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Author Topic: Comic for 10/08/10  (Read 1412 times)

Graveyard Greg

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Comic for 10/08/10
« on: October 09, 2010, 06:43:12 am »

Its been a while, and ones changed his look, but both are a particular set of consciences belonging to a Dark Greg.

But whos talking off panel?


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Re: Comic for 10/08/10
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2010, 05:01:52 pm »

My money is on Relapse, he's on honorable hall monitor duty and wanted the two figments of Greg's imagination to look his way so he can assassinate the cigar. "No smoking in the halls, even pretend smoking.". He'll then proceed to wander off as if he'd never been.


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Re: Comic for 10/08/10
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2010, 03:08:08 pm »

That does sound like something I'd do; and I do take time out to sneak around behind my back to keep me on my toes.
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