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« on: January 12, 2012, 08:20:18 am »

Name: Gore

System of Origin: Homebrew horror game.

Further details: It was a complete mess, they actually tried to combine various World of Darkness Games(a heavy emphasis on Hunter: The Vigil, though everything else was let in), Call of Cthuhlu, All Flesh Must be Eaten, with characters from existing films and horror based tv shows. Nobody knew what they were doing, narcotics might have been involved. These poor bastards have no idea, the kind of world they created through a disjointed 12 hour, abandoned 'adventure'...

Race: ...Human? (Either a strange subrace of Undead, or some mutated, tough as cockroach variant of human, it's never been exactly clear.)

Appearance: Though possibly much taller, Gore only stands about 6'2 due to a slight hunch. Messy, possibly greasy brown hair sticking out in tufts along his head, and we see a bit of a bulldog neck. That's about all we see, because his head is primarily covered in some, strange, modified welder's mask, to fit more closely around his head, and strapped tightly with improvised leather straps, the visor broken enough so that the left eye can glare out. This eye just has a pupil, with no iris.

Gore is a heavy set man, an absolute thickness being obvious with his body type. A messy, stained white collared, long sleeve shirt adorning his torso, lazily and half tucked into black workpants, around which goes a heavy duty belt, with great big heavy workboots. He also wears a bloodied butcher's apron, along with brown work gloves. Perfect for handling tools. His total weight would probably be something around three hundred pounds. He's a big guy.

-Very strong. Gore has trouble lifting some things(that aren't humans), due to his bad posture, but he could most likely pull and bend a car door, warping the metal so that it was all but useless. Just think of what he could do to a standard human body.

-Extremely durable. Related to that strength, Gore is very, very difficult to kill. His skin is tough enough to partially stop bullets, though he'd still get knocked down by shotgun blasts. He's pretty dull to pain, to a certain point. He can eat weeks old roadkill raw, without vomiting or dying from what must be almost poisoned meat. He's all about survivability.

-Great stamina. Gore can keep walking for days without really getting tired. He requires very, very little sleep, and can keep up a slight jog(the fastest he's capable of) for longer than Usein Bolt can sprint. Of course, Usein probably lost Gore by the time he got tired, but it's still worth noting, right?

-Thematic Weapon Finesse. Gore is very skilled with any weapon..so long as it fits the character theme. Broadsword? No. Old rusted machete that wields like a broadsword? Yes. Guns? No. Nailguns? Yes. Essentially, anything that would easily fit a slasher's arsenal of tools, anything that looks horrific, anything that would be used by some lone psycho who had to get his hands on anything that could possibly kill. This is important.


Mute. Gore does not talk, really, doesn't make many sounds, other than grunts when exerting himself, and maybe pigsqueals if he's actually in legit pain.

Low intellect. Gore is pretty much kind of dumb tactically. Don't put him as the thinker of the party, his plans revolve around "kill it" and "dismember it just in case".

Slow reactions. Chances are, if you of average agility, if you are a human being that takes walks, sometimes takes a run, maybe throws a frisbee or something on weekends, you can probably hit Gore with an attack. It's good that he's so tough, because it's the only way he can survive gunfire...or speeding cars, or tasers, or falling pianos. If you're a slow shuffling zombie, you're probably just a bit slower than this freak. Also worth noting, Gore walks with what is essentially a permanent limp, so can not match any fantastic speeds of other heroes.

History: It is late, and my brain's starting to shut off, so let me just run off the cliffnotes real quick:

Gore comes from a world where monsters and horrific creatures stalk the world pretty regularly. Everything, from pretentious vampires who belong to special families, to strange alien chaos and madness gods and other Lovecraftian horrors, to fleshbound books of the dead and demonic serial killers wearing clown makeup, this world has it all, and very little lines of defense against it.

Gore is actually an anomaly, in that he comes from a horrific background, meets all the criteria for a monster in this world...but fights against it. There's really no reason for it, but it happens all the same. With meat cleavers, chainsaws, mini sledgehammers, you name it, Gore has brutally dispatched a beastie with it. He's also taken more than his share of abuse. Beaten with chains, hit with cars, shot with crossbow bolts, quipped at by big chinned loudmouths, but Gore takes it all and keeps going, who knows for what purpose.

Probably, just because he feels it's right.

Further Notes: A note on magic and the supernatural. Gore comes from a universe where basically, everything is evil. I mean, there are a few scattered defenses, but picture Call of Cthuhlu, mixed with the grimmer elements of World of Darkness where the monsters -will- eventually lose their humanity points, mixed with every Slasher and good Horror movie ever, and you essentially have where Gore comes from, in a nutshell. Now, what sets his world apart from others, is that there are certain 'Hero' characters, characters that essentially, aren't easily ripped apart and driven 'crazy' like regular, every day people. Sometimes they have minor powers(like cheerleader vampire slayers), sometimes they're just very lucky(like inquisitive FBI agents, or cabin-dwellers with chainsaws for hands.), but what would be considered average or even low-rent characters anywhere else, are the only form of protection this world has.

I got off track there, didn't I? Gore is a bit of an anomaly, in that whatever created him is clearly 'evil'. By all accounts, he should be evil. He fits his world's requirements for being evil, so him going against the grain in such a way is either an absolute gamebreaker, or a truly significant plot point. He will be extremely wary of magic, to say the least, because he equates it with bad things about to immediately happen. Similarly, any "good magics" or whatever I'm sure would react to him as if he were a vile thing of evil, because technically, he is. He should be, except that he isn't.
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Character updated, to look pretty. Also, magic info added.