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Author Topic: Erik - Dawn Caste Exalt  (Read 1317 times)


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Erik - Dawn Caste Exalt
« on: April 08, 2012, 08:28:02 am »

Name: Erik (Cynis Erik)
Home System: Exalted
Affiliations: Gaming Guardians (Security - Special Operations, Cook)

Age: 34, looks 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human Exalt
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 190
Hair: Black, braided into a ponytail that hangs to the middle of his back.
Eyes: Brown
Build: Lean verging on muscular, a nimble martial artist

Clothing: Fairly basic but durable clothing for the most part.  Loose carpenter jeans, and t-shirts.  Often though wears gi pants and sleeveless shirts in combat.


Orichalcum Bracers: Given to him by his original mentor Tvan'ya.  They are comprised of a magical gold like mineral called Orichalcum.  The design is almost Aztec in nature, depicting a glyph like representation of a sun on each one.  These increase the damage of his unarmed attacks.  While wearing these the strength of his punches goes from being above average strength to that of an Olympic weight lifter.

Gem of the Burning House: This red cube set in his right bracer protects him from all harm from non-magical fire and smoke.

Short Sword: Mostly carried for show.  He is, at best, an average swordsman.  But being the soft-hearted soul that he is, he generally loathes to hurt people if he doesn't have to.  But his unassuming fists don't very well showcase just how dangerous he can be, and why things should be talked out instead ending in violence.  So he carries it mostly for intimidation purposes and general cutting.

Kitchen Equipment: Erik owns a large assortment of cooking implements, from appliances to pans and knives and most everything in between!

Abilities/Power Level

Extended Lifespan:  Although Erik can still be killed by conventional means (just more of those means generally) he could live some 3,000 years if he plays his cards right.

Toughness/Resilience:  Exalts are naturally more durable than the average human being even without learning specific skills.  They can survive lethal damage that would do a normal person much more harm.   They are also much more resilient poisons and illness.

Magic Sense: In the world of Exalted the raw form of magical energy is called Essence.  Being an Exalt means that he can manipulate this Essence, and can therefore sense it's presence.

Charms: These are the manner in which Exalted channel their Essence though their skills or attributes.  Solar Exalts take what they are good at (in the natural human sense) and amplify that with magical energy. 

Sorcery: On top of manipulating Essence through his skills, he has also learned to shape it with his will alone into sorcery.  Though at present he only knows three spells.


Curse of the Primordials: The Exalted banished a powerful race known at the Primordials from their world.  But in doing so they laid a curse on the Exalted.  This is refereed to as a Limit Break.  Erik's Limit break is the Heart of Tears.  If he witnesses too much suffering, and he cannot do anything to help there is a possibility that he will be reduced to a state where he can't do anything except sob uncontrollably. 

Quite Apparent: Erik's abilities are generally not subtle.  When he expends too much essence he is surrounded by a totemic figure that gives off a light which can be seen for miles under optimal conditions.

Personality: Erik is a soft spoken and kind hearted individual.  Though he abhors violence he does realize the logic in it, and that innocents will suffer if he does not use his violent talents to defend them.  Due to his time as a slave he has an issue with showing assertiveness.  Though he can easily stand up for others, he shows great difficulty in standing up for himself.  He deals with issues from social anxiety to some mild depression.  All of this has lead to his stuttering quirk.

Backstory:  Back before Erik can remember he was captured by slavers of an organization called The Guild.  He was purchased by a Dynastic noble named Cynis Levonne.

 You see once Madam Levonne had a son named Erik that was her treasure.  He was a poet and an artist that was quite famous throughout the Imperial City.  Levonne had hoped that he would carry in his blood the gift of the Dragon-Blooded.  But he never did.  She was destined to outlive him by hundreds of years.  But she didn't even get that much time with her treasured son.  Her other children, who were Dragon-Bloods, grew jealous of some lowly mortal gaining favor from their mother.  They had an "accident" staged that took Erik's life.

But fate had delivered into her hands what she deemed to be his reincarnation.  He lived like a prince, as far as slaves go anyway.  He had little in the way of rights, but he wanted for very little.  Though jealousy from the other slaves taught him early on how to throw a punch at the very least.  The happiest times were helping the house's master chef, Maoug, in the kitchen.  Erik had quite the culinary knack it turned out.

But one night (on the nineteenth anniversary of his purchase) the door to Erik's gilded cage was opened.  A thief broke into his mistresses' home.  He was a Solar Exalted of the Night Caste.  He broke in merely to prove that he could.  Rather than steal anything of any real value from the home, he took Levonne's second greatest treasure, a quill used by Erik the poet.  Erik the slave stumbled onto the crime by accident.  He chased the thief, leaving the grounds of the manor for the first time since he was brought there as a young child.  The thief, not wanting Erik to come to serious harm, roughed the teenager up in order to send him a message to go home.  After recovering though Erik managed to track the thief down again, leading to another beating.  When Erik tracked the thief down a third time he was so impressed by Erik's tenacity, that after he bloodied him, he left the quill on Erik's chest.

But Erik must have impressed someone else as well.  He came to just as the sun was rising.  He took his Second Breath and became a Solar Exalted.  He quickly realized that despite the fact that he had finally retrieved his mistress' treasure, that he was "anathema" and could never go home.  He wandered aimlessly for a while, trying to right some wrongs he came across along the way.  Though he generally ended up biting off more than a fledgling Solar could chew, given he lack of training.  As "luck" would have it he was found by a Fae-Blooded woman named Tvan'ya.

Tvan'ya taught him how to fight, the secrets of sorcery, along with more intimate things.  With her guidance Erik traveled along a pit fighting circuit in the Scavenger Lands.  Tvan'ya made him wear a mask to hide his "dopey, kind, idiot face" while fighting.  Erik thus became known as the Unconquered Demon in the ring. 

But all of this effort that she put into Erik was not out of kindness.  Instead she wanted something.  Back at the fall of the First Age in Erik's system a No-Moon scholar fled into the Wyld.  Now the Wyld is a place of madness under the best circumstances.  But the area this Lunar fled to happened to contain a small rift in jaunt space to Primary.  Though not big enough to travel through, images and whispers from the other side tainted the Lunar's mind.  With this knowledge he inscribed a magic tome that could drive a character in a system to becoming aware.  He hid this book within a temple guarded with all manner of danger.  Tvan'ya believed that if she had this book of "madness" she could cleanse herself of her hated human side and become full fae.  But after Erik retrieved the book for her things did not go as planned.  She did not become fae.  But the knowledge that the truth of their "fictional" world was beyond even the madness of the unshaped Wyld beyond creation drove her mad.

With her new found power she was able to open a gateway to Primary.  Erik noticed a change in his friend.  Sure she used him, but she always had.  But now she was crazed, dangerous, and had to be stopped.  So Erik flung himself through the Portal and into Primary to stop her.

Guardians History:

Tvan'ya created a Wyld land in the city of the Guardians with the knowledge from the tome.  Erik alone was not enough to stop her, but luckily he happened across a group of Gaming Guardians.  With their help they were able to stabilize reality and Erik was forced to kill Tvan'ya.

Afterward Erik joined the Guardians.  He needed direction, and Guardians are not above barking out orders such as the ones he has taken his entire life from slave to pit fighter.  He refers to himself as the Outpost's cook, though somewhat true, this is a bit of self-delusion on his part.  His primary function is working in Special Operations of Security.  Being a Battle-Mage by nature, he is generally used as a blunt instrument by the Guardians to pound people with.
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Re: Erik - Dawn Caste Exalt
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Solar Exalted: In the world of Exalted the first beings known to exist were called the Primordials.  These Primordials shaped Creation from the formless chaos for little more than their amusement.  But so they wouldn't have to busy themselves with the "minor" details of Creation's governance they created the gods.  Eventually these gods decided to turn against their creators, but were prohibited from doing so directly.  So instead they gifted humans with a portion of their power, so they might wage war on the Primordials.  The greatest of these gods was known as the Unconquered Sun.  His Exalted were the rulers of all other Exalted and of all humanity.  And under their rule, for a time, there was a great golden age.

Dawn Caste:  The Dawn Caste are the warriors and generals of the Solar Exalted.  They have an ability, by spending 10 motes of essence, that surrounds them with a totemic aura that makes them appear so wonderful and terrifying that the fear that one feels when attacking them confers a penalty to said attacks.

On Stats:  Like most White Wolf RPGs stats are based on a system of dots.  One dot represents an abysmal trait or just bare basic knowledge.  A person with a strength of one would likely have some sort of muscular disorder.  On the other hand a person with a strength rating of 5 would be at the peak of human potential, such as an Olympic weight lifter.

Erik's Stats

Strength - 3
Dexterity - 5
Stamina -3

Charisma - 2
Manipulation -1
Appearance -4

Perception - 3
Intelligence - 3
Wits - 3


Martial Arts - 4
Melee - 2
War - 1
Athletics - 4
Awareness - 2
Dodge - 3
Stealth - 1
Integrity - 1
Presence - 1
Resistance - 3
Survival - 2
Linguistics - 4 (High realm, Low Realm, Old Realm, English, French)
Craft - 5 (cooking)
Investigation - 2
Lore - 3
Medicine - 2
Occult - 3
Drive - 1
Computers - 1
Firearms - 1


First Martial Arts Excellency: (1 mote per die)  By infusing his body with Essence, Erik is able to increase his hand to hand combat skill to super human levels, adding bonus dice up to his martial arts limit.  Typically he would roll 9 dice (5 dex + 4 martial arts) But through this charm he could roll up to 13 dice for his attack.  For comparison: someone with the skill of Bruce Lee and the dexterity of an Olympic gymnast would roll 10 dice.

Fists of Iron Technique: (1 mote) Using this skill Erik can cause his fists to become as hard as iron.  This not only increases the damage, but also causes his blows to do lethal instead of bashing damage.  On the defensive end it allows him to parry attacks with his bare hands that would otherwise be impossible.

Solar Hero Form: (6 motes) By infusing his body with the Essence of the sun, Erik becomes a paragon of strength and skill of a hero reborn.  Each time he makes an attack, he may spend a mote of essence, thus doubling all damage that he does with hand to hand attacks.

Hammer on Iron Technique: (3 motes, 1 willpower) This charm allows Erik to attack in a blur of motion.  Where he could only make one attack, he can now make 5 attacks.  (his essence + 1)

Second Melee Excellency: ( 2 motes per die) Using this charm Erik can infuse his weapon based attacks with essence in order to try and negate failure.  For every two motes he spends he gets an automatic success, up to his melee rating of 2.  Though these "successes" still have to overcome the opponents ability to dodge.  Against a particularly mobile or defensive opponent, it still might not be enough.

Ox Body Technique : This technique gives Erik additional health levels, allowing him to take much more punishment than the average person.  He still gets wounded like a normal person, but he just keeps on fighting regardless.

Body Mending Meditation- (10 motes) As long as Erik doesn't use any other charms for an hour, this speeds up his recovery time by a factor of 10.

Hardship Surviving Medicant Spirit (10 motes) Through the use of this charm Erik can survive the harshest of environments as though it were a walk through a spring meadow.  Neither the most bitter cold arctic wasteland or the most scorching desert would phase him, regardless of his clothing.  This lasts as longs as he needs it.

Graceful Crane Stance (3 motes) This charm gives Erik perfect balance.  He could maintain perfect equilibrium on something as wide as a human hair.  This lasts one scene.

Spider-Foot Style (4 motes) This charm allows Erik to run along ceilings and floors as easily as he would run along the ground.  By spending an additional mote he can stand still, completely defying gravity.  This lasts one scene.

Feather-Foot Style (4 motes) With this charm Erik puts no more pressure on whatever he is standing on than a feather.  He could walk across thin ice, or even across water.  He can attempt to stand still while doing this, but doing so requires a skill roll.  This lasts one scene.

Monkey-Leap Technique (3 motes) For once Scene Erik's jumping distances are doubled.

Shadow Over Water (1 mote) This charm allows Erik to dodge a single attack against him as though there were no penalties against him.  So even if he were in mud up to his knees and he could barely stand from blood loss, he could dodge as though he were in perfect health on a smooth dojo floor.

Terrestrial Circle Sorcery - Erik can learn and cast Terrestrial circle sorcery spells

Thunder Wolf's Howl (10 motes) This sorcery allows Erik to create a shockwave of pure sound that extends 20 yards from a target within 100 yards of Erik.  The noise resembles a howl of a wolf, but as loud as a crack of thunder.  At it's epicenter it is powerful enough to shatter bones.

Becoming the wood friend (14 motes) This spell alters Erik to take on a more plant like appearance.  Until next he sleeps he can move through even the most dense foliage at no penalty.  In addition he cannot be tracked due to taking on the odor of his surroundings.  The only drawback is that he becomes keenly compassionate towards plants.

Spirit of Strength (10 motes) This spells gives Erik a short lived burst of strength.  It allows him to lift upwards of 4000lbs.  Though this sorcery only lasts four about six seconds, and cannot be used for combat.