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Author Topic: Faye Rivera  (Read 2820 times)


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Faye Rivera
« on: October 31, 2010, 05:40:26 am »

Faye's character sheet is in dire need of an update; she is no longer human. Rather, she has become an undead construct of sorts. Alive and yet not alive, and with a substantial change in her powerset and abilities. I have been too busy to do a proper update of Faye's sheets, but all powers/abilities/weaknesses from the Sabre portion of this character sheet applies to her.

Faye Rivera

Basic Information

System of Origin:Homebrew (D&D Inspired)
Race:Human (Elemental-blooded)
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair:Long, usually tied in a braid. Platinum colored.


Kind-hearted and brave. Sees things in shades of grey, though she tends towards good. Willing to help others and risk her life for them. She tries to see the positive in most situations.


Faye tends towards halter tops and pants or other clothing that allows for ease of movement. Occasionally, she wears something slightly skirt-like paired with shorts en lieu of pants. She doesn't stray far from her usual color scheme of black and blue.

  • Sword: Stored within her body, Faye can summon a longsword by clapping her hands together and drawing the blade from her left palm as though from a sheath. The longsword, once summoned, appears like and is as resilient as any mastercraft blade. It has a slightly blue-grey tint to it.
  • Bow: Faye is capable of using a bow and arrow, both standing and while mounted, both on horse and gryphon. She does not typically bring her bow with her on missiosn, preferring to rely on her stored sword.


  • Vest: Made of blue and white fey leather, with silver snowflakes embroidered over the button holes and silver buttons adorning the other side, this vest enables Faye to take on a snowflake-like mistform. She cannot attack while in this form, but is able to move (fly). This effect lasts for one minute at a time and can be used on a per-encounter basis. (Gifted by Rath Azuredawn.)
  • Rings of Brotherhood:Stripped of all but one enchantment, which has been boosted, these rings act as a pair and allows herto communicate with the other holder of the ring at any time, even across dimensions. Though she has both rings at present, Faye hopes to give one to her brother. (Gifted by Rath Azuredawn.)


Faye is a highly trained warrior specialized in swords, bows, and gryphon riding. Her style of swordplay relies less on strength and more about speed and grace. Though she typically forsakes the use of a shield, she enhances her fighting with her ice-based powers to make up the difference.

Racial Abilities

Though technically human, Faye is descended from a long line of humans whose lineage has long since been intertwined with ice elementals. Because of this, she has access to a number of ice-based powers:
  • Healing: Faye can apply her ice powers to heal varying kinds of wounds. To heal something, she infuses the wound with ice that takes the place of the broken/damaged bits. The ice regenerates the wound over time. The severity of the wound determines how long it takes for the ice to heal it. Wounds that are in the process of being regenerated are still painful, though the sensation is dulled somewhat.
  • Ice Bolts: She can generate ice shards and launch them as bolts towards opponents. They are sharp and are capable of piercing even light armor. The bolts are stronger and less prone to shattering than naturally formed ice.
  • Shield: Faye can generate a shield formed of ice on either of her arms. It can be anywhere from a buckler to a tower shield in size, though the larger the shield, the longer it takes for her to create it. Buckler-sized ice-shields are almost instantaneous, while something like a tower shield would take much longer. She doesn't often use this ability, preferring instead to fight with mobility in mind.
  • Ice Resistance: Because of her elemental-blooded nature, Faye has a natural resistance to magically-based ice. She can also withstand colder temperatures for longer than a normal human.
  • Weapon Storage: Faye can generate a longsword out of ice, which takes on the appearance and strength of a proper metal blade once fully formed. This sword was once a real weapon that was absorbed into her body through a ritual that was handed down from her mother.


  • Burnination: Though human, Faye's elemental background renders her especially susceptible to fire magics.
  • Grief handling: Faye has difficulties in dealing with grief. This will often drive her to seek comfort in another person's arms, though she is attempting to deal with this following an encounter with the Admin GDH, Lana.

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Jack: The first friend that Faye made following her arrival at the Outpost, she and Jack have grown quite close. They often seek comfort in one another's arms, and generally enjoy spending time together. If Faye were willing to allow herself  to love another, Jack would certainly fit the bill, but as it is she keeps that part of herself locked away, even to him.
  • Rath: Faye shares a close friendship with the dhampyr eladrin. She cares for him in much the same way as she does Jack, and had been in the process of cultivating a closer relationship with him prior to his abduction. She feels incredibly guilty for his loss, believing that she could have done more to prevent it.
  • Val: After having tried to kill Val on two occasions, and nearly dying for her efforts, their relationship is strained at best. She regrets dearly her actions, but it is unclear whether the half-elf forgives her. He gives her a wide berth and avoids her for the most part, but he has no shortage of scowls for when their paths do happen to cross.
  • Scrae: For some time after her attempts on Val's life, Scrae treated Faye with open hostility. He has since apologized, but Faye fears this will change with the revelation of her brother's participation in his recent kidnapping. As a result, she is avoiding Scrae as best as she can, but the Outpost isn't nearly as big as she might like…
  • Lana: Although the ninja is quite close to both Val and Scrae, she has been nothing short of kind to the ice-blooded woman. They have talked on occasion and share a mutual attraction for one another, which finally culminated following Rath's violent abduction. She has since encouraged Faye to deal with her grief in more constructive ways, and Faye has strove to adhere to this.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Musical Roommates: Faye has moved around a lot within the Outpost. Her first roommate was Shaeniel Andvari, who disappeared and has not been heard from since. To save on space, she was paired up with Rath Azuredawn, who also disappeared for a time. Prior to his reappearance, Faye was forced to room with Liaison. So far so good - in the time they have been living together, Liaison (despite being a ghost) has not yet vanished.


Faye comes from a system/planet named Varial. A native of the country of Alterra, she was born to an Alterran hero and an elemental-blooded woman from the Vennon Isles. When her mother took ill and passed away when Faye was still a baby, her father, Althanos, took on the responsibility of raising her alone. He never remarried, choosing instead to devote his life to both his daughter and a growing addiction to alcohol.

As she grew up, Faye found that she was gifted with the blood talents of her mother and the martial skills of her father. She put these to use as early as she could, hoping to repair the damage her father, by then a shadow of his former self, had done to their family name over the years. To that end, she petitioned to and eventually joined a branch of the Alterran royal guards.

In recent years, Varial had seen a strange and steady decline. Strange, terrible things kept happening all over the world, and especially in Alterra. Plagues, famines, the works. Faye travelled with her adopted brother, Braelyn, in hopes of discovering a way to stop the never-ending string of calamities, but was unsuccessful. As time wore on, the world appeared to come to a stop. In reality, the system was falling into a stasis brought about by its creator outright ignoring it.

When the stasis finally settled in, Faye was left as the only person left moving. As a result of this, Varial ejected her and she found herself in Primary and at the doorstep of her creator, a woman named Marie Comeau. Faye discovered that Marie was also the creator of another being, Val Cesoerdo, who seemed to occupy her attention during the years that Varial fell into decline. Faye determined that he was the cause of her world's troubles and, after learning that he was in Primary as well, vowed to end his life.

She made two attempts on Val's life, both of which went poorly. After the second, she was captured by the Gaming Guardians. She has since been released from the sublevels on a probationary basis. She is disallowed the use of her powers for anything excepting missions. This displeases her, but she accepts it as proper punishment for her actions.
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Reference Pictures
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By Myself (Newest to Oldest)

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Complete list (Commissions + Own Artwork)
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System of Origin: Azuredawn Reality Marble
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Skin: Pale White                               
Eye Color: Blue                 
Hair: Short Silver
Hand: Ambidextrous                     
Build: Athletic                   
Race: Undead Ice Branch

Sabre was created in the image of Faye Riviera and is the vessel for a lot of Rath’s memories from when he was alive. She is kind, caring, patient, loyal, and selfless – traits that spring from memories concerning the woman she was made to look like. She is content with her lot in life – and although she is one of the few branches that can leave the Azuredawn she prefers to stay in the marble unless needed by Rath patiently and contentedly tending to a garden of ice crystals – a fabrication of the garden Rath spent a lot of time in when he was still on Eberron. She is an echo of memories that she once held, and is at peace with the nature of her existence.

She has only one real set of clothing – Gold and purple armor with brilliant blue crystals on it.

  • Sword: Sabre’s long sword is clear as glass and see-through. It can be called instantly to her hand at any time, from any distance. It is a part of her, and emits a strong undead aura. When the sword is not ‘sheathed’ it is beside her phased out from the rest of reality.
  • Shield: After spending one standard action Sabre can form a strong tower shield out of ice. This shield acts like a regular shield of the same type – even in extreme temperatures.
  • Bow and Arrow: Sabre’s bow and arrows have the same properties as her sword in that it emits an undead aura and can be called to her hand at any time. The bow and arrow is a part of her, and even when firing from the back of a mount she can never incur penalties when attacking with it. The arrows are made of ice and have the ‘cold’ subtype of damage added onto them, and she has an endless supply of them.

  • Swordsmanship: Sabre was built for one other purpose aside from storing Rath’s memories, and that is to fight. As Rath’s sole summon she is an exceptional fighter in hand to hand combat, her style relies on fast strike rather than large heavy ones. She is agile and hard to hit – and excels at flanking an enemy. When she is on the defensive however she uses her shield to bash with surprising strength.
  • Alertness: Sabre’s visual and auditory senses are very strong and she hones them at every opportunity.  She sees things with a great bit more accuracy than a normal persons.
  • Perfect Recall: Sabre can remember everything she sees or hears with perfect accuracy, though she cannot reproduce what she sees or hears with the same accuracy. This ability is partly from Rath more specifically when she had to remember everything for him.
  • Weapon Storage: Due to the nature of her existence Sabre can call and store her weapons instantly in a sub-dimensional space that is perpetually next to her.
  • Undeath: She can sense other undead auras and how powerful they are, she counts as an undead herself. She is susceptible to radiant energy though Necrotic energy heals her. All undead branches from the Azuredawn cannot be permanently killed so long as the Azuredawn exists, they all reform back inside the reality marble upon complete destruction and usually have to wait for a way out again. (That is if they can even leave in the first place)
  • Branch: As a Branch she is alive, and retains humanoid traits. She can choose whether her aura registers as ‘alive’ ‘dead’ or ‘undead’. She can have children if she so wishes, but children retain the ‘branch’ qualities (ice in her case) and none of the undead related qualities.
  • Ice:Every branch has a subtype, Sabre’s is ‘Ice’.  She takes no damage from sub-zero temperatures, but can start taking damage in extreme heat.
  • Regeneration: From the ‘ice branch’ heritage she can regenerate even lethal wounds. If she is conscious she must concentrate on Regeneration until she can move again, if she is unconscious she cannot wake up until her wounds are fully healed (This can leave her vulnerable) While regenerating, ice covers her open wounds – eventually this ice will melt and repair her skin underneath.
  • Snowflake Mist: Another ‘ice branch’ quality Sabre can turn herself and whomever/whatever she is carrying into a pile of snowflakes and fly slowly from one point to another. She cannot attack anyone while she is a pile of snowflakes, and cannot be attacked in that form either.

  • Undeath: Some people may have something against her when she has an undead aura up, so she prefers to use her living aura – though she cannot change the aura of her weapons – they will forever mark themselves as undead.  Spells that target undead can also target her/
  • Weapons: Her weapons are a part of her... if they are ever broken or destroyed Sabre feels an extreme amount of crippling agony. If they are ever broken they must be regenerated as soon as possible or her concentration will be scattered.
  • Heat: Flames and heat are her undoing, she is extremely susceptible to fire and extremely high temperatures.
  • Radiant Energy: Also known as holy energy, this can harm Sabre and inflict damage as she technically counts as undead, and most undead are dealt damage by Radiant Energy.