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Author Topic: Report Thread  (Read 21355 times)


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #60 on: February 24, 2012, 06:58:19 pm »

Title: Therapy Recommendation
Author: Tiernan Barimen
Type: Medical Report
Date: February 2012
Access Level: Medical Personnel, Rehab Officers, Known Outpost Therapists

During my last examination of Kiara Snowshoe, I accidentally triggered a mental connection with her. Though I don't know how this happened, the end result was that I learned of a deep and hidden trauma that I believe is affecting Kiara's day to day life.

Some time ago, she encountered a large, 40 foot tall dragon who brutally killed friends and comrades of hers. I don't know who this dragon is as I didn't learn his identity while I was watching the memory unfold, but knowing who he is is secondary to the problem at hand, that being Kiara's mental trauma. Within her mind, this trauma takes the form of repeated nightmares in which she is hunted relentlessly by the dragon. It's my belief that this mental 'hide and seek' is the cause for her outwardly hyper and absent-minded demeanor.

This trauma needs to be dealt with, and soon. It's my recommendation as an apprentice worker in Medical that she immediately see a therapist. I'm by no means qualified for that job, but if there's no one available to take it on I'll see what I can do. One way or another, she needs help.

OOC: This report is meant to act as an open call for anyone interested to sit down and talk things through with Kiara. It could make for an interesting roleplay session and rather than simply do it myself, I would like to offer others the chance.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #61 on: March 20, 2012, 03:48:33 pm »

Title: Fireball in the Lounge
Type: Incident Report
Date: March 2012
Access Level: All
Author: Rath Azuredawn

Yesterday there was an incident in the lounge involving Scrae Cesoerdo, Braelyn Renvares, and myself. It started when I was giving a visitor’s tour to Braelyn, and when we entered the lounge to get some refreshments Scrae was there.

I tried to keep thinks peaceable, but Braelyn deliberately set out to antagonize Scrae, and Scrae refused repeatedly to leave the room.

It was inevitable that things would get out of hand. Scrae cast a fireball at Braelyn which knocked him unconscious and made him spend some time in medical. Scrae then took out a dagger and was going to inflict further harm, after failing to just knock him through a portal (which would have redirected him to the sublevels) he swung at me with his free hand –which I then grabbed and used it to flip him over me.

When he was in midair I teleported us both, and the teleport redirected both of us to sublevel four. I proceeded to sustain heavy damage while being in contact with the reality anchors down there and had to be emergency jaunted directly to medical.

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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #62 on: May 21, 2012, 12:24:45 pm »

Title:  Azuredawn Report
Author: Taross Blackburn, GSS Administration, Intelligence.
Type: Situation Report
Date: May 2012
Access Level: Restricted.
Access levels who can actually get to the information will be in italics. No information is available via network freely due to its sensitive nature.
Only accessible to GDH and up
I have come to the conclusion that I do not quite know how to start this report. I will try to make this as objective as possible, but due to the nature of some parts of this, I am going to have to restrict access to parts of this writing heavily.

Status report on Azuredawn and Chaliceborn
Access level: All, named signout required.

This report is for additional information regarding the situation around the Azuredawn and one of the people connected to the Chaliceborn. It is a truncated report of the events that happened near the end of April.
I was heading into my office in the morning when the doorway leading into it was replaced by a corridor of multiple doors. All of these lead to a rather familiar location, being the Azuredawn itself.
At that location I was confronted by the personification of the system. It required help dealing with an internal fraction between the ones governing its major functions and features, and a small cult that had sprung up around my first appearance in the Azuredawn due to Casters machinations.
The ‘Branches’of the Azuredawn are apparently people it has consumed and made a part of itself. They apparently appear back inside the system as a part OF the system . They are able to act autonomously, are usually aware but cannot exist outside of the Azuredawn without decaying immediately. They are also somewhat like personifications of a feature of the system itself.
I will elaborate more on them later.
The initial crisis between the Branches was easily averted, mostly due to being able to rally behind a common cause. Existance of the Azuredawn and dealing with Caster, who was apparently supposed to appear in the Azuredawn again soon.
When Caster arrived, it was apparently with two additional ‘guests’. The Guardians Dathiel and Tiernan. It seemed to be Casters intent to have Dathiel devoured by the Azuredawn like she had abandoned me earlier and to corrupt Tiernan into becoming an ally of hers.
Thankfully, she removed Tiernans CM, not knowing it would free him to use his full abilities and with the help of the Branches and some verbal manipulation we were able to confine Caster in a safe place and convince her to ‘take a vacation’ from the entire conflict indefinitely.
For the time being this makes Caster no longer a threat in the Chaliceborn conflict and I can tell with certainty when this will change again.

Access level: All, named signout required
From my conversation with the Azuredawn itself I have come to the frightening conclusion that the Grail might have attempted to create its own SSR to try and control as a weapon against the Guardians. It has, however, become as uncontrollable to it as it had become in our own time and likewise required an Amberites Death Curse to put a leash on it.
This Amberite was Caster and the Death Curse is basically the only shell that keeps the Azuredawn confined. The inhabitants call it the Weave. It is the basic structure of the system; its timestream, its physics, its geography… Due to her curse Caster has full control over all of these at the same time, overriding the power of the different Branches when she is near enough to them.
Likewise the Branches themselves can control this, but each of them excelling at one aspect and assuming total control over it in their direct vicinity.
Following is a short list of names and appearances of the Branches, with the parts that I have witnessed they have control over.

Engineer (Ginny): A young woman dressed in a green and white overall. Suspect she used to be an alternate reality Guardian. I believe she has control over geography of Azuredawn.
Architect: An anthropomorphic red fox. It seems he controls ‘Fate’ inside the Azuredawn, most likely the ‘main’ timeline the Azuredawn follows inside its myriad of co-existing timelines and possibilities.
Smith: A fiery-haired giant. All I know of him is that he is an artificer.
Bishop: A large, black-skinned,  blue-haired troll who appears like he belongs in the Warcraft universe. Influence unknown.
Muse: A purple and yellow furred kitten. Influence unknown.
Lock-Maker: An elderly woman with vampiric seeming traits. Influence unknown. Although she seems to be able to prevent people and/or items from being devoured by the Azuredawn.
Singer: A girl bearing angelic features and big black wings, a crown of like feathers, red eyes and silver hair. Influence unknown
Carpenter: A small, pink fuzzy humanoid. Mostly reckognisable by the big yellow and orange hardhat. Influence unknown but probably responsible for actual architecture.
Maid: A small humanlike girl with gold eyes, large glasses and purple hair. Influence unknown.
Path-Maker: An elderly man with a large dragonshaped cane. He seems responsible for doorways in and out of Azuredawn, as well as being able to warp distances between two points within the Azuredawn.

Access level: All, named signout required

While Caster is currently out of the picture, she is still considered to be a threat. Her greatest liability is that we can NOT do away with her permanently in any manner or risk total annihilation of all life currently on Azuredawn and setting free a system devouring entity. I will not stand for the former and nobody wants the latter.

Azuredawn itself doesn't seem to care much other than for its own continued existance.

The Branches, as the inhabitants in Azuredawn with the most clout, are reasonably neutral.
While some of them are friendly, the majority is liable to be mistrustful of any unannounced strangers and they will fight any upsetting of the current Status Quo. It is important to remember that they can not exist without or even outside the Azuredawn, so they will be very defensive against anything that would compromise them.
Engineer at least can be seen and treated as friendly.

This is sensitive information about Rath. As such, it is not meant to become widely spread.
The Azuredawn told me it needs to devour things on a regular basis. It can devour things from its own System usually and by doing so it appears they end up back inside it, creating a paradox and it can then devour THAT and achieve a period of rest. This is mostly speculation on my part and should not be held as rule.
All I do know is that when I ended up there the first time, should Caster have succeeded in letting me be devoured, it would’ve created a paradox inside of the Azuredawn that it could NOT devour and leave it at the mercy to be directed and controlled by outside forces.
It also devours ‘Anchors’; Alternate-universe versions of itself apparently. It may be that it hunts for versions of the main personality that was used to create the Azuredawn with. When it  devours these, they may end up as Branches as well, but it seems to allow the system to anchor itself in reality. Rath appears to be this Anchor. And he has been devoured. He also chose to remain outside the Azuredawn afterwards for his own reasons and as such it appears that the Azuredawn has been more or less anchored near Primary. Someone with the knowledge and capability of influencing the Azuredawn, like Caster, can apparently access the system when close enough to Rath despite being blocked by an ACM.
I would like, though, to stress Raths’ right to privacy and personal space and keep this information restricted. I also don’t think he needs to be put under observation.

What really happened
Needless to say that the things described earlier weren’t the only events that took place.
It appears that my first trip into the Azuredawn had sparked a following of its smaller and more prolific inhabitants, believing me to be a deity of sorts. My obvious and heavy-handed manipulation of the forces of Chance against Caster, trying to prevent her escape from the sublevels had apparently affected more than just her. The strange time-line mixing that goes on inside the Azuredawn itself had the rippling effect of practically immediately proliferating a complete following of worshippers, priests and even a paladin to my cause. It appeared that an earlier accidental brush with godhood in another System had left its marks and was re-awakened with all this belief going around.
The weeks after I have tried to come to grips with this when I was back at the Outpost, and it led me to believe that something like this happening twice could not be just a coincidence. Also on a more practical note. Seeing that the Grail itself is afraid of the Azuredawn, I figured that an actual foothold inside it would be to the Guardians advantage.
My being pulled back into the system by the Azuredawn itself was a call to step up to my responsibilities. It posed me the choice that I either buck up and be the Godess that its inhabitants were praying for me to be, or it would eject me from itself and devour each and every last trace of the religion. Effectively committing mass genocide on a sentient race and quite possibly one or more of its own Branches.
At least it seems that Ginny, Engineer, is an active Paladin to my cause.
My actions inside the Azuredawn have seemed to elevate me to the actual status of a deity. I haven’t gotten a handle of what my power is, or the potential that I can achieve, but I have discovered that there is an actual heaven that my followers can get into. Alternatively, it appears that ‘Hell’ is quite simply being eaten by Azuredawn…
Together with Tiernan, we managed to convince Caster to actually go –physically- into my heaven, where she would be able to rest from the side-effects of her own Death Curse, the conflict she was being used in by the Chaliceborn and to find ‘Entertainment’. I am quite certain that the plane she is in will provide any entertainment and cater to whatever she feels she needs, but I have been loathe to even try and go there myself. I think I am able to go into my own ‘heaven’ at will and walk around in whatever accommodation that it’s provided for my followers and guest. But at this point I’m still worried that my appearance there will drive Caster to leave again and rejoin the conflict.
It is my intent that if I am able to, and as soon as I figure out how, to change the perception of time around Caster to make sure that I can keep her occupied as long as possible. The reason for this is that we were not able to actually ‘kill’ her and keep her soul inside. So as a living Amberite she has the ability to just Shadow-walk out again when she gets bored.
Tiernan and I have discovered that it’s her Death Curse that keeps Azuredawn reigned in where it is now. I think that part of its plan when it pulled me in to deal with my responsibility was not only to fix its own internal fracturing, but also to try and break free from its confines.
Whenever Caster dies, as long as her Death Curse is in place, she will be put into a new body to continue living. Had we killed her, she would’ve just entered a new body and gone on with her crusade. Had we killed her and had I ferried her soul into my heaven, the Death Curse would’ve been broken. Azuredawn would then have devoured its shell, its inhabitants and Branches and most likely Tiernan and me as well and we’d have a loose system-devouring entity on our hands. Very much alike the SSR, only different in that it doesn’t corrupt and incorporate other systems into itself, but just devours them and moves on until there’s nothing left to devour.

This basically put a Sword of Damocles over our collective heads.
It’s unlikely that the Grail or anyone affiliated with it will deliberately break the Weave put around Azuredawn. The basic reasoning behind this is that the Grail is afraid of its creation, can apparently not undo it and will probably be consumed along with the rest of us if it let it go free.
We can’t permanently do away with Caster either, due to the same reason. I see no way currently to stop the Azuredawn if it breaks free and I do NOT want to even think about the suggestion of damming it in in the same way it has been done now.

I have not yet tested or attempted any outside limitation on my potential ability. For the same reasons that I don’t yet want to wander around where I might encounter Caster, I also don’t want to risk shutting down any connections between my followers and myself and risk expelling Caster. I admit that I haven’t gotten any idea on how to work with this yet, other than the sensation that the ‘pool’ of my abilities within my sphere is now more of a reservoir behind a dam. It’s not much of a metaphor, but it’s the best way I’ve found to describe it with.
I know I have also already made the recommendation, but I’d like to repeat this in this report. I would consider allowing Tiernan more of his ability as an Amberite at his disposal. We should be able to trust him to use them responsibly and he pretty obviously needs them to defend against assault. As an Amberite I feel he will be marked as a more primary target by our opponents. If he should still be monitored for rehabilitiation purposes, I would suggest the following:
-   Non invasive CM
-   Set to allow his abilities, but able to return to his previous restrictions if activated
-   Set to transport to a lower level security (albeit dampened) when tampered with or removed.
These measures should suffice.

For myself, I will submit myself to monitoring and/or testing of my ability –potential and limitations- insofar I can be guaranteed that I will not be completely blocked/nullified during this. I don’t think I have to repeat my worries about these risks.
---------- End of report ----------

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