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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #15 on: March 01, 2009, 07:46:42 am »

The Murder of Leslie Thomas - Jack's Confession

There is one thing I've done in Primary that I have not told the Guardians about yet, and that I'm sure will be found out now that Jenny is investigating it.  So I'm writing down everything to hopefully avoid the necessity of an interrogation.

As I explained to Jenny, there was a technomage in my system who tried to develop a new way of summoning demons.  His mix of technology and magic did pull demons out of Hell, but somehow sent them to Primary.  This is how Scrae originally arrived here.  Months later, he tried again and sent two more demons, which apparently got the attention of the GG.  They came to my system to stop him, and I saw them, and saw them jaunt away.  Later, I had my sister help me gain control of the technomage-without telling her why I wanted him-and he created one of his summoning devices for me, and sent me to Primary.  I had come looking for Scrae.  As a Div, I had a connection to Scrae that would let me locate him eventually once I was in the same world as him.  But for some reason, that connection also pulled me to a human who I found first.

I watched the man for a few days, and decided I needed to bring him back home to deal with him properly.  At first, the only way for me to return was to dismiss myself back to Hell, which could be done by destroying the body I was using.  I told Jenny this, but I didn't tell her that the technomage eventually figured out how to put a time limit on the summoning, so that I could be brought back without injury.  And I could bring things with me.  So I timed things to take the human.

He was Leslie Thomas, the man who created my system.  He told me what our world was, and that he knew everything about us.  At the time, I was afraid of the knowledge he had about the Div.  And I didn't want any other Div to find out about this other world.  So I killed him.  I was using Silk to house the technomage's summoning device, and the people who own that club are experts at dealing with dirty secrets, so I had them dispose of the body.

After that I went back to my creator's home to search for anything else about my world.  All I found was books about Urban Arcana.  Over the next several weeks, I read all about my system and some other games, and I found out who the Gaming Guardians were.  That's when I finally approached them to try to convince them that Scrae needed to be returned to our system.  Which, of course, didn't work.

Eventually, I found another creature from my system that had ended up at the Outpost, a gremlin.  It agreed to work with me in exchange for promises of money and power.  It stole the materials that the technomage eventually used to make something more like a jaunt pad, that I used to move through systems more freely.

Everything since then has been explained.



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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #16 on: March 03, 2009, 11:55:06 pm »

Mission Report: Jagged Spiral, The Heart Trap
CC: Security

As requested by Security, I've taken the time to record my experiences in which a mission fell victim to a spiral trap. I hope that by contributing my experience, the events that actually did occur can be pieced together. Given the nature of the experience, I'm going to start at the beginning, in case any details don't match up.

The team consisted of myself, Gigan Tirell, and Sage Russel. The task was to proceed to a d20 modern system running Urban Arcana, to a museum there, and recover an artifact causing system instabilities. The briefing was short and to the point. We were inserted by jaunt into the museum basement. We found ourselves in a cleaning supply locker, tested our comms, turned on flashlights, and proceeded to the target.

The museum was quiet, lights were off. No one was around. Once we were outside the closet, there were stairs up, door into the next room. After disabling the lock, we found what we were looking for. Pedestal in the center of the room, with a giant crystal heart resting on it. (Image file attached.) we took a moment to decide how best to remove it, lest we trigger an unwanted trap. Sage put a jaunt beacon on it, signaled for a recall, and C&C asked for a confirmation, which we gave. I'd noticed the comm signals at the time was degrading somewhat, not enough to be a problem, when I felt sick. Nauseous. Like my equilibrium had been shifted sideways. It faded after a few moments.

At this point, aside from that minor incident, it appeared as if the mission was a success. We confirmed that the artifact was recieved and quarantined, and prepared to recall. I think. I don't recall exactly what was said, because I was starting at gigan. I dont know why, maybe it was microsleep, perhaps the onset of whatever that thing did to us. Sage reminded me to recall, and the three of us did. When we arrived back at the outpost, we'd found it had changed for the worst.

The jaunt room looked unused. Lights off, no technician on duty, door closed, but the console was active. There was an insigia on the wall. Gold, on a red background, of a serrated spiral shape. (Image file attached.) Moments after our arrival, as we were trying to figure out what was going on whether this was an alternate reality, a jaunt mishap, or an illusion, our comms picked up what sounded like a security response. 'Unidentified inbound jaunt in room 5, internal security please stand by'. Followed by 'Cutting power to jaunt room 5' just as I was about to see if the console could send us back. It was a computerized voice on the comm, not a live operator, but the room was now completely dark, but we still had our lights.  I was scanning the immediate area with my pocket unit, and noticed that this place, whatever it was, had a very disturbingly similiar layout to the outpost we knew. We decided to make a run for the edge of the jaunt interference, since the corridors appeared to be the same. 

At this point, the walls started bleeding, and there was some sort of goo seeping from the jaunt pad we just arrived on. We weren't going to stay to find out what it was, but the security broadcast was now calling for response teams to respond to an anomaly. They thought the contamination was us. We pried the door open manually. I tried to use my comm to call for help, but got only horrible screeching static in response. I saw gigan weaving some sort of barrier, as we got the door open and ran for the Atrium.

Outside the room, I saw an incoming security team from the left corridor. Fancy armor, looked powered, white masks. Five or six, didn't stop to count exactly, plus one guy in a black trenchcoat. We ran the other way, from the rusty contamination growing out from the jaunt chamber, and the guards, who were now shooting at us. No casualties, my shield projector took the rounds meant for us. When we rounded the corner, we found ourselves blocked off by a solid sheet of that rusty metal material. Sage's shotgun cleared it enough for us to get by, and gigan brought up the rear. The security computer was now calling for oscuros teams to the east wing. Beyond the wall, the whole corridor was coated with the stuff, and there was a flooding of some black tar, about ankle deep. We moved through it, I was walking above it with my remaining shield. The guards chasing us didn't risk it. We were in the atrium corridor now. We seemed to be heading deeper into the stuff. I tried to send a fake comm signal, to divert the security teams away from our destination.

It didn't work, apparently. There was a human blocking our path. At least it looked humanoid, if black and shadowy. The goop appeared to be staying away from it. I could swear the corridor lighting dimmed when he, or it, stepped out. We weren't stopping. Not this close to the Atrium exit. I took a moment to shout, ask it what was going on. Sage and gigan were behind me, the tar started...being animate. Clawing at our feet and legs. Where it touched my skin, it hurt. A lot. I recall distinctly the man shaking it's head, saying 'That's enough,' then 'Good Bye'.

Sage seemed to know the person. Screaming No, turn it off. It told us to be patient. Sage told it it owed her. Still had her shotgun pointed at it. I stepped above the tar, and aimed my own weapon as well. I didn't see what gigan was going, he was behind us. It turned around, told her not to be afraid. I recall it didn't have a face. Not really. The last thing I recall after firing was a thin tendril. Cable. Tentacle. I don't know, heading for my face. It was fast. I didn't have time to react. My implants caught it. I think it went straight through.

I woke, lying down. It was cold. Dark. The floor felt metal. It was quiet, except for a beeping sound. Not an electronic beep, or a deliver truck backing up. More like one you'd expect to hear in a hospital. I heard breathing that wasn't my own, and someone saying hello, it sounded like Gigan, so I sat up. Someone turned on a light, a bright one, on the ceiling. I could see that the floor was in fact, metal, and the rest of the team was still lying down, but conscious, perhaps just coming to as well. Our equipment was scattered around where we lay. The light was centered on us, I couldn't see any of the rest of the room. 

I felt unsettled, to say the least. I was waiting to see what happened next, checking my systems. I found my remote links were jammed. Someone spoke from behind us. It almost sounded like the creature which had just killed me. The team. I'm not exactly sure, but it was talking to us. I've taken the liberty of making a transcript.

It: "Good. You're awake. That was very interesting. But I don't need you anymore. Feel free to go. I believe your.. CMs, you call them? They should still be functional."
Sage :"... what the hell are you?"
It: "I would be lying if I said I were a friend."
Sage: *panicked laugh* . "No shit."
Gigan: "Question."
It: Ask."
Gigan: "You wouldn't happen to do apprenticeships or anything, would you?"
It, now off to the right: "No"
I didn't hear what gigan said in return. He was mumbling
Sage: "You have no right..."
 It: "And I do. There are certain interests that would have made.. baneful alterations to you and your equipment if I hadn't intervened. The heart was not for you."
Sage: "It didn't belong where it was."
Gigan: "... That went a lot more pear-shaped than I expected, by the way."
Me: "Excuse me..sir? What happened? "
It: "You fell for a trap. Dear Sage, it is so fortunate that you had me along. It would have been terrible if its effects continued.."
Sage: "You stay the fuck out of my head!"
At this point, gigan had finished gathering his equipment, and recalled.
It: "You invited us."
Sage: "Beg pardon? I did what now?"
It was talking from behind us now.
It, talking from behind us now. : You jumped into us, it seemed, entirely willingly.."
Me: "We what."
Sage: "I was NOT inviitng you to .. do whatever the hell it was you did to me!"
It: "Saving your life?"
Sage: "You're doing a piss-poor job of explaining that."
Me: "I'm...pretty sure you killed me. And that saves my life somehow?"
It: Laughter. "I would explain, but I doubt you can understand beyond the most basic: The heart cast an illusion upon you all, drawn from miss Russell's nightmares. That WAS your Outpost. That wasn't me. You should go now. Your people are likely to be cross with you."
Sage recalls. I noticed the beeping stopped right after. Whatever it was seemed to go, too. I gathered my things and hit the recall at well. I don't know if it was the look, or something the other two had said - they weren't there when I returned to to the outpost - but the security team didn't even stop me, and I went straight to medical for a checkup.

Thats what happened on the mission, from my perspective. I don't know how how much of it was accurate, since we were in an altered state at the time, but it felt very, very real. It wasn't the end of it, either. After my checkup, plus a series of diagnostics, I found some oddities. I'll try to explain. As a clone, my body is created to spec. As such, if you know where to look, there are genetic markers, similiar to a serial number. Manufacturer, warranty, copywritten gene sequences, that kind of thing. Mine  markers are gone. So are my facial scars, as well as residual smoke damage to my lungs from the fire in my home some time ago. I've noticed a mole's missing as well. Same thing with my hardware. Its all been defragged and organized. My scanner, my weapons, my PDA too. Everything I had on me at the time. Even the dust underneath my cell phone keypad and the scratches on my credit card's magnetic strip.

Its like I've been... repaired. Perhaps optimized, but someone or something had to rummage through my pockets, so to speak, to accomplish that. I I don't like it when someone talks about saving us from baleful alterations, and then makes changes anyway, no matter how minor. Whatever that creature was, whether it was an outside influence, or part of the spiral simulation acting as one, I don't trust it. Everyone involved should change their passwords at the very least, and schedule a medical appointment in the event that something undesirable was actuallly altered.

From a personal standpoint, to say this mission was immensly unnerving, is a vast understatement. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, damage, or injury we may have caused while running around the outpost under the artifact's influence. You must understand, it felt entirely real, and we were all extremely on edge for it's duration. Part of me wants to help take apart the artifact and find out exactly what happened, another wants to keep it in quarantine forever, lest this happen again. However, one thing is clear to me. Should anything be done regarding the artifact, extreme caution and the utmost of care should be used.


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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #17 on: March 09, 2009, 12:23:29 am »

To: GSS-ExSec Attrition
From: GJG-Med Nekane Alaia
Subject: Machina System Data

Most man-operated personal firearms are slug-firing coilguns. Each weapon is typically shaped like a large, solid assault rifle with a thick, squarish barrel; this is space for all of the coils. Smaller 'carbines' can be made not by reducing the barrel length but by recessing the coil assembly further back into the body of the weapon, which often causes the magazine to be placed in an awkward location. Most of the body of the weapon consists of the power assembly that keeps the coils active; magazines have a fair bulk due to the fact that, though they do not include propellant for the slugs, they do contain power sources for this power assembly. Pistol varieties of the Machina Coil Rifle are available, but they typically have significantly lower projectile velocity due to the necessary reduction in coils. Designs vary depending on the manufacturer. Slugs can be solid, or contain additional elements for added effects: explosive rounds, incendiary rounds, and 'shredder' rounds that contain sharp flechettes exist.

Other weapons, essentially mirrors of the Imperium's 'flamer' and 'melta' weapons exist for personnel use, but the Coil Rifle and its derivatives remain the standby infantry weapon. Due to the standardization of the loading technology magazines are universal, varying only by capacity. A coil-pistol magazine could be used in a sniper rifle, for example. Going with the variety of designs, rate of fire, muzzle velocity, and other factors vary based on the weapon's intended use and the manufacturer.

I don't know about vehicle weapons since I never really made use of them or saw how they worked, but I think most armour used similar technology for their main guns.


I don't know much about the navy but for the primary infantry forces, it's something like this.. They're arranged into Legions, each named something different, usually like "Sunscythes" (my own), "Solarian Guard," and so on. While stuff usually varies, Legions are generally laid out something like this-- the number in the parenthesis is the 'typical' number of individuals of that rank present.

Legion leader - Lord (1)
                     Grand Commander (4)
                     High Commander (12)
                     Commander (30)
                     Centurion (120)
                     Decarion (1200)
                     Legionnaire (12000)

Commanders are above are generally not frontline combatants.. There's sub-ranks between Centurion and Commander, and Decarion and Centurion, but I don't know what they are. There's also sub.. types of troops which I'll list below, they're generally 'added on' to the Legion's troop count but don't have a traditional status in the command chain because of their usually engineered nature.

                        Reaver Overmistress (1 per 5 Mistresses, roughly equal command as Centurion)
                        Reaver Mistress (1 per 15 Reavers, roughly equal command to Decarion)

                        Messor Superior (1 per 5 Messors, only command over Messors)

Sicarri-Type: (Sicarri fall under some other command and don't actually answer to the Legion Lord, I'm not sure what they're about)
                        Sicarius Prime (1 per 6 Huntsmen)
                        Sicarius Huntsman (1 per 8 Sicarri)

The troops designated 'Venators' and 'Preliators' are just variations in equipment layout on Legionnaires and fall into the command structure as such, being scout-snipers and jump assault troops respectively.

I can't say much about base layout, guard formations, or ship layout-- I was a fast attack assault trooper, not someone who'd be standing guard or keeping track of supply dumps. I do know our philosophy, though; hit things hard, hit things fast, stay mobile, and each element supports the other. It'll never be just riflemen, or just reavers, or just sicarri-- it'll be riflemen laying down covering fire as reavers swarm in, while Venators snipe targets of import and Preliators drop from the skies, and Sicarri pop up and make weak points in the defense for the reavers to get in. Machinae never fight alone.


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Re: Report Thread
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Filed Report: Hellboy Djinni
Mission Log

A team was sent to the New Mexico town of Puerto de Luna to investigate reports of paranormal sightings and increased incidences of unsolved murders.  What the team discovered was that the town was being harassed by a djinni, probably from the Hellboy system since the same town had problems with frog monsters from that system earlier.  The creature demonstrated the ability to change shape, become incorporeal, and possibly has reality altering abilities.

After a fight that resulted in the destruction of the town's local police station, the djinni was trapped in a plastic water bottle.  The trapped djinni is currently in custody of R&D and appropriate measures have been taken to keep it contained.

Further investigations are being made to determine how creatures from a Hellboy system keep getting into Primary.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #19 on: March 21, 2009, 09:47:01 pm »

Mission Report: Call for help in Urban Arcana
Attached: Mission Logs

At approximately 18:00 last night, a call came into C&C from Sukh Ra, the Aware leader of a group of demons called the Div in an Urban Arcana system.  Sukh Ra had created a gateway from Hell to Earth in order to allow his people escape Hell.  His actions were discovered and other demons were sent to try to stop him.  Sukh Ra was unable to close the portal he had created.

A team was sent to help Sukh Ra push back the demons that were trying to use this portal to invade Earth.  They fought several lesser demons and the invasion was pushed back.  At that time, what appeared to be a succubus who called herself Basti came through the portal asking to talk.  When the team refused to leave at her request (and after a failed suggestion spell was cast on Jenny Wren), Basti retreated, disappearing when she was injured.  A greater demon known as a balor came through the portal to attack the team.  It was defeated and the portal was finally closed.

Sukh Ra and the Div with him were unharmed.

((More information may be coming after I have a chance to harass Diggy some.  Also, the link to the logs has a short epilogue at the end for flavor))
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #20 on: March 23, 2009, 09:20:26 am »

Report/Debriefing: Plot Hook Test.

Debriefing report on the attempt to test the new device known as 'Plot Hook' under the supervision of Stephen.

The testing, once underway, proved that the device is capable of overwriting the desire or will of an active GameMaster inside the universe they have created. It also appears to enable the person using the device to succeed with whatever they wanted to achieve, as long as that person sticks closely to their own core abilities.
These conclusions aren't, unfortunately, corroborated with further testing.

At a time guessed to be shortly after guardian Gebohq had used his device to overcome the railroading effect put down by Stephen, the latter must have left the room he was supervising the testing from, and left the compound altogether.
A trail has been found, but it left a dead end track with an unregistered jaunt in a busy marketstreet downtown. C&C has a suspect in Al'Eyeis, who most likely now posesses four of these devices for herself.

At this point, it is safe to say that the Plot Hook device works as intended versus a GM. It has not been proven its strengths versus a Plot Device such as the rumored device the Merchants hold. It is my idea that they are useable, but my opinion that one test would not be enough to ensure safety of use.

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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #21 on: May 04, 2009, 08:16:01 am »

Mission Report: 4th Ed Heartless

Consolidated Report from Mission Log.

GSS Denzine led GJG Machaira and Recruit Sadiqah into System #XXXXX to track the origin of non system contraband. The Guardians arrived uneventfully north of town. Before entering the town, they made contact with a local. A half dwarf, who appeared to be highly inebriated, and shouting about "Shadows". upon further questions, it was found the healer, A dragonborn female named Corsica, had been slain by the Shadow. Upon entering town, the team initated the search for the non system items, finding the dwarf had two strange spheres that had fallen from his pocket. Denzine bartered for the first, and the other discovered on the ground shortly thereafter. Another non system trinket was purchased from a cart, and after some convincing, the source was disclosed to be a fisherman at the Ferry dock.

Upon reaching the dock, three additional items where discovered in the possession of what appears to be a rather Lucky fisherman. He explained the magistrate was gone looking for a replacement healer. While Denzine purchased the equipment, Machaira and Sadiqah continued on to the blacksmith, who possesed 4 more of the items.

It was revealed the blacksmith, a gnoll, acquired them after defeating a Shadow. He gave a detailed description of the creatures, and refused to relinquish his prizes, unless the team could let him see as the Humans do. Denzine used the Green sphere on the gnoll, which healed his failing eyesight. Afterwhich he happily handed over his loot.

Shortly after leaving the blacksmith, the system started to die. After the initial gray, a group of "Shadows" were spotted traveling across the path of the team, and into what appeared to be a "Door" in the world. Upon closing, the system crumbled. The Guardians recalled on their own. All that remains of the system in Jaunt Space is an Anvil.

GSS Denzine deduced that the "Shadows" were infact Heartless, from Kingdom Hearts, and that they had stole the System's "heart".

The Items recovered:
3 Gold and Turquois Spheres. Inspection by Guardian Machaira using her Third Eye revealed them to be Solid physically, but contained Motes inside. When moved or shaken, they seemed to ring, but to Mach, during the third Eye, it was laughter.
4 Clear Spheres. Appear to be pure magic.
1 Green Sphere. These appear to be curative magic, as the fisherman mentioned curing his cough. This was further proven when the item was later used on the blacksmith, restoring his vision.
1 Lion Keychain. When held, the user feels an increase in strength.
1 Dragon Keychain. Found on the end of the fishing rod the fisherman was using. Appears to increase luck.

The Shadows encountered were not faced in combat, but are 2 feet tall, and are all black, with bright yellow eyes. They have thin antenna on the top of their head.

Recomended steps:
Recover the heart of the system, and the hearts of anyone taken from system.
Discover how they are moving from system to system and initiate tracking to find their source.

Consolidated by
GS Heath Walten
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Re: Report Thread
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Mission Report: The Retrieval of Kenneth Gray
Attached: Logs

After a mission to a Hellboy system, where Kenneth Gray had accidentally opened a gateway to Primary and had been allowing monsters through, Gray ended up in a coma and was brought back to the Outpost.  (See mission briefing).  Treatment from our doctors and from the Amberite Hafen failed to bring him out of his coma.  Finally, on the advice of Ms Roya, a medium who does contract work for us, it was determined that Gray was lost in some other reality that he had connected to.

Ms Roya was able to send a team into Gray's mind, to follow the path of wherever his consciousness had gone.  From descriptions of the place and the creatures found there, we suspect it was the Lovecraftian version of dreamland.  It seems that Gray had made a connection to a Call of Cthulhu system.

The team successfully retrieved Gray and he has regained consciousness.  He is in stable condition in medical.  Because he is thought to be dead in his home system, it has been decided that he should be made Aware.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #23 on: May 15, 2009, 05:16:07 am »

After Action Report: D&D 4th Ed Heartless
Team Members: Gigan, Sadiqah, Zareveh
Report by: Gigan

Initial goal of mission was the location of the system's main villian, one Daytona Forester (necromancer). Point of arrival was south of the local town in the system, approximately midday local time. Aerial reconnisance via levitation spell located the remains of the necromancer's castle to the west, as seen in the mission briefing. Local investigation showed that a magical assault had been made from without, using a chaos-oriented plant growth and control magic. First Heartless (small minion type creatures) encountered with the remains of the castle. As expected, spheres of multiple colors were left behind when the creature was dispatched.

The attack enchantment was backtraced to a graveyard some distance to the east, past town in the opposite direction. There a large number of minions were encountered, as well as a purple-scaled Dragonborn. Positive confirmation in the form of a physical description of the dragonborn killed is not available. The possibility exists that this is the same healer (Corsica) who had been slain due to the "killed by one, become one" theme sometimes present. Regardless, the dragonborn encountered was responsible for the plant based spelling as more was used as a stalling action to allow time to exist the system through a dark doorway, presumably some sort of shadow Gate linked to the doorway of a crypt.

Zareveh increased the manifestation of her elemental nature and used fire magic to burn through the barrier while Sadiqah focused on defensive magics. An AoE damage spell was initially put up by Gigan to break a possible rush by the creatures, but convered into a burst of Order-attuned magical energy before it was fully expended. Interaction between the Ordered casting and Shadow gate  produced a violent interraction which presumably closed the portal with the dragonborn on the far side of it. System decay to just the region of the crypt was nearly simultaneous with the interaction. Personal conjecture: the system's Heart (the necromancer and his castle perhaps, being central to the storyline) was on the far side of the portal, and once the portal was closed by the anathema strike Heart and system lost connection, resulting in decay.

During the course of the battle, the cloak covering the dragonborn was removed, the following representation was developed from post-mission interview:

Her scales are deep purple and lighter maroon, face was clearly dragonborn. The dress seems to be conservative, black and white and reaching to mid-calf on her.  The shoulders bare, with fluffy poofs at the top of the long sleeves, connect through latticed cloth to a loose cuff. The Symbol was on her front, the top of the cross reaching to a collar around her neck, the sides touching the edges of the fluffed sections, and the heart going down to the upper part of the lower dress.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #24 on: June 14, 2009, 07:54:55 am »

Cultist Activity in West Vale
Mission briefing
Mission log

A team was sent to investigate reports of cultist activity in a small town in Oregon.  Though it was suspected that it was nothing more than a group of teenagers playing at witchcraft, the team discovered that the five teens were performing actual magic.  They were observed performing a ritual in which an animal was sacrificed and chanting performed to try to summon something.  The ritual failed, but two of the team members confirmed that they were using real magic.

The team did not reveal themselves to the teens and they were allowed to disperse.  Gigan and Mariya Demordenaar worked together to create a ward that will prevent any further rituals from successfully summoning anything.

The youths were overheard mentioning "The Black Man" and a "wendigo" in their conversations.  They also indicated that someone had told them that they needed to keep performing this ritual in order to summon whatever they were looking for.

After cross-referencing these clues, it has been determined that the teens were trying to summon Ithaqua, a god-like creature from the Call of Cthulhu setting, also known as the Wendigo.  Though the Wendigo is a creature of myth found in several roleplaying games, one of the other god-like figures in the world of Lovecraft, Nyarlathotep, is referred to as the Black Man.

The teens are currently being observed in hopes of learning more.
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Re: Report Thread
« Reply #25 on: July 18, 2009, 12:30:52 am »

Vrock in Primary
Mission Log

Yesterday evening, a group of demons, mostly Vrock, were spotted in Primary City and a team was sent to neutralize them.  The demons were not actively causing harm, but were making threatening gestures towards people in a park, and seemed to recognize the Gaming Guardians and attacked them on sight.  After a short fight, the creatures tried to retreat, calling for a "mistress."

An investigative team searched the area and found traces of a jaunt signature.  Because of recent problems with Vrock in a particular Urban Arcana system, the signature was compared with other jaunts that have come out of that system in the past.  They match, so it can be assumed that someone in this system had discovered how to jaunt again.  C&C is currently scanning the system for signs of jaunt technology.

While the team was still investigating, we received a report from Davone (copied below) which led us to suspect there was another systemite still at large.  The team detected the use of magic not far from where the Vrock were encountered.  By the time they reached the spot where it was detected, however, the source of it was gone.  A Primarian man was found collapsed at the scene and has since been treated for what appeared to be an energy drain spell.

Four Vrock were captured and have been interrogated.  They referred to Primary as "the Shadow world" and did not seem to be Aware.  They had no problem revealing the fact that they served Basti, the succubus that teams to Urban Arcana have encountered on several occasions.  They admitted that they were sent to scout the area out, and try to kill any Guardians they came across.  Plans are to mind wipe them and return them to their system.

Summary of Davone's report to outpost:
"Okay, so, remember that park there was a demon fight in? I just had a run in with some lady with a crazy magical signature, looked like this--" *cameraphone picture sharing* "--and she left heading X way, at Y time, from Z location. She might be planning to show up at the Rynth or something. If she does, I'll try to remember to give you a call. Was acting suspicious."

Attached to the report is a picture taken while Davone was in Astral.  It appears to be of a woman walking away.  The woman herself looks like a hazy black-and-white photograph, while the background is a psychedelic, vividly colored park background.  Her clothes, particularly her very short denim shorts, are in perfect focus.
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Re: Report Thread
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Recovered text messages from Jackís phone
To: Drathari Telperien

As suspected, the text messages that were deleted from this cell phone were not completely gone, and with some effort, we were able to recover them.  Below are the transcripts of all the text messages.

We also recovered all phone numbers that have been called or have called this cell phone.  The vast majority of the numbers are to restaurants that deliver in this area.  The only non-business numbers are for Teirnan Barrimen, Val Cesoerdo (though in Jackís phone, the number is listed as belonging to ďThe BastardĒ) and ďAlexeiĒ who we know is actually Carmine.  The only text communication have been with Tiernan and Carmine.

Text conversations with ďAlexeií

The text conversations started at the end of April:
Unknown number: Hey, howís it going?
Jack: Who is this?
Alexei: Itís Alexei.  Iím sorry, I think I texted the wrong personÖ
Alexei: Who is this anyway?
Jack: Iím Jack.  You donít know me.  I know I donít know any Alexei.
Alexei: Jack, hm?  Are you American?
Jack: I live in California.  Why?
Alexei: Ah!  California!  See, Iím Russian, newly moved to the States.
Jack: Really?  Where do you live now?
Alexei: I'm in Chicago. I think that is a ways away from California, yes?
Jack: Yes, it's pretty far. America is a big country.
Alexei: It is, it is, but at least it's warmer than Mother Russia!
Jack: I think just about anywhere is warmer than there. Is that why you moved?
Alexei: Ah no, no, I moved for work! America has so many job opportunities.
Jack: I've heard that before. Did you get a job already?
Alexei: "Not the job I wanted, but I'm still looking for that. What about you? Born and raised in California?
Jack: No, I've been here a few years. In a way, I'm staying for a job too. Not exactly the one I wanted either
Alexei: That's a shame it's not the one you wanted. Well, here's to us finding our ideal jobs!

((Over the next two months, Jack continued to text ďAlexeiĒ about harmless subjects.  They talked about TV, golf, Jackís frustration with his job and school (without going into specifics) and occasionally Jack would mention making friends or even being happy with how things were going.))

At the beginning of July, Jack received the following text:
Alexei: Jack, Iím sorry Iíve kept this from you.  Itís me. Carmine.
Jack: Carmine?  How?  Are you alive?  Where are you?
Alexei: I canít tell you, but know that Iím all right.  Celeste resurrected me and Iím safe.
Jack: Good!  I canít believe youíre back.  Itís been so hard being alone.
Alexei: I know, Jack.  But have you really been alone?  Iíve been texting you, and some of those Guardians must have befriended you.
Jack: Thereís a few, yes.  Maya, Vincent, and Mariya, and maybe a couple others.
Alexei: Thatís good.  What kind of people are they?
Jack: Vincentís in rehab like me.  I didnít like him at first, but he understand me.  Mariya is practically a demon.  And Mayaís a dragon, but she doesnít remember.  Sheís not a Guardian.Ē
Alexei: Rehab.  I donít envy you for having to deal with thatÖbut anyway, they sound suited to you.  Stick close to them, Jack.  And stay away from Sukh Ra.
Jack: I donít want anything to do with Sukh Ra ever again.  Carmine, youíre staying in hiding, right?  I donít want to mess with the Guardians anymore.  I donít care about revenge against any of them.
Alexei:  Donít worry, I wonít do anything stupid.  But thereís something I need to ask you to do, Jack.  I need to be released from the geas.
Jack: I canít do that.  I still need you.
Alexei: But I canít serve you directly right now.  I feel like Iím drowning all the time.  I want to serve you, but I canít, and the geas makes me feel like Iím constantly failing you.
Jack: Thereís an easy solution to that.  Turn yourself in to the Guardians.  You can do rehab, and then youíll be here with me.
Alexei: I do that...they kill me...or imprison me. There is no rehab, not for me, not from them. Ask anyone there
Jack: I'll find someone who would agree to it. They let all kinds of people do rehab here.
Alexei: Not people like me, Jack. People like me don't get those sorts of chances...and I wouldn't want their rehab, especially with who runs it. He's killed me before - I doubt he'd miss the chance to do it again
Val: He's a bastard, but...fine, then I'll leave. If you're in primary, then I'll come to wherever you are
Alexei: You come to me and you're as good as perma captured or dead. I don't want you dying on me, so stick with them for now. At least until you're done with your rehab. Play nice for now.
Jack: But it won't be any different if I wait until the rehab is done...will it?
Alexei: If you leave now, they'll look at it as trying to escape. If you leave after, you're just a free man quitting
Jack: If I remove the geas, youíll just abandon me.
Alexei: You never needed the geas in the first place.  Iíll continue to help you even without it.
Jack: My family turned my back on me, Sukh Ra left me behind, and I though you had died.  Whatís to stop you from leaving again?
Alexei: I had died. Sukh Ra did kill me, but you know me. Always with the contingencies. They brought me back. And...I never meant for you to be left behind. That came as much of a shock to me as it was to you. Everything I did had been for you. Sukh Ra used us both...and I continue to pay for it...
Jack: My brother is a traitorous bastard. Removing the geas will help you? I'll do it if you think I should, but if the guardians find out...
Alexei: I'll feel so much less like drowning if you do it. So yes, you should do it. And when you're free, we can meet up. Releasing me will ensure that.
Alexei: Keep your text records clean and your lips sealed and they won't be any wiser
Jack: They always find things out in the end. They found out about the gm. I can't lie like my brother. But I free you from the geas. Just don't get caught
Alexei: Thank you, Jack. I won't get caught

((After this point, Jack and Carmine continued to text each other about various things.  Often Carmine just seemed to want to know how Jack was doing.  Sometimes Jack would ask questions.  There was one long exchange in which Jack mentions that Vincent offered to make him a Nephil, and Carmine advised against it in the end, due to the investment in time it would take for Jack. Carmine did say that Jack should give up on trying to become Div again, because he didnít want Sukh Ra to have any control over him again.  Jack did not seem pleased with that idea.))

Jack: There was some time there where I thought I could be the first one
Alexei: I don't think that's a job you'd want. I don't think I'd even want it
Jack: I don't know anymore. Things used to seem so clear and now I just don't know what I want
Jack: Youíre still looking for a way to make me Div again, right?
Alexei: Of course.  But I want to do it in a way that will allow you to be independent of Sukh Ra

((Several text messages are about Jackís experiences with rehab.  Complaints about classes or teachers he doesnít like dominate that.  Jack seems to make a point of not mentioning Val specifically.))

Jack: Theyíre letting me use my fire abilities now.  Creating fire still burns me, but Iíve been trying to practice with it anyway.
Alexei: Why the hell would you be burning yourself like that?
Jack: It's hard to get enough fire to do anything useful unless I create the flames myself
Alexei: Ask those Guardians for some tool to help. Remember that X-Men movie you made me watch? That punk kid got those gauntlets that produced fire for him. Maybe my wonderful son can help you get something like that.
Jack: I hate not being able to do it myself. But I met a ghost that can create flames. We talked about working with each other
Alexei: That sounds useful. I prefer that to you doing it yourself
Jack: But what if there's a time when I need it and there's no ghosts or gauntlets?
Alexei: Then you save creating it for those times
Jack: I need to know what I can do
Alexei: Or do you want to lose the use of your hands after a while?"
Jack: haven't hurt myself that badly. I'll be fine
Alexei: Mmmm hmm

((Most recently was the following set of texts.  No more have been received since Alexeiís last text on the day that Jack found out about Basti))

Jack: ďWhy his BASTI in PRIMARY???Ē
Alexei: ďRetributionĒ
Jack: A series of texts follow in which Jack berates Carmine for not lying low, and panics about the fact that Basti would like to kill Jack.

((Also transcribed are the text messages between Jack and Tiernan.  Tiernan frequently asks how Jack is doing.  He also frequently asks if Jack knows certain other guardians and what Jack thinks about them.  He has specifically asked about Val, Scrae, Drathari, and more.))
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Re: Report Thread
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Mission Report: Post-Possible Karina Resurrection
(Mission Log)

Traces ran on teleport confirm that Carmine Cesoerdo and Karina Barimen were the two transported. Destination is unknown at present; all that can be told is that Carmine teleported into an area that seems to be protected from scanning, scrying, etc. He has done this in the past, and the results from Ocelico's scan will match earlier scans from when Rupert Vidau had been kidnapped.

Carmine was in the guise of a shapely egyptian woman by the name of Akila Sadat. She was wearing the pinstripe business suit that has been associated with Mr. Cesoerdo in the past. She presented herself as a GSC. The men accompanying her (that remained in the vehicle) appeared to be Greenshirts. They were later revealed to be Vrock. (This is Carmine's second female disguise, the first being a young, bookish girl by the name of Sydney. She was involved in the events that led to Sukh Ra becoming the First One.)

Bethany, now known as the PG of both Karina Barimen and Soveh Dunizel, was tricked by Akila/Carmine into creating an Amber system in which the main storyline was focused around a need to revive Karina. This was intended to allow Akila/Carmine the opportunity to pull the otherwise resistant soul from its resting place so that it might help a crisis that the Guardians were facing.

When Karina appeared to be successfully resurrected, Akila/Carmine attacked her with a syringe full of a highly potent sedative, which was retrieved by Ocelico. Fingerprints were found on the syringe. Thus far, the only matches for those fingerprints can be found on a few other items from Bethany's home. They did not match with any known fingerprints in any criminal database. From this it may be assumed that the person known as 'Akila Sadat' may be nothing more than a made-up persona and not anything stolen from an known person.

An examination of the injuries sustained by Bethany revealed that the Primarian was struck by a Scorching Ray spell. As Carmine is not a known cleric, it is likely that he has taken on the soul of one. Though this cannot be confirmed at the moment, it would be prudent to assume that since it appears as though Carmine resurrected Karina, it should be assumed that the cleric soul is powerful enough to cast True Resurrection.

Akila/Carmine exhibited control over solid-seeming shadows in a brief altercation with Karina. This falls in line with a previous encounter in which he escaped with Jack via shadow-based powers. Jack has told us that these powers came from a Shadowdancer Carmine killed in Carmine's home system of Selinar.
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Re: Report Thread
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Mission gone wrong: The attempt to prevent a PC from becoming Aware and Machaira's capture
Attached: Logs

Shadow Puncher, a PC in Sukh Ra's Urban Arcana system, has been showing signs that he may be coming close to Awareness.  It is suspected that this will cause further disruptions in a system that has suffered from frequent instability in the past.  A small team consisting of Mariya Demordenaar and Xiu`Choto was sent to convince Shadow Puncher that the Gaming Guardians he has been encountering are really part of a secret organization called The Fellowship, which is native to this system.

Part way through the mission, the team was attacked by a group of three unknown men.  These men displayed high level abilities.  They quickly neutralized Shadow Puncher and Demordenaar, capturing them and disappearing with teleport spells.  Xiu`Choto was able to escape but by the time a recovery team was sent, there were few signs of the attackers.  The teleport was traced to an empty office building nearby, but so far the attackers and Demordenaar have not been found.  Demordenaar's comm and CM are not currently functioning.  Several people are working on tracking her and Shadow Puncher in system and a team to retrieve them will be on standby.
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Re: Report Thread
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Results of deep probe/full autopsy on Carmine Cesoerdo's double
To: Drathari Telperien

As per your orders, I went through Carmine's "body" inch by inch.

Genetically, the body is identical to what we have on file for Mr. Cesoerdo. Regardless of the test or method used to verify the corpse's DNA, we always come to that same result. Seeing as how Carmine Cesoerdo is alive and not as dead as we suspected, and has been present upon this double's demise, my initial conclusion is that this is a clone. This is the same conclusion we came to when the body first arrived on our doorstep.

On top of being an identical genetic match, the corpse shows absolutely no signs of degradation of decomposition. Seeing as how that is quite unusual for something that's been dead and buried for weeks now, I probed deeply on a magical level. What I found was extremely difficult to detect, as though attempts had been made to mask it. That could explain why it was missed upon initial inspection of the body. At any rate, I discovered that the corpse had had permanency cast upon it. This suggests that the body existed as a magical effect of sorts and not as a clone as I'd first suspected.

That is all I have at present. I'm sorry for the delay in getting this to you - I didn't believe my eyes at first and needed to confirm my discoveries prior to bringing this to you.
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