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Author Topic: Maple Euron, GSC Logistics, Secretary  (Read 1216 times)

Maple Euron

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Maple Euron, GSC Logistics, Secretary
« on: November 22, 2008, 02:39:16 am »

Name: Maple Euron.

Age: 21 years ("real" age 5 years)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 1m and 81cm

Weight: 75kg (roughly 150 lbs)

Build: Slim

Skin colour: Pale

Hair colour: Dark blonde

Eye Color: Dark green

Clothing: Standard Gaming Guardian jumpsuit on-duty. Off-duty is variable normal clothing.

Accessories: Black pen. Notebook. Guardian kit(as appropriate).

Powers: Maple can cast a goodly number of spells since he has Writer's memories up to a certain point, but he is no longer as good a spellcaster as the original and will need put more time and effort into casting them, often to the degree that they now have become useless to him. He also has most of Writer's innate abilities to a lesser degree. This means he has a good memory for details, writes fast and has a talent for tossing stuff accurately.

Special effects: Maple lacks a soul, being constructed by magic. Anyone 'sensing' souls or soul-like auras will not see one (emotional or "psyhic" auras may work fine, though). He's still very much human, as that term applies, though, and will age, bleed and die just as any other man.

Brief history: Maple is an unique kind of simulacra (a magic-produced copy of a person) shaped after a dimensional traveller by the unique name of "Writer". He has for some reason been endowed with Writer's memories. He has no memory of his actual creation, and it remains a mystery. He actually went around believing he was Writer himself for some time. After coming to realise that the life he knew was not his he started to resent Writer badly. He had his darker moods, but was introspective enough to see that they could lead to him pulling an 'Ultima' and realized he did not want that, so he put a strong leash on these.

Now having lived in the Outpost and the Primary System for several years (and, more importantly, having no Writer around) he's grown to accept what he is. He's still sore on certain subjects, but he tries as best he can to avoid being a jerk if pressed on them. Generally he now acts much more relaxed and friendly than during his early years. He is someone who has grown up and is trying hard to act responsible...Because he's learned the hard way that the alternative often ends up hurting more.

After almost four years of administrational duties as a Guardian Junior Grade for Administration, he has accepted a position as Denzine's secretary and transferred to Logistics. Denzine is the current Guardian Staff Sergeant of Logistics.
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