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Author Topic: Rath's Characters  (Read 5722 times)


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Rath's Characters
« on: November 16, 2010, 03:34:11 am »

Click on the character name to go to the Character Sheet

Main Characters

•   Dathiel Leafstalker: GJG Blood Elf Druid and Guardian from an alternate primary
•   Rhade Shallowend: Unreal elemental manipulator nymph singer extraordinaire!

Secondary Characters

•   Rath Azuredawn: Rath is DEAD Now

Tertiary Characters

•   Asuka Fairchild: Goddess, Lycan, and former RPGMafia turned legitimate business woman.
•   Randy LaFarfella: Cynical catboy student
•   Arcus Vivamus: Shadowkin Reaper – kidnapped Machaira
•   Caster:      Villain  – currently in Taross’s Golden Casino Afterlife
•   Assassin:   Villain
•   Scribe:      Villain
•   Merciful Guillotine of Starlit Executions / Avenger:    Villain
•   Nickolas Darksword: Neutral faction Lawful Good God, and helper of the downtrodden

Images Fur affinity is blocking links they are broken will fix soon
•   Dathiel Leafstalker: Picture of him and his beast forms
•   Dennari: Asuka's Valkyrie Mount drawn by Carp


Mission Gear
All Guardian characters use the same basic gear, unless stated otherwise:
Backpack/satchel             Rope (30ft silk)                          Flint and steel
Candle                          1 Weapon from the Setting      1 weapon the character has
Water skin                   Extra Jaunt Beacon                 Extra CM
Local (Currency)           Torch/Flashlight/Sunrod
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Re: Rath Azuredawn
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Rath Azuredawn
•   Relationships: Rath is currently engaged to Braelyn Renvares and he is friends with Tiernan Bariman, Jack Bariman and Faye Rivera. He is also friends with Val Cesoerdo but due to his relationship with Brae Renvares that friendship is strained. Scrae Cesoerdo is someone Rath loathes thanks to an incident involving a lounge and a fireball. Since that incident Rath has decided to leave the Guardians after his teaching semester is up.
•   Dragoons: After a mission to bring in Lord Eltonius Orion, Rath has joined the Pudding Cup’s guild which is based in Sub Level Two. He also currently has a Katana which was given to him by Lord Orion. He has spent a lot of time learning swordplay and has become a highly skilled swordmage, he firmly believes one day he will challenge Eltonius and show the  Lord Pudding Cup his own sense of Honor.
•   Reality Marble: Rath is an anchor to the reality marble known as the Azuredawn, an insidious creature that likes to eat things. Recently the Azuredawn reality marble has acquired a Goddess of Luck, Taross Blackburn, who has many followers and even an afterlife in the form of a golden casino.
•   Fleur de Sang:A hotel and Lounge located in Vieux Carré, Bourbon St. New Orleans that was previously owned by a vampire and is now owned by Rath, he bought the place and is renovating it. He wanted to do something that at least put him in his fiancés favourite city in Primary, and Braelyn has full run of the lounge for all business dealings.
•   Magic Items: Rath was an artificer and still retains many of those skills, and has made items for various Guardians around Outpost and will still make magic items for Guardians upon request

Asuka Fairchild
•   Randy LaFarfella: Asuka has recently and successfully bartered for Randy’s freedom, and has taken the kid under her care and has started treating him as a younger brother of sorts. This is new to her as she is not used to family of any kind. She is currently sending him to school and getting him adjusted to a normal life, but he has not adjusted to this situation well.
•   Debts: Asuka is on a big kick where she is paying back old debts. Recently she approached Faye Rivera to pay back a debt that Faye didn’t realize was owed to her, Faye currently has her business card. She also owes Braelyn Renvares, a man she is avoiding because of past ties to the RPGMafia.
•   Family Trouble: Recently Asuka has made herself and the rest of her RPGMafia family—the Giglio Bianco unpopular among the RPGMafia by holding an information meeting and inviting Guardians along. Taross Blackburn and Dathiel Leafstalker attended the meeting, but were attacked as soon as it was over. Since the meeting she has been rather unpopular with the mafia crowd.
•   Business Woman: Asuka Fairchild is the current CEO of Generation Technologies, a company that has existed for a few decades now but was failing in the market. Generation Technologies started out as a microchip company, but has changed directions drastically under Asuka’s care (and gained the connections of the Giglio Bianco). Currently the company backwards engineers technology from the systems and makes a Primary equivalent. Time will tell whether this new direction will be successful or not.

Dathiel Leafstalker
•   Alternate Primary: Dathiel is from a different Primary, one in which the Gaming Guardians were all but wiped out. He came to this Primary to help vital information get into Guardian hands in this Primary, but it was supposed to be a suicide mission. He can’t return home, and he doesn’t know where he belongs in this Primary yet.
•   Heartless: Dathiel went on a scouting mission and encountered the heartless threat that has been crossing systems, he is determined to bring the threat down. He also got a Rose Keychain from that mission granting him +1% exp when attached to a weapon – a holdover from the Kingdom Hearts influence in the system.
•   Promotion: Dathiel was recently promoted to GJG
•   Azuredawn: While on a mission to protect Machaira; Dathiel was eaten by a reality marble known as the Azuredawn, it is unknown if the reality marble spit him out in time or not. His status is currently missing.
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Re: Rath's Characters
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Rath Azuredawn

Basic Information

System of Origin: 4th Edition D&D; Eberron (Homebrew)
Age: N/A                                                   Gender: Male
Height: 5’8”                                              Hand: Ambidextrous
Race: Dhampyr, Eladrin (Anchor Form)
Affiliations: Gaming Guardians, Dragoons (guild), Braelyn’s Cleric Gang

Since his death and absorption he has been constantly distracted, and has lost a lot of the person he used to be. He is still focused (sometimes to the point of obsession) and driven by his own code of ethics, but recently he has come into conflict with a friend which has caused him a great deal of pain because he values love and friendship above all else. He is in love with Braelyn and would probably do anything to stay by the cleric’s side.

Rath knows English, Elven, French, and Old Realm

Rath appears as a undead (dhampyr)-eladrin, 5’8” with shoulder length black hair, red pupil-less eyes, long ears. He typically wears a purple dress shirt with black pants and shoes outside of combat. In combat he wears a purple leather outfit for armor black pants and purple boots with a black shirt underneath.

Anyone with an ethereal sense, true sight, or a similar ability sees an outline of Rath’s form with a silver key inside.  Anyone sensitive to death or undeath will feel an aura of undeath around Rath.

The following are items Rath keeps on hand:
•   Masterwork Katana: Lord Eltonius Orion, a noble dragon-pudding, gave Rath the Katana in hopes Rath would learn the way to his own honor. Soon after Rath joined Eltonius’s guild – the Dragoons.
•   Kindle: A gift from Jack Ketch, Rath stores books on the kindle and reads it everywhere in his spare time.
•   Spike Collar: A gift from Faye Rivera – his roommate, he wears it constantly.
•   Lightning Scimitar/Implement: Rath’s main weapon, he created it himself. It switches forms between a sword state where lightning can cover the blade and a crossbow state that shoots lightning. He can use either form to cast spells, but most of his spells are forgotten. He still retains the swordmage ability to call the sword to his hand (teleportation) from up to 50ft away.
•   Enagement Ring: A Gold ring with purple runes inlaid one-ring style was given to him by Braelyn

Rath has lost most of the abilities he had when he was an artificer.
•   Ritual Caster: Rath can cast the following rituals Brew Potion, Comprehend Languages, Disenchant magic item, Enchant magic item, Craft magic item, Transfer enchantment, Make whole, Planar portal, True portal, Cure disease, Raise dead, Regeneration. Rath does not need components for most rituals now, but it does require his own essence, which manifests in health lost and loss of cohesion.
•   Summons: None of his previous summons have survived. Sabre is his newest summon, but she can only be summoned when Rath channels power from his natural form and is considered a branch of the Azuredawn.
•   Teleport: Born in an arcane heavy race Eladrin are all born with the ability to teleport from one place to another within line of sight. Since Rath’s death this ability has expanded where he can teleport himself and anything his is carrying (including another person) a maximum distance of 100 ft so long as its within line of sight. Rath can also use this ability once a combat round.
•   Intelligent Blademaster: Rath once was as adept at spellcasting as he was at swordplay but recent events have cost him greatly, his ability with the sword has outstripped his arcane abilities. Rath uses intelligence rather than strength or agility when fighting with a sword in combat, he is a proven strategist and often knows where an opponent will strike before his opponent does.
•   Necrotic Energy: Necrotic energy was grafted to him making him a dhampyr, but now the necrotic energy is more powerful than ever, he can use the energy to strike out at any target he injures with his sword inflicting pain. The more injuries the more pain the target is in.

•   Reality Anchors: they decay Rath’s form at a consistent rate. He must spend 6 hours in his natural form to repair or his body loses cohesion and turns to dust. If his body is destroyed he reverts back to his natural form. If he receives a lethal blow he can still move/operate as long as he has the limbs to do so, but it reaches a point where he reverts back anyways. Reality Anchors are heavily prevalent around Outpost and are used in most Guardian Technology. The Reality Anchor at Outpost tries to reject Rath’s existence. Prolonged hours of exposure to the reality anchor (The device that allows CM’s to work as well as nullify powers in the sublevels) causes Rath to lose cohesion more quickly. Any and all activities Rath does while in proximity to the artificial reality anchor at Outpost is twice as taxing to Rath as it would be for a normal person.
•   Guardian Technology: Because of Rath’s inability to deal with the artificial reality anchor, all technology that rely on its influence are harmful to Rath and speed up disintegration of his body. Until he can find a way to co-exist with the reality anchor he can’t use a large variety of Guardian technology, this includes CM’s, going down to the sublevels, and prolonged use of Jaunt pads (He has other ways to traverse jauntspace using his natural form).
•   Morality: Rath can rationalize almost anything according to his own personal code of Ethics. Since starting his own search for nobility (Thanks to Eltonius Orion)  Rath has obeyed a strict set of rules in regards to his natural form, and recently his own set of priorities have come into conflict with Guardian codes of conduct.
•   Distracted Mind: Rath has a constant whisper from his natural form murmuring in his mind, this can wreak havoc with his concentration, as well as confuse any and all telepaths that try to read his mind as they will likely hear indistinct echoes.  Also Rath doesn’t dream, meditate, or rest now, the closest he gets is returning to his natural form.
•   The First Death Curse: Due to circumstances he has not made clear, Rath’s true form is under two Amberite death curses. The first one forces the necrotic effect on his true form, forcing an extreme level of disintegration on it – one that he will not recover from. In order to combat this effect he devours other versions of his character, and other characters created by his Player. Because of this; his natural form has been to alternate versions of Primary, and Rath himself has been devoured and made a part of his natural form. Recently it has been discovered that the more things his natural form eats the less severe disintegration is inflicted on his natural form. Now the Azuredawn Reality Marble seeks to eat everything it can.
•   The Second Death Curse: Due to Circumstances he has not made clear, Rath’s true form is under two Amberite death curses. The second one manifests in odd ways, creating offshoots or ‘branches’ in his natural form, these branches he can’t control. They have a mind and will of their own, and sometimes reflect his subconscious. They can help him or work against him, some can move outside of his true form, and he can’t hide anything from them. Most of these branches have a limited life span, but as the first death curse disintegrates his natural form the second death curse has been – evolving to recreate it. Each time The Azuredawn eats anything it adds time and personalities and Branches in the Reality Marble. Eventually one death curse will become stronger than the other, but which one that will be is anyone’s guess.
•   Alternate Form: Every time his body loses cohesion and he disintegrates into dust he reverts back to his natural form and must begin a long process of separating himself from his natural form and make himself a new body. Due to the nature of the death curses he is under, his personality, or will to survive is drained, making it more and more difficult to make a new body. He is forced to keep each body alive and in one piece for as long as possible because he may not be able to keep himself separate from his true form long enough to make a new one. His body, the one he runs around with outside his true form, is his anchored form, and it will only last as long as his personality and will to live is strong.
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Re: Rath's Characters
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Asuka Fairchild

Basic Information

System of Origin: 3rd Edition D&D; Homebrew system
Age: 18000 years old         Gender: Female
Race: Lycan Valkyrie         Class: Cleric/Paladin
Skin: Creamy tan/auburn fur       Height: 5'11"
Eye Color: Blue             Hair: Red/orange red
Hand: Right Handed           Build: Athletic

   Asuka is determined, but very reaction orientated and selfish in most motives. Since becoming a member of the Giglio Bianco family her actions have been focused on sheltering family members from the RPGMafia as well as the Gaming Guardians and will not trust either. She is fiercely loyal to her family members and works tirelessly to shelter them and anyone else she considers a friend.

   Asuka while in day-to-day working mode wears a two piece navy blue jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath and gold jewellery and high heels. Her combat armor is blue leather with silver chain, gold belt and tiara, and white boots. She has a lance for fighting on the back of her Pegasus, a sword for close melee and a thrown weapon for long range attacks. The circlet on her forehead has her holy symbol – to the God of storms Karun. She also uses a bag of holding to store items in.


•   Mounted Combat: As a Valkyrie (goddess) Asuka has a Pegasus mount and is most proficient at attacking an manoeuvring with Dennari (the name of her Pegasus) She can also share spells and has an empathic link with Dennari.
•   Lycanthropy: When she was human she contracted Lycanthropy and even though she is a goddess now she has not gotten rid of it. In wolf form she is adept at moving silently, hiding, and can track others by scent. She can assume either a full wolf form or a half wolf-half human form
•   Damage Reduction: Asuka, being a Goddess that regularly enters combat heavily uses her damage reduction to save her from serious harm.  She also has minor regeneration – outside of battle.
•   Aura of Courage: Any Fear ability or fear-type effects are not effective on Asuka as she is generally immune to them. She can extend this immunity to any allies she has. This does not mean she is immune to fear, it just means supernatural fear-based compulsion effects don’t work on her.
•   Immortality: She is immortal, does not age, immune to poisons and won’t die from lack of food or air – it just makes her uncomfortable.
•   Spells: Asuka has the following spells that she can spontaneously cast : Smite Good, Lay on Hands, Command Undead, Remove Disease, Chain Lightning, Lightning Bolt, Control Weather, Ice Storm, Fire Storm, Whirlwind, Inflict Critical Wounds, and Flamestrike

   Asuka’s Pegasus, Dennari looks like a black Clydesdale horse with blue eyes, white feet, and black hooves. When Dennari’s wings are out they are white green and red.
•   Wings: Dennari can hide or bring out and use her wings at will
•   Summon: Asuka can summon Dennari to her side at any time
•   Immortal: Dennari does not need to eat, sleep or breathe. She is immune to poisons and diseases. If Dennari is destroyed Asuka can recreate her after a full-day ritual.
•   Intimidate: Dennari is good at threatening people with violence – despite the inability to speak verbally
•   Spells: Dennari can cast detect good and evil at will
•   Scent: Dennari can detect and track by the sense of smell


•   Silver: While she is in her lycanthrope form any and all silver gets past her damage reduction as do magic weapons.
•   Bad Temper: Generally she is prone to foul moods when things don’t go her way, but she has been known to go into full-blown genocidal rages. Since becoming immortal these rages have occurred with less and less frequency (the last one being 300 years ago).
•   Quasi Deity Traits: Asuka hates being bored, when she was first made immortal she was appalled at how many things no longer affected her and asked Karun (the God she served) to remove most of the traits. She is NOT immune to the following: Transmutation, Energy Drain, Ability Drain, Ability Damage, Mind-affecting Effects (though her circlet does prevent and shield her mind from most of that), Electricity, Cold, Acid, and Fire.
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Re: Rath's Characters
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Dathiel Leafstalker—GJG

Basic Information

System of Origin: World of Warcraft RPG (Homebrew)
Age: 190 years old   Gender: Male
Race: Blood Elf      Class: Druid of the Shattered Circle
Skin: Tanned       Height: 6'1"
Eye Color: Green    Hair: Red with Blond highlights
Hand: Left Handed     Build: Muscled and Athletic

Dedicated and thorough, Dathiel is used to leading and is known to take volunteer missions of the most dangerous sort. He has a love for nature, and a hatred for those who go out of their way to defile it. He is very loyal to his friends, but recently everyone he knew died and so he has been feeling guilty over their loss, and a little surprised he survived.

Thalassian, Orcish, and Common are the languages he started off with. When he came to Primary he also learned French and the common form of Elven.

His casual set of clothes consists of a black or white tanktop with dyed-green jeans. Typically he runs around barefoot. In combat or missions he general uses his Magic Leather Robe which is green and brown with tree bark on it, his Druid Staff (magic) and a bag of holding stocked with food and water. He has a rose Keychain that grants exp from a Kingdom Hearts world.


•   Light: Dathiel touches an object and it shines like a torch until it is dismissed.
•   Cure Critical Wounds, Mass: Dathiel can heal major wounds for up to 15 people around him all at once.
•   Regeneration: Heals a lot of damage and allows the user to regrow severed limbs.
•   Charm Animal: Allows Dathiel to make friends with any animal he meets.
•   Speak with Animals and Plants: Technically two spells that perform the same function. Dathiel can talk with plants and animals.
•   Greater Mark of the Wild: The target gains a lot of natural armor and an increase in strength, agility, and stamina.
•   Transport via Plants: This Spell allows Dathiel to jump into a nearby plant and then use the root system to move and appear beside another plant of the same type. There is no range limitation so long as it is on the same planet.
•   Summon Animal Companion: This Spell allows Dathiel to summon Laika to his side.

Laika—Animal Companion/Mount

Gender: Female    Race:Dire Wolf
Fur: Black       Height: 4’'10" And 6’1” long
Eye Color: Blue      Armor: Red and Gold

Laika is a dire wolf companion belonging to Dathiel. Originally Laika was a wolf belonging to the bleeding hollow clan of orcs who called the hellfire peninsula their home. Dathiel befriended the wolf on a mission into the ramparts and she has been his animal companion ever since. Since Laika was originally a wolf mount, she also doubles as Dathiel’s mount when he needs one. When not at his side, she awaits to be summoned, usually at the last place he left her. Laika wears a red, gold, and azure harness when summoned.

Laika’s Feats:
Link, Share Spells, and Evasion (she takes no damage from successfully dodging a spell instead of taking half damage).

Beast Forms

•   Flight Form: The very first form a druid learns in the WoW-rpg system, Dathiels flight form looks like a hawk with bright orange, red, and gold feathers, an azure leather harness is on his back. His flight form is quite large (6ft wingspan) and he cannot attack while in this form. He does have increased speed, and a bonus to all perception based checks while in this form. His fly speed is 150ft per round with perfect control and the ability to Hover.

•   Cat Form: Dathiel’s cat form looks like a larger version of the springpaw  lynx that are seen throughout the area around Silvermoon. Crimson fur and a gold mane are underneath the azure tattoos that are placed on both of Dathiel’s shoulders.  While in cat form Dathiel’s stealth and move silently are increased in effectiveness. Dathiel has a pounce attack and a claw rake attack while in this form. Dathiel also moves more quickly in this form. He is about 7 feet long and 3 feet tall in this form. His attacks are quick and light in this form and it takes him longer to take down an enemy, this form is more used for stealth.

•   Bear Form: The dire bear form is large and has crimson red fur with gold fur sprinkled down the back, azure tattoos are on his shoulders. The golden fur is longer and more shaggy that the crimson fur. While in this form Dathiel can track creatures by their scent, he also weighs a lot and has the charge ability. He is about 6 ft long and 5 feet tall in this form. This is his main combat form, and he can attack more than one enemy at once so long as they are in melee range. His attacks are heavy and brutal in this form and enemies tend to fall quickly.

Other Abilities

•   Rebuke Plants and Animals: Dathiel has opted to try and command and bolster plants and animals around him.
•   Strider: Dathiel can move through any sort of undergrowth at his normal speed without taking any damage or suffering any impairment. He also leaves no trail in natural surroundings and cannot be tracked. He can choose to leave a trail, but it must take a conscious effort.
•   Dream Walker: Once per day Dathiel can take up to four people with him into the emerald dream or some plane of equivalent nature. He must be in a forest to accomplish this (does not work in cities or blighted lands) This ability works like a plane-shift spell.
•   Summon Animal Companion: Dathiel has a Dire Wolf named Laika as an animal companion he can summon to his side through a spell. Dathiel shares a link with Laika, and can share spells with Laika. (For more Information see below under ‘Laika’)


•   While Dathiel is shapeshifted he cannot speak vocally to anyone who does not have a talk with animals spell or some equivalent.
•   Dathiel has trained hard to be proficient at attacking with these beast forms, and as a result is not as proficient casting spells in his normal form, and doesn’t know as many as he should.
•   Dathiel is not a druid from the Warcraft videogame system, he cannot use swim form or travel form. Anyone expecting him to do some of the things druids from the video game can do might be disappointed.
•   Magic Addiction: Dathiel must spend 1 hour each morning in meditation to resist the distractions of his addiction.
•   Any type of character that reacts badly to demonic influence will react badly to Dathiel because he is a blood elf, an elf that has been tainted by fel energies.
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Re: Rath's Characters
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Randy LaFarfella

Basic Information

System of Origin: BESM (Homebrew)
Age: 14                                                     Gender: Male
Height: 4’8”                                               Hand: Left
Race: Human Catboy hybrid                      Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black with black cat ear and a black cat tail
Build: Athletic and Lanky
Affiliations: RPGMafia, Asuka Fairchild, Generation Technologies, School

Randy has a rather dark and fatalistic attitude for someone his age, this comes from having his system of origin destroyed, and then having a CM implanted and being used by the Mafia constantly in their little wars, until recently though he has started to cheer up a little because he is now under Asuka Fairchild’s protection, and although he is extremely grateful to her; part of him is suspicious of her motives and is waiting for the other proverbial shoe to drop.

Randy knows English and Japanese. He can read write and speak fluently in both of these languages

Randy looks like a typical 14 year old boy with the notable exception of having large cat ears and a long cat tail. He typically wears dark pants with a lighter shirt, and large oversized rings that look out of place on his small delicate hands.


•   Evasion & Improved Evasion: Randy avoids area of effect attacks with ease. Even when they successfully strike him he only receives half damage.
•   Control and Improved Control (Propagation and Illusion Schools): Randy specializes in energy manipulation in 2 schools; Propagation (Obsidian Butterflies Specifically) Wherein he can make as many tiny butterflies as he chooses and has prefect control over manipulating them, and Illusion (Water/Ice Property) Wherein he has full control over using the element of Water to create illusions.
•   Degrading Illusions: Anyone immune to all forms of Illusions will still succumb to Randy’s Illusions if they are exposed to his Illusions for a long enough period of time. The typical resistance to Illusions that occurs after a set period of time does not occur, and anyone exposed to Randy’s most powerful Illusions for an extreme amount of time begins to feel physical effects including nausea, headaches, and general pain.
•   Solid Structure: Randy’s practice with his Propagation power has allowed him the ability to create solid structures using multiple obsidian butterflies (sometimes hundred or millions are required) These structures last for as long as Randy concentrates on them, but after a prolonged amount of time the power saps his health. Its best used for small amounts of time and simple structures.
•   Skills: Diplomacy, Thievery, Concentration, Move Silently, Hide, Lockpick, Swim, Tumble, Acrobatics, Gather Information. Randy has been use many times for stealth missions and reconnaissance missions in the RPGMafia, and has gone behind enemy lines on more than one occasion without being caught.


•   Teenager: Randy is still a young teenager, this means he is still inexperienced with quite a few things in the ‘adult’ world.  Most adults will treat him like a kid, and the adults Randy knows treat him as expendable. He needs to rely on an adult for food and shelter, and has a new found responsibility in going to school. His current legal guardian is Asuka Fairchild.
•   Command Matrix: Randy was implanted with a CM while apart of the RPGMafia (they stole the technology and modified it) If Randy uses his Illusion powers without prior permission the explosive in the implanted device will activate. If Randy does anything his legal guardian does not want, they have the power to end his life—permanently.
•   Trust Issues: Randy’s home was destroyed and he was taken into the RPGMafia, since then, he has been forced to be at their beck and call. He has committed crimes and has been used as an expendable scout on so many occasions that he has become very bitter about it. Everyone has an agenda and will use him. As a result of believing this; he doesn’t really trust anyone.

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Re: Rath's Characters
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Rhade Shallowend

Basic Information

System of Origin: FARCE RPG
Age: 22                                                         Gender: Male
Height: 5’11”                                              Hand: Ambidextrous
Race: Nymph                                             Hair: Teal and dark blue
Skin: pale with green markings          Eye Color: Aqua green
Job Build: Charismatic Unreal Elemental Manipulator
PACE: Base = 5 Desert/Volcano = 3 Snow = 8 Water = 12

Bright and enthusiastic, Rhade may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he is the friendliest. Nymphs in the FARCE system are natural bureaucrats and paper pushers, but the Shallowend family has a habit of embracing their race’s Unreal origins and start making chaos when they get bored. Rhade excels in environments where there are strict laws in place, mostly because he likes to find ways around them. He is not malicious and he likes to bring about chaos as a means of entertaining those around him. Rhade also has several ranks in music and has been known to perform in front of audiences on a random whim – assuming a faux rockstar mentality when he does so.

Favorite Quote: “The world is run by those that show up.”

Rhade knows Common (English), Code (computer programming), Mandarin, and Aquatic (Native Language)

       Rhade looks human for the most part, he has teal hair with blue dark-lites, and he can be considered very handsome (like every other member of the Nymph Race). He has green and blue unreal markings that look like tattoos across his body. When underwater he is affected by the Water Soul, his hands and feet become webbed and clawed and he manifests gills along his neck/sides of his chest and green-blue scales along his skin. The scales give him an armor bonus while underwater and his blue eyes turn gold and black underwater. Typically he wears tank tops and loose pants with no shoes or sandals.

•   Unreal Tome: A normally indestructible Tome that appears from nowhere and is dismissed to nowhere, this is Rhade’s main weapon and most useful tool to level out tables. Rhade can summon it from anywhere as a free action, and if a non-reality causality does damage the book Rhade can make a new one after an hour of meditation. The book can also float on command freeing up Rhade’s hands.
•   Unreal Microphone: Rhade’s voice is his second best weapon, the Unreal Microphone cancels out silence both metaphysical and natural (underwater/void of space) and allows him to be heard over the chaotic roar of battle and crowds alike. The microphone can likewise be summoned and dismissed from nowhere.

Attribute Build

Physical:                  Social:                              Metaphysical: 
Strength : Low                    Charisma: High                           Magic: Low
Agility: Moderate              Intelligence: Moderate          Spirit: High
Vitality: Low                         Appearance: Moderate         Unreal: High

Physical Defense: Low                                Social Defense: Moderate         Metaphysical Defense: High
Physical Attack: Ranged Moderate        Social Attack: Verbal High          Metaphysical Attack: High Unreal

Ranged attacks from weapons such as laser guns are moderately accurate in Rhade’s hands. Rhade’s best chance to defend himself against physical attacks it to dodge them (which uses agility).

Notes: Rhade comes from a campaign with high Metaphysical and Technological ratings. The attribute build reflects what Rhade is worst at, (strength, endurance, and magic challenges) what challenges he will be average at, (agility, intelligence, and appearance challenges) and what he is best at (charisma, spirit, and unreal challenges)

PACE (As seen above) is the movement speed in FARCE, a Pace of 1 equals 5ft within 15seconds (slow speeds) While a pace of 12 is 60ft within 15 seconds just take the number and multiple x5 to get the distance in feet. Initiative is determined with Pace being the prime influence, different landscapes offer different Pace modifiers – Water, Desert, Volcano, Swamp, City, Mountain, Snow – each zone has a different Pace modifier and presents different challenges.

Basic Skills
          The following skills Rhade has invested a lot of time and effort to become very proficient in.
•   Persuasion: Rhade’s best skill is used to convince others and talk through difficult situations.
•   Unreal Conducting:This is the ability that allows him to control and manipulate unreal forces. This is Rhades second highest skill.
•   Performance: Singing, Guitar and Speech performances are the areas Rhade is most skilled at.
•   Bluff: When reasoning with people fails you can always bluff your way through
•   Stealth: Rhade can move about stealthily if he tries....really hard.
•   Notice: The ability to detect hidden objects, the general mood of an audience or person, and stealthy enemies
•   Computer: Rhade is versed in Coding and can do a lot of things with a computer like repair and restore computer systems... He does not Hack as a matter of principle, and has shoddy luck when creating computer programs from scratch.

Racial Abilities
•   Light Steps: Rhade does not trigger any floor panel traps and does not sink in snow.
•   Snow Walk and Water Walk: The ‘Snow Walk’ merit and has an increased speed while in the middle of snowy weather and a cold resistance to natural cold. ‘Water Walk’ allows him increased movement speed while submerged in water and a pressure resistance caused by deep depths. Snow Walk adds Pace +3 in snowy terrain Water Walk adds Pace+3 when moving through water.
•   Water Soul: Watersoul grants him even more movement speed (Pace +4) while underwater, grants him more endurance, and changes his appearance while submerged. He gains webbed hands and feet to increase his manoeuvrability underwater, claws for extra grip and basic attacks; water soul allows him to breathe underwater. His eyes change so he can see underwater no matter how dark it is.
•   Fluid Grace: Once per combat he can channel his Unreal powers into his physical defense allowing him to evade one rounds’ worth of attack actions completely (from multiple attackers if need be), he cannot use other unreal related abilities while using Fluid Grace.
•   Charismatic Lead: Rhade is skilled in the art of conversation – even for a nymph. All social attacks that use Charisma have a chance to penetrate social defences easily. This translates into Rhade capturing a crowd’s attention more easily or winning over arguments quickly.

Unreal Manipulator Abilities
          Unreal in the Farce system refers to everything outside of reality. Magic, Spirit, and Technology are all things in reality but some aspects of each of these dip into the realm of Unreal. If it can’t exist under reality’s natural laws, then it is something that is ‘Unreal’. Time travel is considered Unreal, Illusions and Wish spells that change all of existence are considered Unreal, Immortality is also considered Unreal. Anything that can potentially target a person’s sanity is considered Unreal, this includes mental/telepathic/spiritual manipulations.

•   One Man Band: When putting on a performance Rhade can manipulate the forces of Unreal to create illusions and provide music, such complicated visual and auditory illusions work best if he manipulates them within a 25 foot stationary radius. This ability requires a lot of concentration and focus to maintain performance after performance. Rhade can use this ability once per hour and can be sustained from one song to the next – but damages Rhade for each song beyond the first. The songs have no metaphysical effect on the audience – they just sound nice or awesome depending on how much effort Rhade puts into it.
•   Lure: A song that compels one targeted enemy to walk forward towards Rhade no matter what. For as long as Rhade concentrates his target is involved in a battle of wills, and cannot move away. The target cannot attack anyone. If the target is attacked, the target’s life is in danger, or has damage inflicted in any way then Lure is broken and the target is free – and cannot be affected by Lure again for the rest of the day.
•   Haste: Allows someone to take another Move action or Attack action or Evade action on their turn – this ability is a minor manifestation of Unreal and causes no damage no matter how many time he uses it in a day. Haste can only be used once a combat round.

•   Elemental Manipulation:Unreal elemental manipulation is a tricky and treacherous path. Rhade can create up to a ½ tonne of Water per month (500 kg or 1,100 lbs), any attempts to create more water damages Rhade. Rhade can manipulate this water and give it shape and form. Liquid forms like tendrils and discs come easier to Rhade than solid forms – which are made by transforming the water into Ice. A wall of water is easier for him to hold than a wall of ice – though Ice will give better protection.  The larger the volume of water he is controlling the more concentration he has to use. Any volume that equals his own body weight forces him to remain stationary or lose control of the water, any volume that is more than his weight will cause damage even possibly kill Rhade. Rhade can manipulate Ice and Water that he has not created, but sustains physical damage when the weight is equal to half his body weight. Large degrees of water and ice manipulation are best used as a last resort for Rhade. (In FARCE, the Spirit attribute governs the accuracy and damage of all elemental manipulations so he is quite accurate with all water and ice elemental attacks.)
                —Favoured Elemental Manipulation: is a cone of water which he slices razor thin sheets (discs) of water and flings it at enemies – these discs of water are small and focused enough to deal cutting damage to cement walls and masonry – when frozen these discs become blunt and their damage is lessened. Because of the cones shape, each disc becomes smaller and smaller the more attacks he makes with a single cone.


•   Physical Damage: Rhade does not have a lot invested in the Vitality Attribute so when he over-uses any of his Unreal manipulation abilities he starts taking damage – and he can’t take much before he collapses and risks killing himself.
•   Merfolk: His Race has been involved in an ongoing war with Merfolk for centuries, the hatred of Merfolk runs deep and he will drop everything to watch an obvious Merfolk perish (preferably horribly). His hatred is deeply ingrained and as such he carries a strong prejudice.
•   Heat/Waking Death: Being exposed to extreme heat can have some damaging effects on Rhade. First his short term memory goes; he forgets what he’s saying what he’s doing. If he does not get away from heat soon he’ll eventually shut down into a coma like state and never recover. While in a desert or on a volcano he suffers movement penalties (-2 Pace), he is slow and is not reliable as far as actions go. Water can temporarily stave off heat sickness.


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Ren Thorne

Basic Information

System of Origin: A Haruhism Universe
Age: 25                                                       Gender: Male
Height: 5’5”                                                Hand: Left handed
Race: Esper                                                 Hair: Dark Brown
Skin: Tanned light brown skin                   Eye Color: Gold / Yellow

Short History

The idea that the universe revolves around the dreams of people is not a new concept for Ren. Having been found by the infamous guardian mercenary Gaddez in a pocket dimension during an assassination attempt, Ren found the concept of Primary citizens dreaming up alternate worlds, including his own, pretty much in line with what he grew up with. Ren became an Esper when he was 17 years old and joined ‘The Organization’ immediately after. In his home universe the prevalent belief in the Organization is that the universe is only 7 years old because a goddess created it, or it’s a reiteration of a universe the goddess destroyed.  Either way pleasing the goddess would ensure a continued existence. Goddess awareness would most likely end in the death of the universe so the Organization always kept the fact the universe revolves around her -a secret from her.

When the goddess is displeased pocket universes develop and giant blue ‘Divine Men’ and other celestial creatures stomp around destroying the pocket universe according to the subconscious frustrations of the goddess. If the Divine Men are not destroyed the damage in the pocket universes can bleed through into reality. If that happens there is a very good chance the goddess with destroy or abandon the universe… so the organization sends in Espers to kill the divine men and close these pocket universes.

Ren discovered Gaddez and the succubus Devora, in one pocket dimension that was ripped out of his home system and placed in Primary Los Angeles. Things happened, stuff exploded, Ren met his first orc cyborg and demon all in the same day. Ren had a number of options after the whole affair was done with but he ended up choosing to join the guardians eventually.  Since then he has been a relatively new recruit.


Ren is an introvert with good analyzation skills. When meeting new people Ren will do his best to be charming but Ren can be cold and anti-social preferring smaller groups to larger ones. He has a tendency to smile pleasantly whenever someone is addressing him and his morals are sometimes flighty, or downright questionable.


Ren knows English, Mandarin, and Indian with a little bit of Russian thrown in for good measure. The Organization was international with pocket dimensions popping up in every country. The number of dimensional disturbances compared to the number of active espers on the planet meant that espers had to go to other countries on a regular basis.


       Ren is a moderately handsome young man who’s most distinguishing feature are his gold or yellow eyes. While he is a little on the short side Ren is athletic because outside of a dimensional disturbance Ren is exactly as capable as a normal human being. Typically he wears black jeans and any combinations of colorful top. Ren is not super careful about his appearance unless he needs to be.

Basic Skills

          The following skills Ren has invested a lot of time and effort to become very proficient in.

•   Acrobatics / Run / Climb / Jump / Swim : Ren is athletic and trains himself daily to be the best he possibly can be outside of a dimensional disturbance. Outside of pocket dimensions he is a normal human and as a result feels a little vulnerable. Training up physical skills helps.
•   Escape Artist / Open Locks / Stealth: This training was provided by the Organization for the purpose of innocuous surveillance on the goddess. Ren has never used these skills to break the law without a greater good at stake.
•   Notice: The ability to detect hidden objects, the general mood of a person, and stealthy enemies has also be improved upon as much as Ren possibly can.
•   Concentration: This is the ability to focus through pain, and even physically resist some forms of torture. The Organization was not the only group in his home universe that knew about the goddess and some groups were less than cooperative in dealing with each other.
•   Psionics: Outside of a dimensional bubble the most Ren can pull off as an Esper is the ability to sense emotions. This is incredibly weak and barely above the level of natural intuition of normal people.
•   Willfull: Ren’s defense against any compelling, psionic, fear, or other mental manipulation is astounding and about the only racial ability of the Esper that reliably works outside of a pocket dimension. 
•   Favored Enemy: Divine or Celestial Creatures. Ren knows how to take down a wide variety of divine creatures and even outside of a dimensional pocket he is quite adept at dealing damage to them, or at the very least, surviving their assaults. Most divine entities evolved from human culture and Ren’s world was extremely close to Primary in terms of games, legends, and other incarnations of divine creatures. Because the goddess would take what she saw and use it subconsciously some divine creatures reflect legends and creatures in radically different worlds.
•   Team Tactics: Small teams and Esper Swarms are what Ren is used to. He knows the basics of most combat situations and the team tactics involved, but this is very basic common sense stuff. He is not a master tactician but he is reliable.
•    Firearms: Ren has training in most non-fictional firearms. Practical use of this training has been varied widely but Ren can use shotguns, pistols, and assault rifles guns with great accuracy. Rockets, chain guns, and other heavier guns he can’t pick up let alone use. All other guns he doesn’t have much experience using.

Esper Abilities

These abilities are only available or active in pocket dimensions or places where reality has been altered from its natural state.

•   Flight: Ren can fly for short bursts quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. He can’t fly high or for too long unless it’s a fully developed pocket dimension.
•   Psionics: Ren can communicate with others telepathically in pocket dimensions. This ability does not allow him to read minds though he can sense emotions with greater accuracy. Ren also has a number of telekinetic energy manipulation techniques that revolve mostly around taking down celestial creatures and protecting himself and allies. Under certain circumstances Ren can launch telepathic attacks and fortify allies, but these circumstances are rare and usually mean an enemy, or celestial creature, with psionic capabilities warping the dimension.
•   Dimensional Manipulation: Espers were created to destroy pocket dimensions. Usually though it takes a group of them to actively erase a pocket dimension’s existence. On his own Ren can enter and leave any pocket dimension and all dimensional disturbances. Ren can also examine the shape of a pocket dimension and determine its cause and the most likely way to destroy it – this only works on smaller pocket dimensions. The larger the pocket dimension the harder it is for him to determine what caused it and how to undo it.  If a pocket dimension gets large enough to encompass a world Ren loses his powers because it’s large enough to be its own world/reality and the new rules are now ‘normal’. 
•   Shapeshift: Espers have 2 forms; their normal human form and a 1 ft wide ball of light. The only benefit of this second form is making the Esper nigh impossible to target. Giant (or larger) creatures suffer in accuracy when attacking a shapeshifted Esper. Ren can use all of his Esper abilities in this Shapeshifted form and his normal human form.
•   Swarm: A swarm of espers make each other invincible. Since Ren is on his own the chances that he will ever swarm again is low. Swarms of espers occur when 5 or more espers link together mentally to take an opponent down. They are impossible to hit (even from surprise) and they increase the telekinetic defenses to the point where practically nothing can damage them. For this reason Espers usually travel together in groups to take down dimensions and are more vulnerable on their own.



•   Circumstances: Quite frankly if Ren isn’t in a pocket dimension or at least within touching distance of a dimensional disturbance he cannot use any of his Esper powers. He is a normal human 90% of the time. While he is athletic… he is not superhuman. Anything with remotely enhanced strength (or speed) will trounce him in a second in close combat. Outside of a dimension practically everything can kill him; bullets, fire, disease, bleeding out, you name a normal method for killing a normal human, and it will kill Ren too.
•    Introvert: Ren does not do well in crowds and will likely slink off to a corner with a book at parties. Ren is not the most social person. While Ren is confident in small groups and team situations if you put him in front of a crowd he will not know what to do. He will freeze up and stare blankly. Karaoke is right out.

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