of time.

Jersey is an eternal optimist who loves to have fun. He’s got a gift of gab that often gets him into sticky situations. Mostly because he often just doesn’t know when to not say anything. Thankfully this gift of speech often gets him out of as many predicaments as it lands him in. Outside of missions he’s jovial teasing and enjoys anyone’s company he can find. It’s finding a person that will tolerate him that occasionally is the problem. He’s also a little arrogant about his intelligence but tries to hold that back as he does have some idea that it tends to annoy people. On missions Jersey always thinks ahead and tries to imagine the worst case scenarios and then plans accordingly. While he might get a little excitable sometimes he is usually calm and calculating while working.


Jersey is a primary native who grew up in the southern California during the explosion of the digital age. His father was a programmer and his mother a research scientist. They taught him about computers and encouraged him strongly into that field. It was a good thing he found them absolutely fascinating. He learned to program and how to dissect programming by the age of fourteen. He was an absolute child prodigy in the field of computer science. And of course as all young mavericks are oft to do he began seeing what he could get away with on the internet delving into companies files and security systems.

When he graduated high school he enrolled at MIT receiving a full scholarship. He majored in Computer Science of course. During his years his forays into more secret and secure computer systems became more frequent. He even started sneaking into places so he could get access to some from the inside. He was caught once or twice during these outings but the companies involved wanted their systems secure more than they wanted to press charges. So in typical fashion they paid him a very minor sum to fix problems he’d found. He graduated within 4 years and set out into the world. His job was a free-lance system analyst finding holes and backdoors into computer systems for companies. His more illicit activities did not cease though. His goal was to break into the Gaming Guardians system. He’d heard that their computers were impenetrable.

He worked on this project on the side of his normal jobs testing and probing. Well suffice to say the GG caught on and confronted him about his intentions. They were not totally impressed with his antics but saw that he had a skills that were useful and asked if he wanted work in their own exciting environment. He agreed and joined up as a computer tech fixing things. He became bored though and set off for freelance work again. Then a few months later they called back asking if he’d be interested in a ‘special’ job where his skills could be put to full use. Again he agreed wondering what ‘special’ meant. And so he was inducted into the GGSOS.

The next few years were spent training and fighting the High Guard as part of one of several special units. Jersey’s tactics were rarely typical handbook scenario and his ideas are often what kept him alive during the course of the fight. Well that combined with amazing luck and knowing when to back the hell off and get out of dodge. When he was released from duty from the GGSOS he found that life as a civilian was not suited to him so he remains with the Guardians as a member and will bring his specialized skills to bear whenever he is needed.
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