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« on: May 04, 2012, 11:07:25 am »

Name: Dav
Race: Worgen
Gender: Female
Class: Shaman

Height (as Human): 5' 7"
Height (as Worgen): 7' 5"
Weight (as Human): 135#
Weight (as Worgen): 351#
Skin (as Human): Fair skin--typical of living in a northern clime such as the Eurasian or US/Canadian border areas.
Pelt (as Worgen): Fur is a deep orange/black, easily mistaken for black in most lighting conditions with orange-like highlights. Bright sun or other sodium lighting (such as the orange-white street lamps) will bring out the orange shading more.
Age: 27

Clothing and appearance: Currently seen exclusively in an all-leather outfit consisting of a modest bustier and long skirt that reaches down below her ankles. While this costume would seem to be too restrictive for her much larger Worgen form, it somehow re-scales itself to her larger size through the same magics that gave her that form in the first place. All weapons scale with her similarly.

Weapons/ Items: One mace that looks like a granite block mounted on an oak or hickory shaft, though the wood is far harder--along the lines of ironwood.
                           One double-bladed battleaxe that looks of dwarven make--two broad crescents balanced on a haft of dark metal. For its size and apparent mass, it's obviously meant as a single-handed weapon.

Attributes: Remarkably strong for her apparent size as human, as Worgen her strength seems almost stereotypical for a werewolf species of legend. On the other hand, her finger- and toenails become long, very hard claws that can be used as weapons themselves even if disarmed. As a species, the Worgen are capable of shape-shifting between their human and Worgen forms in an instant, automatically shifting to Worgen if attacked almost between strikes by the attacker. This ability also extends to give them a burst of speed potentially out-running an attacker for a short time if fleeing or even sprint into combat if attacking. By extension, they can take on a kind of 'third form' whereupon they can run on all fours as the wolf itself, though their clothing remains on their bodies giving them the benefit of whatever armor they may be wearing at the time.
Lastly, because their breed is the spawn of a Curse, they have become resilient against spells used to curse them additionally or diseases that would afflict other races. While they are not immune, their bodies cast off the curse or affliction more quickly and return to full strength almost as soon as they are cured.

Powers: Shaman. Able to commune with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air to cast magical effects utilizing any one of those elements per cast. Among the many visible effects are bolts of lightning as a ranged weapon and fire or ice effects cast on her weapons themselves.
She can also drop up to four totems (one of each element) which can directly attack a foe (fire bolt, for instance) progressively heal herself and those with whom she has allied herself, slow her opponents, speed up her allies, enhance the power and strength of her allies' own attacks and even enhance their endurance so that they may battle longer without fatigue. When combined with her own melee and ranged attacks, her abilities are, at the minimum, formidable. At least, on Prime they would be. In her own world, they are merely average for one of her experience.

Skills: She has no real survival skills of her own. Rather than choosing to craft her armor, weapons or whatever for herself, she has chosen instead to learn geology and anatomy to the extent that she can spot and mine outcroppings of many different kinds of metals--both functional and precious. Her anatomy skills are such that she can skin a carcass in a matter of moments, providing a hide or even finished leather skin of exceptional quality. By offering these products to their respective craftspersons, she is able to earn the money she needs to feed herself and reduce the cost of having her armor or weapons manufactured or repaired. An additional benefit to her mining and skinning abilities comes through with stronger, harder muscles which have enhanced her strength and endurance and the knowledge on where to strike an opponent for the greatest effect to disable or kill.

Racial Information: The Worgen themselves are a strange race; once entirely human they were 'infected' by a sect of Night Elven Druids who attempted to commune and become one with the spirit of the Wolf. For all their knowledge and skill with nature, the Druids lost control of their half-wolf form and attacked a group of humans. With the help of other Night Elves, the sect were subdued and imprisoned within the "Dream" but it was too late for the humans who survived the attack. The land of Gilneas walled itself in both to protect itself from its enemies and to attempt to prevent the Curse from spreading as the humans continued to battle against their now Worgen kin. Not all Gilneans are Worgen, but now all Worgen are Gilnean. With the help of the Night Elves again, the Worgen have learned to control their wild side and use that Rage in battle.

She doesn't really know where she is, but she does know that she doesn't belong there--her place in on the world of Azeroth battling the Horde and specifically the Forsaken. She fought her way out of the invasion of Gilneas, battled through the Horde invasion of Ashenvale and doing her part even through the Outlands. But on her return to Azeroth, rather than arriving at her adopted home in Darnassis, she discovered a city not too unlike her own Gilneas, though far larger. She found herself lucky enough to emerge in a fairly unoccupied area but still busy enough to realize that everyone nearby was human and her nose clearly told her none were Worgen. Shifting to human form herself, she managed to pass well enough, though her leather skirt and chest armor did elicit some strange looks as she walked around the city. Soon enough she discovered that her money was practically useless (though she could exchange her gold, silver and copper for local currencies at certain types of businesses) and in order to survive at least long enough to learn more about the city she now occupied, she slipped into the storm sewers and used her abilities to make a home for herself.

Now she only emerges to the surface at night, more often to raid the waste bins of the bars and restaurants near her sewer home, but sometimes, just sometimes, the city's incessant noise is shattered by a heartrending howl that--for a short while--seems to silence the cacophony around her.

Strangely, an interesting series of events has occurred in her given area. Crime--particularly muggings--have slacked off. None of the 'known' muggers will talk about it, but one habitual thief known for wounding his victims if not paid off quickly was discovered with a broken back and burn marks on his clothing--dead; his knife blade broken at the tip and the shank. The only thing anyone will report for certain is that a howl presaged the discovery of this particular corpse and huge paw prints were found nearby matching no known species of dog or wolf.

For those unfamiliar with Blizzard's World of Warcraft MMO, the Shaman uses the powers of the elements to aid her. She drops her totems whenever she expects conflicts which can damage her opponents or enhance herself and her allies' personal strengths or even heal people of critical wounds. To some these powers may seem "supernatural" and perhaps by some definitions they are--merely another form of magic focused on the spirits of nature itself.

As for being Worgen, the simplest definition would be werewolf. As human she seems little different from a well-toned exercise freak with flaming red hair, green eyes and a propensity to oddly thick clothing no matter the temperature outside. As Worgen she grows in stature and mass, endurance and power by proportion. She is easily capable of handling almost any amateurish criminal attempt against her and even professionals risk almost certain defeat once she brings her totems into play; only highly trained warriors or assassins might take her one-on-one and even then the battle would be even--especially if she wields both her mace and her axe at the time.

As for finding out she's on Prime? Blame Jean-Claude van Damme, William Shatner, Mr T, and all the other TV and movie stars that have done World of Warcraft commercials. She now knows she's from a game system and that for all that she thought she was leading her own life on Azeroth and expected to fight against creatures and enemies on a daily basis, now that she has her own mind and lives on Prime, real life just isn't like that.

Favorite TV show? Doctor Who. Though she strongly expects that a Torchwood-like organization is trying to track her down. She doesn't necessarily hide her presence, yet she doesn't fully advertise it either. She's made her adopted home more peaceful and doesn't really want to go back to Azeroth.

   Note: Worgen cannot be Shaman in World of Warcraft -- at least, not yet. This is a fictional use of the class and race.
Added Note: If the image does not show up for you, click the placeholder or right-click and open it in another tab/window to see the image.

Faye suggests the three links below as reference to the World of Warcraft data about her home, race and skills:


Another couple of pages from Blizzard themselves gives us:

Worgen: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/race/worgen
and Shaman: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/class/shaman
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Re: Dav -- The Shaman
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 07:16:49 pm »

I pointed out above that in the World of Warcraft game system, a Worgen cannot be a Shaman. Below is a brief history of how she becomes one for Prime purposes.

     Finally, the Worgen Druid thinks to herself, I'm away from all those Orcs and Forsaken. They've destroyed Gilneas and sunk so many of its towns and people. If I ever find out how they did that I'll do the same to them and restore Gilneas' lands. I don't know how, but the elements themselves were broken.
     Raising her heavy, lupine head, she gazed about the landing where the Night Elf evacuation ship had dropped her off. Lush, thick grass carpeted the strangely-shaped island, dotted here and there with fantastically-shaped trees made into homes and gates. A pink-lavender glow radiated out from beneath the four tall roots supporting another tree, guarded by two of the purple-skinned Night Elves bearing their odd three-bladed glaives. Just below that tree a pair of Gilneans stood in human form, talking between themselves. Taking their appearance as a cue, she reached within herself to return to her own human form, marveling yet again how her clothing resizes itself to fit whichever shape she chose.
     She approached the two and waited for an opening in their conversation. "Pardon me, but where are all the refugees?"
     "They've gone on up into Darnassis atop the tree over there. Just take the portal and someone will point you to where they're staying."
     "Thank you."
     "One thing," the second Gilnean commented. "We've been walled away for far too long. There is another race represented here now and you're likely to see some of them up in Darnassis. They're called Draeni," he pronounced it Dray-nee, "and look something like blue-skinned demons. Apparently they're also allies of the Night Elves. Just be aware that they're not enemies."
     "Thank you again. Maybe I'll look one up and see what they're like."
     "No problem. They seem friendly enough, though they're even taller than the Night Elves and at least the males look rather frightening. Just take the portal over there," he added, pointing, "and it will take you right up to the city."

     Nodding her thanks, she made her way up towards the glow and after a moment's hesitation when she saw another Elf appear in the center and walk out, she straightened her back and strode boldly into the light. Before she could even blink, the Night Elf city appeared before her, causing her to stumble with surprise that she'd never even felt the shift in location. Glancing around, she approached one of the guards flanking the portal ready to ask directions when she noticed a man sitting astride a hardy mountain horse just beyond with the Gilnean banner standing beside him.
     "Where can I find the others," she asked him.
     "Cross this first bridge and take a left, turn right at the first intersection and turn left again when you get to the shops past the first tall trees over there. Climb the hill and you'll find nearly everyone under the tree at the top.
     "Welcome to Darnassis, by the way. Lorna Crowley is up there waiting to greet you. It seems we're not done fighting yet."
     "That's an understatement. I won't be done until Lady Silvanas is no more than ash."
     "Apparently she's the least of our problems. Lorna and His Majesty, King Genn will have more information. I'd suggest preparing for a long war."

     Following the guide's instructions, she arrived at a smaller version of the tree where she'd learned how to control her bestial side, though she could tell with her Druidic senses that it still grew with supernatural speed and would soon rival that other. Within its open trunk several groups of Gilneans stood talking, some to their Night Elf hosts while others discussed matters between themselves. Interestingly, two Night Elf Druids stood teaching a small group of Worgen in the Druidic arts while elsewhere she could see other skills being taught as well. Near a small alcove at the back she saw Lorna standing with King Greymane himself talking with a violet-skinned Elf and another who looked made up of Elf, stag, bird and even cat--an arch-Druid. As she approached she made out their conversation.
     "... Nature itself is being disrupted by this cataclysm," the arch-druid was saying. "I can only do so much to help reduce the effects but even the Draeni Shamen say the elements are crying out in pain. The quakes that tore Gilneas apart are only an aside to the damage we're finding elsewhere. Our homes in Darkshore itself were nearly cast into the sea along with all the land."
     "So, Lord Malfurion, you're saying that the Horde itself is involved in this disruption?"
     "No, King Greymane," the Priestess beside the arch-druid replied, "He's saying they're in the same straits we are; our world itself is being torn asunder. The Horde are merely taking advantage of the circumstances by trying to drive us away from our forests. There is something much deeper going on and we're not sure what that is. We have two conflicts on our hands and the Horde is only the known enemy."
     Malfurion added, "We need to slow down the Horde incursions in order to gain the time needed to find out what's really happening. We need your Worgen to join us as quickly as possible to hold back Garrosh's troops and protect our forests while we investigate the matter."

     Dav eased back and put an arch of root between herself and the discussion. So, even the arch-Druid can't control the damage but apparently these people called Shamen have some tie with the elements. I'm not likely to serve as more than a fighter against the Horde when what is needed is a way to restore Azeroth itself. I think maybe I do need to look up these Draeni and see if they can teach me how to restore the land.

    Slipping back towards the entrance, Dav walked back down towards the shops she'd passed earlier. Spotting a variant of a well-known symbol of healing, she stopped in and picked up a guide and some instructions for the basic tending of wounds, thinking that if she tried to learn this Shaman skill, she might lose the healing power of the Druid. Next door she saw the crossed pick-&-shovel of a mining instructor and again acquired a manual and some basic instruction on the thought that she'd need to recognize different elemental strata if she wanted to understand them. Her third stop lay at the cook shop, where she traded some stag meat she had remaining for some cooking staples and instruction in basic cooking. Eating on the run was easy when you could hunt and feed as a cat, but if she abandoned her Druid training, that option wouldn't be available any more.

    Finishing her preparations, she sought out one of the Night Elves that guarded and protected the city, getting directions to where these Draeni Shamen might be found. She pointed Dav to the Temple across the lake, recommending she cross in front of the tree in the center that looked like an eagle landing on a bear. Following those instructions, she climbed a long, shallow ramp up to the level of the entrance where another guard pointed her within to a pair of extraordinarily tall individuals bearing horns over quite human faces. She approached the two, quickly realizing that the earlier description fit them well, smooth, blue skin on tall but human-looking bodies until you reached the lower legs not too different from Worgen though finishing with cloven hooves rather than the softer, gripping pads and claws of the Worgen paws. The two, one male, one female, stopped their conversation as she approached.
     "How may we help you, Human?"
     "My name is Dav Redpelt and I've been told that you two teach a kind of magic different from any I've heard of."
     "We are Shamen, if that's what you mean."
     "Yes. I desire to learn; to become a Shaman myself"
     "We can't teach you. Humans don't have the 'connection' with the earth to learn"
     "I'm not Human," Dav responded, releasing her Beast and growing nearly as tall as they. "I'm Worgen. And I've felt the land's pain during the death of Gilneas. I heard the land cry out as the shore fell away mere feet from where I stood. I felt the water's suffering as it was dragged across the jagged remnants of our protective shoals when I rescued our drowning defenders. I am not Human and I believe you can teach me what I need to know."
     The two looked at each other. The female stepped forward, touching her cloven hoof to Dav's right paw. "Will you permit me to touch you? I would know if such is possible for you."
     "As you will; I am not afraid."
     "You have nothing to fear from us, young Worgen, but the Elements are another matter."
     The Draeni laid her hands lightly on the thickly-furred shoulders of the Worgen before her. Her eyes rolled up as she sought the connection to the elements. "This one has been trained as a Druid, she already has some connection with Nature. But more, I can feel the Flame and Water within her, as well as her future tie to the Air. Strongest though is Earth, as though she could sink roots into the ground and bind that which is broken. This one can be trained, but only by the Prophet. The Beast within her could destroy the good that she desires. She could Enhance or Restore with ease, but the Elements themselves call to her."
     The Draeni's eyes blinked open, their deep blue looking into the depths of Dav's green orbs. "It is not us you need, Worgen -- Dav Redpelt, but another. Take this portal before you and ask for the Elder, Velen. Tell him Azeroth calls to you."
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Dav: A Worgen (Werewolf) Shaman from the World of Warcraft

Will there be others?