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Author Topic: Byron Bryant  (Read 1336 times)


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Byron Bryant
« on: October 23, 2011, 01:59:32 am »

Name: Byron Longfellow Bryant

Race: Human

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Home System: Mutants and Masterminds

Class: None, points based powers system


Supersoldier: Byron is his system's version of Captain America(with a dash of Batman, because his player could not decide which archetype he wanted Byron to be).  His Strength, Speed, Agility, and Durability, while technically all within the realm of human possibility, are all at peak human possibility.   

Magical Battery: Byron has the ability to absorb magical energy directed at or near him, and directly convert that into a boost of his physical attributes. 

Supersoldier Training: Byron has all the skills you would expect a former Supermarine to have.  These include outstanding hand to hand and firearm combat skills, stealth and recon training, tactics, as well as some piloting skills.

Superhero Training Byron, during his time as an unaware, was the United States Government Liason to a superhero team known as The Protectors.  As such he developed all the skillset a good superhero needs including.  Rooftopping, proper use of zipgrapple, Superhuman combat tactics, as well as more mundane skills such as surveillance, investigation, and intergalactic diplomacy.


Flesh and Blood: The keyword in Superhuman is human.  Byron is as vulnerable to bullets, stabbings, and giant robots as the next guy.  Provided the next guy isn't Invulnerable McBulletproof   

Absorption Limitations: Byron's ability to absorb magic is impressive, but finite, as is his body's ability to process that energy.  In short if he tries to absorb too much, it can have severe consequences.


Shooty Byron's signature weapon.  It's a simple Pump Action Shotgun capable of firing a multitude of specialized ammunition.  It's unusual name comes from the, perhaps unwise, decision to allow his three year old (at the time) daughter to name the gun.

Double Blasters Byron also has a matched set of Star Wars Blaster Pistols, with the stun settings taken out, and replaced with Guardian Neurolaser technology instead.

Collapseable staff Byron likes to claim J. Michael Strazinski stole the design from him, but he is probably lying.  Byron's version has a powerful stungun on one end, with an adjustable powersetting that at max is capable of downing a medium strength Super.

webbelt of tricks The Standard Batmanripoff array of minimoke pellets, miniexplosives, miniteargass pellets, and other sundry.

armor Byron's bodyarmor is a blend of Monocrys and Galactanium (His Systems SUPERMETAL OF POWER), it is highly impact and bullet resistant

Appearance:  Byron is a tall man with Chocolate brown hair that is just slightly starting to go grey.  He has a superhero's build, and as such has more muscles than is anatomically possible.  He talks in a thick southern accent, due to his growing up on a farm in Vidalia, Georgia.  His constant companion is a brown London Fog duster that was a gift from his wife.