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Author Topic: Report Thread  (Read 21353 times)


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #30 on: July 27, 2009, 10:13:47 pm »

Transcript of recent text messages to and from Jack
To: Drathari Telperien

((Jack has volunteered to have his text messages watched to help with capturing Carmine.  After asking Drathari for advice, he decided to try to find out more about Basti))

Jack: "I'm nervous about Basti. How do you know she won't find a way to get to me?"
Carmine: "I am keeping her attention elsewhere. And I've been careful not to mention her to you."
Jack: "What do you mean elsewhere?"
Carmine: "Oh Jack, Jack, you know I can't tell you that. I'd be without my fun if I did."
Jack: "Knowing that murderous half breed is out there isn't fun for me. Is she still in Primary?"
Carmine: "I'm not sure at the moment. She comes and goes as she pleases. Right now I'm alone...well...as alone as I can be."
Jack: "She'll figure out I'm here eventually. She found the other half breed"
Carmine: "That's because I told her to go look for him."
Jack: "You did? Because I told you about him before?"
Carmine: "Something like that, yes. I thought it would be entertaining!"
Jack: "It is kind of funny. Too bad she didn't do a better job, though."
Carmine: "She yet lives, so there'll be a chance to do better in the future. A man can dream, a man can dream."
Jack: "You do have the Guardians pretty wound up. They're pissed at Sukh Ra too."
Carmine: "Oh, good! Jack, my boy, you just made my day. Thank you for that. And you? I hope I haven't worried you too much."
Jack: "Of course I'm worried. You've pissed them off big time. What am I going to do if they find you?"
Carmine: "...come with them. If they do find me and you're there, they might not be so quick to kill me."
Jack is so glad that his surprise can't be read over text. "I don't think that would stop them."
Carmine: "...would they really kill me in front of you, do you think?"
Jack: "I don't know. But it's not like they care what I think."
Carmine: "They should care if you're stuck with them for a while yet."
Jack: "Half of them hate me. They just let me be here because of Sukh Ra."
Carmine: "But still, you're alive. And you do have friends there!"
Jack: "A couple. Maya would come with me if I left."
Carmine: "And Vincent?"
Jack: "I don't know. He's got other people he wouldn't leave behind."
Carmine: "Maybe someday you...and Maya..."
Jack: "Yeah, if you survive until I'm out of Rehab, like you said."
Carmine: "I'll try my best Jack. I'd like to see you again."
Jack: "I want to see you too. I don't like having to wait."
Carmine: "Jack, if things work out, maybe...ah, never mind.""
Jack: "What? You can't just start saying something and then say never mind."
Carmine: "Sure I can. I just did! You never liked hearing everything I had to say, anyway."
Jack: "You're being difficult on purpose. If it's something that affects me, I want to know!"
Carmine: "I'll let you know later. Right now it's but a thought! Just a thought, nothing more."
Jack: "I know you're trying to aggravate me. You wouldn't have sent the text if you didn't want me to ask."
Carmine: "I'll tell you more when there's more to tell."
Jack: "Alright, fine. I know I didn't used to want to know all the details, it's just now I don't see you and I'm worried."
Carmine: "I survived your brother. So have some faith that I'll be all right in this too."
Jack: "Alright. It's just not easy, waiting to see what happens."
Carmine: "You get used to it given time."
Jack: "I'm tired of getting used to things I don't like."
Carmine: "I'm sorry."
Jack: "Well, I'll deal with it."
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #31 on: July 29, 2009, 01:53:02 am »

Recovery of Machaira
Attached: Report from previous mission, Logs

Last night, a team was sent to rescue Guardian Mariya Demordenaar and unaware PC Shadow Puncher.  They displayed excellent teamwork and were able to get into the hideout of the kidnappers with no injury to themselves and minimal interaction with the NPCs of the system.  Demordenaar is now safely back at the Outpost and Shadow Puncher has been returned to the club Silk, where there should be enough protections to keep him safe from further attacks.

Demordenaar has reported that the kidnappers were members of the actual group known as The Fellowship.  They appeared to be concerned about the presence of a power creature like a blue dragon in the city.  They also questioned her about Sukh Ra and who she was working with.  She kept her answers vague and noncommittal. 

Shadow Puncher will still need to be interviewed to determine what he learned and shared with The Fellowship.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #32 on: August 02, 2009, 03:28:39 am »

The hunt for Ithaqua
Attached Mission Log

Several weeks ago, a group of teens were discovered to be using actual magic from a Call of Cthulhu system.  They were attempting to summon one of the Old Ones called Ithaqua.  A team was sent to investigate and we thought we had put a stop to their summoning attempts.  We were working with local authorities to try to find more information about where the teens may have learned this spell but it seemed as if they had left their cultist aspirations behind.

Yesterday evening, we were alerted to a sudden change in weather in the area the cultists lived in.  A snowstorm had blown in, cutting off all communication with the city.  It was assumed that Ithaqua had been summoned after all and a team was sent to try to neutralize the threat.

The team prevailed against Ithaqua, however, it was not destroyed completely.  After taking enough damage, the god simply disperses and can reappear at another time.  While this has ended the immediate threat, a plan will still need to be put in place to find and remove Ithaqua from our system.  Mariya Demordenaar is currently working on a spell that will hopefully unsummon the creature.

Unfortunately, some poor judgment was made when the team was sent on this mission.  Gods from the Call of Cthulhu system are known for causing insanity.  Despite this, Vincent Byron was deployed with the team.  Upon seeing the god, it appears that he suffered a mental attack and left the scene, abandoning his CM and his clothing.  We have not yet been able to track him, but are making an effort to keep civilians out of the are of mountains he disappeared in.

I the town of West Vale, where Ithaqua was summoned, a dozen people were killed and twenty more injured.  This includes the four cultists that were apparently murdered by the fifth cultist.  The surviving cultist is now in custody and is being questioned.  However, he has lost his mind as a result of the summoning and so far the information we're getting is difficult to interpret.  He has said that the "Black Man" taught him the spell to summon Ithaqua and promised to return when he was succesful. 

The Black Man is another name for Nyarlathotep, or the Crawling Chaos, the only of the Elder Gods to show intelligence.  We are dedicating resources to trying to discover if he really is in Primary.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #33 on: August 03, 2009, 01:22:05 am »

Report on Samael, aka, Lucifer
Attached: Samael's capture
Jenny Wren's interview with Samael containing also a conversation Samael had with prisoner Varadas.

Samael was first encountered with Carmine's duplicate in one of Carmine's hideouts.  He escaped at that time, but was found again by Jenny Wren when she was making rounds to local gaming shops.  He was controlling the customers of the store, trying to get them to create worlds for him, as he later admitted.  He tried to capture Wren, but she called for backup and the team was able to bring him in.

Samael is currently in sublevel 4.  He had several magical objects on him that have been put into quarantine, including a black cane with a red stone at the top which appears to act as an unholy weapon and cause harm on contact, a ring of protection +5, bracers of armor +6 and a large, black sapphire. 

Samael can be identified as a very powerful, lawful evil baatezu.  He has shown that he has several spell-like abilities as well as the ability to cast clerical spells.  Among them are the ability to control people through a suggestion-like ability, a slow-like ability, greater teleport, and the spells mass heal, shield of law and deeper darkness.  Based on the information we have been able to gather, it appears that Samael is an aspect of Asmodeus, a powerful devil and lord of the nine Hells.  Aspects are not the actual creatures themselves, but avatars players are more likely to encounter.  Urban Arcana is populated by creatures that "fell through" from a more AD&D-like world, and they generally forget who they were originally.  This aspect probably took on the role of Lucifer when he came through to the Urban Arcana system because of his lack of memories.

Jenny Wren has interviewed the prisoner.  Samael appears to play the part of Lucifer in his system.  He confirmed that he was made aware by Basti and has said that he intended to leave his system permanently.  He showed interest in the creation of other systems.  He accused the GG of putting Sukh Ra in his current position and explained that Sukh Ra has declared war on Hell. 

Jenn Wren recommends that we try to wipe Samael's memories and return him to home because he is such an important figure there and his absence will probably destabilize the system.  If returning him is not possible, she recommends we retrieve anyone we don't feel we can lose from the system and find a way to seal it from jaunting in or out so that it can self-destruct and won't affect other systems.

Monitoring of the system shows that it has started experiencing some instability, but nothing severe as of yet.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #34 on: August 04, 2009, 07:41:12 pm »

Report on Wharf Mission
Attached: Mission Log
This report is a week late. I have been busy and forgetful!

Nekane, Void, and Ocelico participated in a quick-response mission at a Primary City wharf. They were sent in response to a sensor hidden in one of Carmine Cesoerdo's known hideouts. There, they encountered what was later determined to be a double of the man himself, as well as a blonde-haired man and three disguised Vrock. After a short fight, the blonde-haired man escaped via teleport, leaving the Carmine double and the vrock behind. They were all killed, though interestingly enough the Carmine double died as a result of self-destructing and not due to Guardian action.

Void attempted to trace the teleport and, while he could not determine the exact location of said teleport, he was able to determine that it was within the limits of Primary City. This leads us to believe that Carmine himself may actually be in the city, and a search has been initiated.

OOC: Berraine has been pattern-scrying all of Primary City. As of this posting, he has figured out that by blanketing the entire city in a search, there will be various locations that will come up as "blanks" in his scrying. He has determined that Carmine is likely hiding in one of these "blank" spots.  Most of these spots should be known to him - the Outpost, Val and Scrae's apartment, 'Rynth, Drathari's home, etc, thus making it a matter of combing through the few unknowns to find Carmine.


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #35 on: August 06, 2009, 04:43:54 am »

Medical Report: Basti
Available to all GSS and above and involved medical staff
Attached: Mission Log

Yesterday, the half-succubus, half-Div creature called Basti was captured and is now being held in sublevel four.  At Val Cesoerdo's request, a pregnancy test was administered shortly after her capture, based on her telling him that she was pregnant.  The first test was positive and further tests were ordered.

We can say without a doubt that Basti is pregnant.  Assuming that her pregnancy would be similar to a human pregnancy, she has been pregnant for about a month.  DNA testing was done to test her claim that the father is Carmine Cesoerdo.  Based on the DNA we have on file, there is enough evidence to confirm that she is telling the truth. 

Basti claims that the child cannot be brought to term without magic.  We cannot say for certain whether this is true or not.  Right now, the mother and fetus appear to be healthy.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #36 on: September 11, 2009, 11:59:19 pm »

Report: Red Queen and the Celestial Project
From: GSC-Sec Munro

After the discovery of the Spiral facility under Maqad, in System SCC-20881X, we're still trying to gain insight into their motives. The huge device and Celestial sarcophagus we discovered were the only items remaining in the Spiral base after the apparent evacuation. Two combat zombies were also recovered, as were the bodies of an unidentified Sentry unit and four Spiral soldiers, identified as PFC Darren Wyland, CPL Ron Capertine, SPC Michael Harris, and PFC Zachary Paltrew, callsigns Echo 5, 1, 3, and 6 respectively.

The device in the facility was apparently some sort of massive power generator, and surprisingly enough the glowing bluish substance contained within was actually Gaia spirit energy from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Essentially, the device was a soul-powered generator, able to emit a tremendous amount of power. The Celestial artifact hooked to the generator was identified by the Celestial, Harmonious Change, as being a Sarcophagus, an ancient object Celestials used to hold themselves in stasis. It was empty. Harmonious Change further expressed surprise at noting that the device was apparently made by The Hierophant, although the Celestial was unable to identify the being the Sarcophagus once held. It believes that the Gaia generator was used to empower the being held inside the Sarcophagus to 'wake it up'. If this is true, the Spiral may have a powerful Celestial being under their service.

Intel is currently looking into the System further to find additional clues.


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #37 on: September 12, 2009, 08:21:05 pm »

Report: Felsenburg Infiltration
From: GFC-Sec Calloway

Despite unusual anomalies resulting in.. scrambling of body parts of the team members sent in, the foray into Felsenburg in System SCC-20881X was a success. The Spiral had set up a research lab in the basement of the Frienke Building, under front of a company called Gewundene Forschung. Numerous files detailing their operations in the System were recovered, as well as project data for not only the Sarcophagus recovered in Maqad but also information regarding the sand-filled orb recovered in Felsenburg. Further, a bound spectre was destroyed, and the Spiral agent Red Queen, Katerie Mercer, was also captured.

Mercer's interrogation by Achelea was inconclusive, the only information learned was that she was a soccer forward for Ermor University, though her system of origin-- if indeed she is Systemite-- is unknown. Mercer's equipment recovered included a Semi Rifle, two Submachine Guns, and a Handgun from S4 League, all high-tech and powerful versions of traditional modern firearms, and her garments all appeared to be some high-tech fiber weave that could take bullet and knife impacts with minimal injury to the wearer. The mechanism by which Mercer created the large geometric blue shield employed in the Maqad encounter has not been recovered.

The project notes and data indicate that the Celestial sarcophagus was recovered by the Spiral from an Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem system, in Ankor Sur Cambodia. They received instructions from an unnamed individual to create the Gaia generator and empower the sarcophagus, waking up the creature within. The notes seem to indicate that it is a Celestial-like creature, but lacks detailed notes of its abilities and description. It left behind the sand-orb described above, which seems to indeed be a nascent Celestial. They were studying it apparently with intent on learning how to create additional Celestials.

The 'baby' Celestial is currently being held in quarantine until we figure out what to do with it.

Capt Wingnut

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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #38 on: November 17, 2009, 10:17:32 pm »

Report: Anomalies in home system. Modified Crimson Skies comic, system satalite of $comic hero system.
From: Former-Powergamer Capt. Tod "Wingnut" O'Andra

During a normal trip to my home system several audio and visual anomalies where noted.

*Distorted air that gives the impression of looking through rippling water.
*Sound that bottomed out or become unbareble loud.
*Strange lights both at night and during the day.
*Unseasonal weather patterns being talked about by locals.(Did not witness this myself, but my crew have seen it themselves.)
*Unusual amounts of St. Elmo's fire usualy following or preceding one of the events listed above.

These effects seem to have started roughly two weeks ago and have gotten worse according to my crew. These effects appear to be centured somewhere in the midwest to west coast of the former United Stats and are being widely noticed by unaware system natives. Lastly I was forced to cut my trip short do to my CM acting up after geting too close to one of these events, note my crew is unaware and still believe me to be human.

I will be filing the proper requests for scans and possable probe deployment. This may require people to enter the system directly to emplace probes.


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #39 on: November 28, 2009, 01:00:43 am »

((Follow up.  For my Aussiepost RP I had on Tuesday.  If I remember, I may post it to LJ.  We shall see.))

Findings from the raid on the Istanbul warehouse.

The Shipping Invoices:
About a year’s worth of invoices were found in the warehouse.  They listed hundreds of animals that had passed through the warehouse from different origins all over the world.  Some were recognizable as Primarian animals, but quite a few were listed as “unknown.”  There were a few references to creatures and people that would have had to come from systems, such as minotaurs, various World of Warcraft creatures, and elves.  None of the invoices had real names on them, but seemed to have codenames for who the cargo was to be shipped to.  The vast majority were earmarked for “The Philanthropist.”

Addresses were also not listed.  However another name that was seen frequently was “Hunter” and a search through the files of the office computer found further references to that name and a URL related to it.  “Hunter” appears to be an artist who lives in Nimibia, Africa.  She sells hand crafted items out of materials that are supposed to imitate the hide and other parts of World of Warcraft animals.  Currently, an investigation is happening to try to locate the artist’s real name and address.

Confiscated Animals:
Most of the animals found in the warehouse were Primarian birds, all from Australia and many of them on protected or endangered species lists.  Australia has very strict laws about exporting wild caught birds and it is suspected that these animals were poached illegally.  Efforts will be taken to rehabilitate the birds and return them to the wild.

There were also Primarian lizards, snakes, fish and various arthropods in the truck that attempted to make a delivery to the warehouse.  Those that could be identified are native to the Amazon region. 

There were two chocobo, one of which was dead on arrival, and a kodo (from World of Warcraft) in the warehouse as well.  The kodo had been tagged for delivery to “Hunter.”

Arrested Suspects:
The two suspects who were captured while trying to make a delivery to the warehouse are Turkish citizens; Mesut Inonu and Yildirim Yilmaz.  Both men admitted to having delivered things to this warehouse and elsewhere in the Istanbul area for a man they only know of as Ali.  Ali is employed by the Philanthropist to organize the capture, sale and delivery of exotic animals and systemites.  We have acquired a list of places and names which will hopefully give us more information.

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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #40 on: April 07, 2010, 05:27:52 am »

((Follow up report to my Charm system Missions. The logs can be found here and here.))

Intelligence Report on the Memory probe and follow ups
Available to GSC and above

Upon retrieval of Evans Randarch and his associate, Relc Malvis, they were brought to Medical to be examined as they were apparently the victims of an assault of an unknown female. This female was noted to be demonstrating phasing powers. They are unknown if these are natural or artificial powers for this person.  After the completion of the examination of the two professors it was found, determined, and confirmed that all memories regarding their portal research into the mysterious 'blob' creature have been completely erased from their memories, as well as all memories of the woman that was seen accosting the one professor by two of our Guardians. All attempts to recover the lost memories have failed.  Based upon this evidence it is believed that the woman has powerful telepathic abilities in addition to her phasic powers.

After a few more minor follow ups it appears that any and all traces of the portal research and the 'blob' have been removed from the system, as far as we can tell, the woman appears to the last link to these matters, and as such she has been listed as a person of interest and is to be captured alive if encountered.

Maxwell Trident
GSC Admin/Intel


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #41 on: September 27, 2010, 03:36:05 pm »

Title: Urban Arcana and Selinar (Their connection)
Type: Filed Report
Date: Summer 2010
Access Level: GFC & Above
Attachment: http://www.flickr.com/photos/llemaire/5027883665/

It was recently discovered that two previously unrelated systems, Selinar and Urban Arcana, are now connected by a shared limbo. Further to that, Selinar has moved locations in jauntspace to reside next to Urban Arcana, presumably to faciliate the connection between them. It is unknown exactly what caused this to happen, though extensive research has been able to turn up the following hypothesis:

Selinar is an extremely malleable (but stable) Dungeons and Dragons system. It has been observed in the past that it is tied somehow to system native Val Cesoerdo, though exactly how has never been fully understood. It stands to reason that, attached as it is to the son, it would also be similar attached to the father, Carmine Cesoerdo. Urban Arcana, as defined by the notes left behind by its creator, always had a vaguely defined Dungeons and Dragon sister-system. When Carmine was gifted with the powers of a Div and thus became a natural inhabitant of both systems, Selinar adopted aspects of Urban Arcana to reflect the changes done. It is believed that the change was able to happen because Carmine existed in his changed state long enough for the system to take notice and react. This served to act as a connection between the two systems. It is believed that Selinar has become the aformentioned sister-sistem through this connection and, though Carmine is now dead, remains as such. (Note: The same did not happen when Val, under the influence of an alternate persona, acquired a Candyland pattern as that power was a) not permanent and b) not in his system long enough for Selinar to react.)

Hypothesis aside, there exist some information that we can confirm as fact:

On the Urban Arcana side of limbo, there is a part that the Div can't go through - they are barred by a barrier that evil can't pass through. To them it appears like a wall of white that "only blameless souls can pass through." (Quoted from Sukh Ra.) It is beyond this point that the Selinar half of limbo exists with its own wall of white that functions similarly. Inhabitants of both systems seem unaware of the connection or that limbo extends as far as it does, though there is a general sense on the Selinar side that something exists beyond its borders. Curiously, it is as though this connection always existed; natives of Selinar behave as though this is normal, though Val indicates that this was not always so.

It's been determined that Urban Arcana is off-limits, though exception to this may be granted if circumstances dictate it. Due to the connection, Selinar has been placed in an observation-only status. Visits are discouraged, as is interference in the relationship between the two systems. Though both seem to be stable, it is believed that attempting to dislodge one from the other could result in destabilization at best and dual-destruction at worst.

OOC: This is something that Carp and I have long-since planned. Originally, it was intended that the connection would be discovered on-screen, however circumstances dictated otherwise. As existing/future plots we intend to run are somewhat dependent on this information, we decided that a report would be written. Though published to the forums in September 2010, the report itself will be dated ICly as having been written in the summer.


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #42 on: September 28, 2010, 12:38:15 am »

Title:  Field Briefing - New intelligence on the D'Twenty  (URGENT)
Type:  Compiled Report
Date:  9/24/10
Initial Access Level: GFC & Above (Admin Intelligence & SpecOps), GSS & Above (Operations), GFC & Above (Security)
Author: GSS Doctor Hugo Easton (R&D)
Document Tags: d'twenty, aware factions, jauntspace, system politics

For those in the know, I was recently in an MIA situation during an extended field study in a Palladium Cluster Rifts System (Jauntspace coordinates PLB-800-Zeta-Omega-28631/Black).  The reason for my study was to research possible constants in the fabric of Established Canon Systems that might lead to abnormally high instances of crossover events from other Systems.  My complete findings can be accessed in R&D for those of proper rank, but of possible greater importance is my discovery of new information on events transpiring within the borders of D'twenty controlled Jauntspace.  Simply put:  The D'twenty are in a state of civil war.

During our current operations, there has been a noticeable decline in D'twenty expansion and Conversion, with only isolated incidents of surprisingly small consequence since the reported invasion attempt of Gamer's End.  Since the erection of their Jauntspace Boundaries, we also have been unable to directly Jaunt into their fully controlled territories.  Our only clues as to possible developments within games run on associated rules sets have been from peripheral Systems just outside of that boundary* and the acquisition of Primary source materials.

It was this state of near-silence from Lord Jamming and his followers that led to a number of theories within Intelligence; a possible buildup was happening for a new campaign of conquest, the Empire was seeing a phase of internal renewal, that Lord Jamming was looking to form an alliance with an unknown party.  But while there is a great deal of logic in these suppositions, the truth of what I found was far more complex.

*Examples of this have been Iron Kingdoms, certain Urban Arcana shards, and Mutants & Masterminds.

The State of the D'Twenty Empire
I gained access to D'twenty space by way of a natural Jauntspace Shunt, found after investigating an incursion near my study worksite by Drone soldiers.  They had found an unstable connection from an alternate paradigm of my native World of Darkness (known in Guardians files as Monty Cooke's World of Darkness) within D'twenty space to the remote Rifts shard I was studying.  After observing evidence of infighting between the Drones, I took it upon myself to investigate what precisely was happening on the other side of that unstable Shunt.

What I found on the other side was a warzone.  Beyond the apparent natural state of metaphysical decay within the System, I found at least three separate and distinct variations of the D'Twenty performing battles against each other for control of the System.  Directly observed were those I came to know as The Loyalists, The Neo-Imperium, and The Degenerates.  Each was claiming rightful rulership of the System as a whole, using the shard I was within to carry out their war.  It was while I was investigating the Loyalist base that my presence was discovered, and I was apprehended before I could return to communications range.

It was during my time in captivity that I was  able to piece more together of the situation:
  • Within the last few years, a coup formed within the D'twenty leadership after the appearance of an individual calling himself Emperor Quatro.  The schism has been violent and severe, and made the Neo-Imperium on par with what remains of Lord Jamming's Loyalists.
  • The battles are leaving all Awares within D'twenty Jauntspace in perpetual states of struggle, with only token forces able to attempt operations beyond the boundaries.
  • The fighting has produced three other factions to form: The Pathfinder Compact, Ronin Brigade, and The Degenerates.
Further details I feel best be told on a faction summary.

The Factions
The Loyalists
Leader:  Lord Jamming*
Colors:  Purple and Blue
Strongest Held Position(s): Dungeons & Dragons, D20 Modern

These are the D'twenty and Dodecaships that still follow the creed and goals laid down by Lord Jamming since his rise in the Systems, many of the followers former Conversions from his campaign of conquest.  They remain still with very little self-direction in the lower ranks, maintaining a mostly hive intelligence in the footsolders and Drones.

The Neo-Imperium
Leader:  Emperor Quatro
Colors:  Red, Blue, Green
Strongest Held Position(s): Star Wars, Ravenloft

Patterned more on the lines of Roman legions from a military standpoint, the followers of Emperor Quatro have apparently declared a genocidal war upon D'twenty space.  None of the Core Systems taken by Quatro have remained intact, instead going through a crucible process almost similar to what happened to Old World of Darkness.  Only limited information was found, but apparently it is not enough to be converted such as what happened with Jamming, but rather that all must be torn down and rebuilt to Imperial ideals.

Pathfinder Compact
Leader:  unknown at this time
Colors:  Red and Ivory
Strongest Held Position(s): unknown at this time

The only information on the Pathfinders so far is that they seem to be composed entirely of former Core System Loyalists that rebelled.  What could be observed of those detained by Loyalists is that all show affiliation with Fantasy templates.  Further information should be sought out, and as of right now it is unknown if they could be potential allies or would just be a new danger to thee Systems at large.

Ronin Brigade  (NOTE: much of this information is based on additional scouting performed by GSS Sage Russell)
Leader:  General Othello
Colors:  Green and Black
Strongest Held Position(s): Mutants & Masterminds

Self-proclaimed freedom fighters, Ronin Brigade is a network of former D'twenty that were stationed in a series of Systems that underwent drastic edition changes in Primary.  Once the change happened and was met by wide-spread acceptance, many of those D'twenty that were stationed and converted from this System regained their independent thought.  Led by the mysterious General Othello, the Ronin organize in self-sufficient cells within their territories on the edge of D'twenty space.  As it stands now, they seem to want to act as caretakers of their Systems and are waging guerrilla warfare against invading Loyalists, Neo-Imperium, and Degenerates.  Nothing is known yet on their affiliation or competition with the Pathfinders.

The DeGenerates
Leader:  no known central leadership
Colors:  Black and Brown
Strongest Held Position(s): unknown at this time

A loose association of D'twenty either abandoned, broken free, or perhaps even rejected by Jamming and all other factions.  Called 'DeGenerates' due to their unstable nature and the practice of many of them to piece together supplies and even members from random sources.  Often considered 'poorly designed', more often than not they are most dangerous due to their unstable nature sometimes affecting Systems where they gather.  DeGenerates are sometimes given leadership by rogue D'twenty that simply see the situation as a means to grab power and have abandoned their old masters.

*There are reports that Lord Jamming has not been seen in some time, and there is a supposition that he may either be missing in battle or is undergoing repairs.  The same can be said for Radu-Radu and the rest of his closest circle.


This is a plot I have been wanting to do for some time, and saw a good chance to begin it recently.  It's based mostly on all the many changes that have happened to "d20" rules in the last few years, and each faction based on the splits that have happened to d20 and OGL games.

The Loyalists are of course representative of the games that are holding fast to D&D 3 and 3.5 rules even without core hardcopy D&D books to support them, as well as the gamers that do not want to convert for another edition change.

The Neo-Imperium is D&D 4e rules and it's rise out of the new edition of Star Wars RPG.  There really is no good way to convert old material directly from 3e to 4e, and the Imperium itself only wishes to rebuild, not convert.

The Pathfinder Compact is based on Paizo's decision to make Pathfinder RPG as a new way to keep 3/3.5e D&D games alive, especially in post Dungeon and Dragon magazine times.

Ronin Brigade is based on Green Ronin Publishing's move to make their Mutants & Masterminds game a separate system from d20 after all of the modifications they made by their 2nd edition, as well as a growingg trend I was seeing of running non-supers games with that game's rules.

The DeGenerates encompass much of the leftover "junk" supplements that Wizards sought to get rid of with their new Game Licence of D&D 4e, as well as those notoriously 'unbalancing' supplements that got released.

I'm looking to be running straight-up combat missions with this plot concept, as well as am opening the factions for other players to use if they want to try their hand at playing some NPCs.  Anyone that wishes to collaborate on this with me should feel free to PM me here on the forum or on our usual IRC channels.
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Re: Report Thread
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Title: Unknown assailant
Type: Incident Report
Date: October 2010
Access Level: All Guardians

During the first week of October, Val Cesoerdo was attacked by an unknown assailant during one of his routine jogs in a Primary City park. The assailant, a woman believed to be a Systemite, is described by the half-elf as being approximately 5'6" in height, with long silver-colored hair tied back in a tight braid. Her clothing, blue and black in color and of a strange, unfamiliar design, seemed to be made of leather.

The attack came from behind, Val hearing her only at the last moment. They fought for a short time, during which she demonstrated a marked proficiency with the longsword she carried. The fight ended when Val drew his handgun and shot her in the shoulder at point blank range. She fled and though he pursued her, Val was unable to apprehend her. The woman seems to have vanished for the time being. Following the attack, Val called the Outpost and a team was sent immediately to investigate.

Val reports that the woman claimed to know of him and that he was the reason her world was suffering. In the heat of battle, she did not elaborate, seeming intent more on harming him than explaining. Val states that he hasn't seen her before. Her claim to know of Val likely stems from the media, seeing as how Val's is a known name amongst the Guardians given his history with the Maren Colson incident as well as his position.

Note: Though there exists the possibility that she may truly know of the half-elf and that she may be from his home system, that possibility is extremely unlikely. Selinar has been under observation. As there haven't been any unusual readings from it which would indicate someone crossing over, it's believed that she is not a native of that system.

Guardians are advised to be alert and on the lookout for anyone matching her description. If she is found, she is to be brought in immediately.

OOC: The events described happened between two of my own characters, one of whom is someone I plan to introduce to the GG soon. As I didn't want to do a self-RP and have not had the time to flesh this out in a story as I'd like, I figured that I should at least put together a report so that folks are aware of what's going on. Hopefully I have time to RP some of this stuff on IRC soon.
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Re: Report Thread
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Title: Capture of Faye Rivera (Followup to 'Unknown Assailant')
Type: Incident Report
Date: End of October 2010
Access Level: Mixed Access Levels (See Below)

Available to All Guardians
Late one evening at the end of October, Val was assaulted a second time by the unknown assailant, now known to the Guardians as Faye Rivera. The incident took place at his place of residence, specifically in the kitchen area. Reportedly fed up with all the attempts on his life in recent years, Val engaged the woman in combat. By his account, they were fairly evenly matched.

The tide turned when Val's oldest child, the young wood elf Ilarias, was caught in the midst of the fight. Unknown to Val, the boy had snuck a ride home hidden in the back seat of his car, and had ventured out when he heard the commotion inside. In doing so, he nearly came face to face with an errant ice bolt. This caused Faye to falter, giving Val the opening he needed to take the advantage.

Guardians, alerted to what was going on via a phone call placed to Val's husband by his son, arrived on the scene shortly after. They had to wrestle with Val to get him off of the Faye, who he'd been about to kill. Both combatants were seriously wounded, with Faye in critical condition. Once things had settled down, the woman was taken to the sublevels where she received immediate medical treatment. Val went directly to Medical.

Following her incarceration, Faye was visited by Admin GDH Lana Caruthers, who questioned her regarding her actions. Days later, Faye was released from the sublevels on a probationary basis. She is not required to go through the Rehabilitation Program, but she does have to go through the standard Primary Acclimatization course. Her powers, which are ice-based in nature, are locked for the time being.

She cannot be returned to her home system of Varial, as she is Aware. Even if that were not the case, return would be impossible all the same, as the system is presently in Stasis.

Available to GFCs and Above
Faye arrived in Primary on the doorstep of her creator, a woman named Marie Comeau who lives just outside of Primary City. The woman remains unharmed following their interaction.

Through her creator, Faye learned of her origins. She also learned of Val Cesoerdo, who was also created by Maria. It was evident to Faye that her creator was afraid of the half-elf, but also fixated with him at the same time. In talking with Marie, Faye determined that this fixation coincided with the decilne of her own world. This is what prompted her to attempt to kill him.
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