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Author Topic: Santo Cesoerdo  (Read 1414 times)


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Santo Cesoerdo
« on: April 20, 2013, 03:18:17 am »

Name: Santo Cesoerdo

System: Selinar (3.0 D&D world)

Age: 50 (not counting the time he was dead)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5'8Ē

Build: He was well-muscled in his youth, and still in good shape, but he has gotten leaner and lost some muscle.

Hair: Black, short and curly (though he keeps it cut short enough that the curls arenít obvious).  It is receding at the temples and he gets the occasional gray hair, though he plucks them out when he finds them.

Eyes: Black

Other: On Santoís left breast is a slightly iridescent mark, in the shape of a rearing unicorn.  The symbol of the goddess Iris.  It acts as a sort of imprinted holy symbol.

Clothing: Prefers simple, comfortable, and well-made clothing.  He often wears dress shirts and slacks, along with a pair of leather loafers.


Besides a pair of reading glasses that he wears only when necessary, Santo owns very little.

Affiliations:  Santo was originally very dedicated to the Cesoerdo name.  Now that the Cesoerdo family no longer exists in Selinar, and their legacy of evil magic use seems to be dead, and the only other living Cesoerdo he knows of hates him, heís not sure what his connection to the Cesoerdo family is any longer.

Abilities/skills (mundane):

Basic weapon proficiency: His preferred weapon is a sabre or crossbow, but he has had training in most basic weapons and armor.

Accounting: Having devoted his life to looking after his familyís finances, he has practical experience in accounting.


Healing: On being returned to life, Isis gave Santo the healing abilities of a low level cleric.  He only has access to spells that heal, cleanse, or protect.  He casts as a level 3 cleric. Unlike good clerics, he cannot drop a spell in order to cast a Cure spell, even though his power comes from a good deity. Heís able to receive the following spells each day, as long as he meditates for at least an hour (during which time, Iris judges whether he is worthy of still receiving her gifts):

  • Level 0: Cure Minor Wounds (x2), Purify Food and Drink, Resistance
  • :Level 1: Cure Light Wounds (x2), Sanctuary
  • 2 times a day: Cure Moderate Wounds (x2)
Magic: Santo studied magic in his youth, but managing the familyís finances took precedence and he never made it past level 3 as a wizard.  He no longer has access to the spell books he once used, and at Valís instruction, his access to spell books at the Outpost has been limited. Heís able to memorize the following spells each day:

  • Level 0: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Mage Hand
  • Level 1: Magic Missile, Unseen Servant
  • Level 2: Knock

Evil...: Santo is lawful evil, though it is his intention to change that.  Still, he needs to demonstrate that he working to redeem himself, and for the time being, he is weak to things that affect evil creatures.

...but unable to act evil: If Santo strays from the path of redemption, then the holy abilities that Iris gives him will be revoked immediately.  What actions could cause this have been left vague, though they include one hard and fast rule: no rape.

Traumatic Flashbacks: Santoís soul has experienced being fractured into two.  One half suffered hundreds of years of torture in Hell. The other, hundreds of years of being slowly devoured by an evil book that it was trapped in.  There are times when he will flashbacks from his torment, which may cause intense anxiety and fear, or even be so bad as to cause him to start raving, or pass out.   The severity of the flashback may depend on his current situation.  Stress or events that remind him of his time in Hell may bring an attack on.  Attacks are left up to the discretion of the GM during games.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Santo doesnít know it, but he has an anxiety disorder and is OCD.  This generally manifested in his bookkeeping practices when he was managing the family finances.  He is not satisfied with his balance sheets unless he has calculated and recalculated them several times.  He was also compelled to make sure doors and windows were closed, that fires were not left burning in fireplaces, that objects were put in their exact places.  In the time he lived, it was simply thought that he was a frugal perfectionist.  Itís unclear how his obsessive behavior will manifest in his new life.

Personality:  Santo prefers to be left alone to read quietly, and has been characterized as a ďgrumpĒ by people who didnít realize he was evil.  He can be very personable and charismatic if necessary, and will be around people he feels he needs to impress.  When with someone he likes, he tends to sound less friendly, but he talks more freely.

Santo does have the ability to be gentle and kind, but it shows up very rarely.


Santo lived about five hundred years before Val was born.  During his time, he corrupted a young man named Samyl, and taught him to use the powers granted by an evil Book.  Samyl went on to plunge Selinar into war.  Santo died at the age of 50, killed by his own son, but a piece of his soul was trapped in that Book and was aware of everything users of the Book did from that point on, including the war that his student was responsible for, which killed and cursed thousands of people.

He was still in the Book when  Val brought it back from Selinar.  Many of the souls were released from the book while being jaunted to Primary, including Santo and Samyl.  Santo couldnít do much, but he did become Aware, and managed to hide that fact from the Guardians when he was collected (as most of the souls from the Book have been).  He, and the other souls, were turned over to Iris, one of Selinarís goddesses.

Iris offered each soul the opportunity to seek redemption.  Since Santosís soul was split in two, she reunited them, and then resurrected him.  He asked to assist with the search for Samylís soul, which still eludes the Guardians, because he wants to prevent the man from causing the same chaos that happened in his system.  Iris asked Val to take him to help, and because Santo was Aware and had information to help with what might be the most dangerous soul still on the loose, he was brought back to Primary.

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