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Author Topic: Tybalt Kruspe  (Read 1447 times)


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Tybalt Kruspe
« on: November 05, 2011, 04:48:06 pm »

Tybalt Kruspe

Basic Information

System of Origin:Vampire the Masquerade
Age:92 (Turned when 21)
Race:Vampire (9th Generation; Brujah)
Eye Color:Blue
Hair:Brown; usually spiked or messy, but sometimes clean-cut.


On the surface, Tybalt appears to be a carefree hedonist, one that is utterly nonplussed about his nature. He seemingly has little regrets and enjoys the freedoms and powers that being a vampire gives him. As a result, he appears easygoing if rough-around-the edges, and isn't shy to talk to or associate with others. In reality, though he doesn't always mind being a vampire, he loathes what was done to him. More than that, however, he loathes the human he'd been before his Embrace, and it is this more than anything else he deeply wishes to atone for. 

Clothing & Appearance

Leather pants and combat boots paired with tank tops or form fitting shirts. Tends towards a classic punk, rebellious image, though very rarely sports a more clean-cut look, which harkens back to his upbringing. His short, brown hair tends to be worn in a messy, spiky style, often a reflection of how far he feels from his humanity.


  • Walther PP: Trained when he was a teenager, and having had decades to hone his skills, Tybalt is quite competent with various types of firearms, with a preference for the Walther PP.
  • Fencing Sword: Also trained when he was younger, Tybalt is capable with fencing swords. He has not used any in decades, however, and may be a touch rusty.


  • Strength: With exceptional strength, Tybalt can lift up to 400lbs.
  • Dexterity: Through training and natural ability, Tybalt is fairly athletic.
  • Stamina: Tybalt has above average stamina and could easily outclass a human in endurance.

  • Charisma: When he puts his mind to it, Tybalt can be fairly likeable.
  • Manipulation: No expert, but he can fool others from time to time.
  • Appearance: He is exceptionally handsome; the poster child of his home country's former ideal.

  • Perception: He has average perception and can pick up on things easily enough, though subtlety sometimes escapes him.
  • Intelligence: Tybalt is of average intelligence.
  • Wits: He has enough wits to know when to get out of bad situations.


  • Alertness: He can maintain a decent level of alertness, particularly in tense situations.
  • Athletics: If things had been different in his past, Tybalt could have easily competed professionally. His fitness level is excellent and his body well honed.
  • Brawl: No stranger to fights, Tybalt can hold his own.
  • Dodge: Thanks to his military training, he is mildly skilled in self defense.
  • Empathy: He isn't entirely heartless and can occasionally empathize with others.
  • Intimidation: He's big and can get angry easily; thus, fairly intimidating.
  • Streetwise: Having spent some time on the street, he can get around and garner respect.

  • Drive: Tybalt can work a vehicle with manual transmission.
  • Etiquette: Though he sometimes comes across as ignorant and disdainful, Tybalt knows his way around social circles. Thanks in part to a Toreador acquaintance he once had, as well as his human upbringing, he has been to his fair share of high profile social events.
  • Firearms: Tybalt is extremely competent with firearms. Thanks to a military background that began in his teen years, and his many years spent fighting for survival after his Embrace, Tybalt has the skill to be a gun for hire.
  • Larceny: He's not unfamiliar with breaking in and entering a house - opening locked windows and doors is a simple task, so long as they aren't anything with too much security.
  • Melee: His upbringing afforded him practice in both hand-to-hand and fencing. His Embrace forced him to learn skills far beyond his training, and as a result he has become so proficient in melee combat as to be more formidable than a trained combat unit. (Note: Some of this skill was learned more through practice than actual training. You tend to learn certain things when you have to fight for your life on a regular basis.)
  • Stealth: Tybalt has little difficulty finding and stalking prey. He is well practiced in using shadows or darkness to hide from or pursue a target, or even escape someone or something that might be pursuing him.
  • Survival: After abandoning his luxurious family life, and because he spent many years following his Embrace with no help or Guidance, Tybalt had to learn to fend for himself. As a result, he has the knowledge needed to survive in harsh environments and circumstances, as well as procure for himself the sustenance he needs in even the worst of conditions.

  • Law:  He studied a little bit of law when he was younger and is vaguely familiar with local laws. Essentially, he knows what rules to break, bend, or follow.
  • Linguistics: He is fluent in German and can manage in somewhat-broken English.
  • Politics: He is exceptionally knowledgeable about politics, particularly those of 1930s Germany.
  • Computer: He is proficient enough with a computer to be able to navigate both standard operating systems, internet related functions, as well as a command line prompt.


  • Potence: Inherited from his maker, Tybalt has the ability to leap farther and strike with impressive force. Essentially, he takes brute strength and makes an art of it that can strike both awe and terror into those that witness it. And a fair amount of pain to go along with it.
  • Presence: This grants him a supernatural ability to attract others, a skill he often used in his post-turning continuation of his prostitution trade. The ability to attract or compell can be used on multiple targets at once and doesn't require eye contact. Other vampires have a higher chance at detecting and resisting this than other beings. This also causes Tybalt to stand out a little and draw interest and attention. 
  • Fortitude: Tybalt is able to soak damage that other vampires find difficult to resist: vampire bites, werewolf claws, magical effects, fire, sunlight, or massive physical trauma. He is by no means immune to any of these things, just somewhat able to withstand them for a time.


  • Herd: Tybalt once had a herd of three drug/alcohol addicted humans that he regularly fed from. These were left behind in his home system, and he has been hoping to rebuild his herd within the Outpost with minimal success.
  • Generation: Tybalt is a 9th Generation vampire, meaning his health reserves are of a decent size. He can potentially withstand a great deal of damage, and is also able to heal that damage twice as quickly than other vampires if need be.
  • Resources: Though these were left behind in his home system, Tybalt once had a small apartment and some meager savings.


  • Conscience: Tybalt is by no means righteous, but he has a sense of right and wrong. There are things he will and won't do, and he tends to stick to them as best as he can. And above all else, he steadfastly refuses to create another vampire
  • Self-Control:  Tybalt can resist his frenzy to a degree, though he is hard pressed to do so.
  • Courage: Tybalt is quite able to face down the crap that scares the bejeebus out of him.


  • Brujah Temper: Has inherited from his maker and clan a greater difficulty in resisting frenzies.
  • Permanent Wound: His turning was brutal and violent, and following it his sire did nothing to repair the wounds she had caused him. As a result, Tybalt wakes daily with his wounds as fresh as the night he received them and he must heal them.
  • Addiction: Tybalt is somewhat addicted to feeding from humans whose blood has been tainted by drugs or alcohol. Though this is not as severe as he could be, Tybalt runs the risk of getting less nourishment from blood if he does not sate his addiction at least once a week.

Racial Information

  • Humanity: Tybalt is somewhat distanced from his humanity and thus his code of conduct is much more loose than that of the average human. With regards to his sleep cycle, he doesn't tend to rise particularly early, nor particularly late either, and is of average speed in recovering from torpor (vampire hibernation). Tybalt could enter torpor if he takes enough damage. And though he can pass as a human, it requires some amount of work to conceal his nature.
  • Baby Face: Tybalt is more human in appearance than other vampires. His skin, though paler than in life, retains a mostly-pink hue to it, and he continues to breathe (though it's not necessary), and he retains human quirks like sneezing. Should he choose to do so (and has the strength for it), he can make his heart beat. If he put care into his dress and manner, he could potentially pass off as a human.
  • Willpower: Fairly certain of himself, Tybalt is able to accomplish much of what he sets out to do, occasionally pushing himself to do things that would have otherwise been too difficult or undesirable to do. He can also use it to exert self-control when his Brujah Temper gets the better of him, though it is exceptionally draining to do so. Using willpower can put a strain on him, and should he exert himself too much in his manner, he can leave himself utterly drained.
  • Danger Sense: He has a sixth sense for danger, often able to see it coming.  Though it doesn't always work with perfect accuracy, Tybalt can sometimes tell the direction, distance, or nature of approaching danger.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Unknown Sire: He doesn't know the identity of the woman that turned him. Tybalt only knows that she was charismatic and passionate and deeply opposed to the political landscape of 1930s Germany. When she discovered his background, a violent transformation into unlife was his punishment. She was a Brujah that had turned her back on the Camarilla.
  • Passionate: Tybalt is a very big believer in minority rights. Prior to turning, he resented what his country had become, and he later resented how even his vampire fellows looked down on him for being both Brujah and abandoned. He also has a fairly strong anti-facism bend to him. If provoked on either of these passions, or should he sees something that sparks or clashes with them, he is prone to passionate and sometimes violent outbursts.
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Pre-GG Background
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2011, 04:53:47 pm »

Pre-GG Background


(Note: I tried as hard as I could to avoid turning Tybalt into a cliche. He was always created as a german man from a well-to-do family in 1930s Germany, and thus a Nazi association is unavoidable. Please keep in mind that I am in no way glorifying anything from his past.)

Born in Berlin to a wealthy family, Tybalt had an ideal childhood; his father ensured he was well educated and never left wanting. When he was young, Tybalt was forced by his father to join the Hitler Youth. Despite a lack of true belief in the cause that the group stood for, he stayed with it and excelled. Between his exemplary performance and his family connections, Tybalt was allowed to early entry to the Schutzstaffel (SS) and attained the rank of Scharführer (Squad Leader). However, by 1939, his lack of full belief in the cause turned towards disenchantment with it all and he deserted.

After deserting, Tybalt had no means by which to support himself and turned to prostitution. A year into his budding 'career', he'd found another man that bore a resemblance to him in both stature and appearance. He killed this man and dressed him up in one of his old uniforms. This effectively served to end the immediate threat of being pursued by his former comrades. Not long after this, he caught the attention of a charismatic female vampire who eventually posed as a client to get close to him. The woman intended to turn Tybalt, who looked as though he would make for an ideal companion; however, she discovered his earlier affiliations and the desire for a companion transformed into a burning rage. The last thing Tybalt remembers as a human was a hot pain in his neck followed by a deep, mind-numbing pain in his stomach.

Following his turning, Tybalt struggled to cope with what was done to him, as well as retain some sense of humanity. That first night when he awoke into his unlife, afflicted with a wound that did not want to heal and a burning thirst, he fed from and killed the first human he came across. This haunted him, but he found he could not resist feeding. The more he fed, the more a monster he felt himself become. In a desperate attempt to hold onto some facet of his past life, he continued playing the part of a prostitute, which eventually led to him developing an addiction to feeding from drug and alcohol addicts, as well as a preference for seduction as his primary means of acquiring meals.

Many years after the fall of Nazi Germany, Tybalt found himself tiring of the ageist view of the Old World Kindred and departed for the United States. With the help of an American Toreador that discerned that he belonged to the Brujah, he was adopted into his clan, though not entirely accepted. He was there for a number of years before finding himself swept away by Jauntspace twice over, only to land on the doorstep of the Gaming Guardians where he was swiftly imprisoned. He spent the next five years in a whirl of self-loathing over the course his life had taken. This eventually led him to decide recently that it was past time he attempted to regain some sense of humanity, and to that end has entered the Rehabilitation Program.
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Reference Pictures
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By Myself (Newest to Oldest)

By Others (Newest to Oldest)

Here's a link to a collection of artwork and commissions of Tybalt.
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