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Author Topic: My Characters  (Read 1473 times)


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My Characters
« on: October 20, 2011, 01:34:22 pm »

Although he appears to be a humanoid statue made of grey metal, Patrick was born a human. His monochromatic face is surprisingly expressive, and his eyes are a dark brown, the change startling from the rest of his body. He moves with an almost liquid grace and a speed no mortal can match.

Name: Patrick Bancroft
Home System: GURPS Supers

Age: 26
Skin: Grey
Eyes: Brown
Hair: None
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 600 lbs.
Race: Human (Extramortal)
Build: Lean muscle, an athlete's build, with long legs
Clothing: None (no need)

Powers and Skills
Resiliency: Patrick's homogenous and metallic body is incredibly resistant to harm. Energy-based attacks, including lasers, heat/fire, and electricity, are especially ineffective, reflecting back at the attacker to a degree. He has proven practically immune to small-caliber arms fire and handheld weapons. In addition, when injured, his body reforms with incredible speed, and will continue to do so unless completely destroyed. Patrick also does not need to breathe, though he continues to eat and drink on a regular basis.

Speed and Flight: Patrick is highly dextrous, with a peak-human level agility. In addition, he can fly through air and space, with increasing speed in each medium.

Strength: Though his lifting capacity remains unchanged, Patrick's fists strike with the power of a man more than twice his own strength.

Police Training: Patrick has trained in police procedures and techniques, criminology, and law. He is in the process of learning the laws of the Primary system as well as the Gaming Guardians.

Combat Training: As a part of his law enforcement training, Patrick learned the basics of combat technique such as taking cover and keeping track of lines of sight. He also became a highly adept boxer, thanks in large part to his incredible agility and precision.

Magic: Magic is rare in Patrick's home system. As such, it appears that Patrick's incredible resilience is of limited effect against magical attacks, and non-physical magical effects (such as illusions or enchantment) are very difficult for Patrick to resist.

Honesty: Patrick is a cop at heart. As such, he's always doing his best to protect civilians, even if it means letting a criminal escape for now. He doesn't like to break the rules or tell blatant lies. When he first arrived in Gamer's End, he was in many ways naive due to the four-color tendencies of his home system, but has since grown wiser.

Unfettered: Patrick prefers not to keep equipment on his person, and will resist attempts to provide him with such. He does appreciate possessions (especially a nice bed) but avoids taking anything on patrol. Since joining the Guardians, he has accepted that a conversion matrix and jaunt beacon are integral parts of the job, but still doesn't like having to use them.

History: As covered below, Patrick is still looking for his girlfriend, and will obsessively follow any lead of her existence. Also, he disapproves of mad science and dislikes and distrusts computers.

Patrick's four-color home system has greatly influenced his outlook and personality. The place seems to have been a mix of 1940's and 50's Golden Age comics and over-the-top 1980's cop action movies. As such, Patrick is always polite to his colleagues, especially women, but never hesitates to employ force against anyone he perceives as criminal. He is honest and likes to follow orders, or follow the rules, but only so far as they protect people. He tends not to use nicknames, but given the variety of naming conventions in the Outpost this sometimes gets complicated. There's not much that can make Patrick angry, and when it does happen he is more prone to brooding than explosive outbursts.

As many humans in his system do, Patrick developed superpowers at puberty, transforming into a solid block of living metal. He raced through high school and joined the Extramortal Enforcement Bureau, responsible for policing the supervillains and other out-of-control extramortals of the galaxy.
His archnemesis Frank Elmont (alias Dr. Calcutrex), having escaped from superprison for the fifth time, located and captured Patrick's girlfriend Kathy. In the climactic battle, as the supervillain's minions held Patrick at bay, Dr. Calcutrex activated a Warp Beam, teleporting Kathy away to an unknown location. The Beam overloaded and exploded, knocking out everyone except Patrick and allowing him to capture the mad scientist once more.
And the game was never played again. The players never returned, but Patrick's desire to find his lost girlfriend brought him to Gamer's End. He has since joined the Gaming Guardians.
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My Character (just the one)

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Re: My Characters
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2011, 01:49:27 pm »

Home System stats:

1000 points, 100-point disadvantage cap

ST 14 (HP 14)
DX 20
IQ 13 (Will 15, Per 13)
HT 16 (FP 16)

Basic Speed 9, Basic Move 12

Combat Reflexes
Damage Resistance 25 (Reflective, Can't Wear Armor, Inaccurate (-1), Limited (non-magical burning))
Damage Resistance 20 (Can't Wear Armor, Semi-Ablative, Tough Skin)
Doesn't Breathe
Enhanced Move (Air) 1
Enhanced Move (Space) 4
Flight (Space Flight)
High Pain Tolerance
Immunity (Sickness)
Injury Tolerance (Homogenous, no blood, brain, or vitals)
Legal Enforcement Powers 2
Regeneration (Very Fast)
Striking ST 16
Universal Digestion
Unkillable 1
Vacuum Support

Honesty (12 or less)
Magic Susceptibility (-5)
Obsession (find lost girlfriend) (9 or less)
Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents)
Sense of Duty (Civilians)
Vulnerability (Magic) (x2)

Disapproves of mad science
Dislikes computers
Distinctive Features (naked silver man)
Likes having his picture taken

Skills & Techniques:
Detect Lies-12
Law (EEB)-12
Law (Gaming Guardians)-12
Savior-Faire (Police)-13
TA (Boxing Punch/Face)-18
TA (Boxing Uppercut/Face)-18
Uppercut (Boxing)-21

Damage (uppercut): 3d+3 cr, Reach C
Damage (kick): 3d cr, Reach C, 1 (effective skill 18)
Boxing Parry 14, Dodge 13
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My Character (just the one)

...Smashing the stereotype one Shrek at a time. Stupid green pudgeball.