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Author Topic: The Intro Dossier  (Read 2522 times)


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The Intro Dossier
« on: November 21, 2008, 05:24:36 pm »

This information is fairly dated, but has some value.

Intro Dossier For The Outpost

Welcome to the Outpost. This intro dossier is made to help new arrivals in the Outpost to understand it, the existence of systems and the necessity of the Gaming Guardians. We understand that some of this content may upset some of you but please read through the whole dossier before doing anything radical.

The beginning: In this world, called The Primary System or simply Earth, there is an activity called role-playing games. Now most role-playing games involve several kinds of dice (or die as they are called), a set of rules, some background information and a lot of imagination. This can change from game to game, but itís true in general. A role playing group consists mainly of a Game Master and several players. Now in these role-playing games the Game Master usually 'create' a universe where the players play as 'characters'. These characters can be anything ranging from mighty warriors of all races to weak students of the occult who'll have to rely on brain power and luck instead of brawn. In a gaming session you can do anything from beating an ancient evil to losing to an ancient evil to......basically everything the mind can come up with. Depending on the game you play of course. Role-playing have become immensely popular since the first game was created and now there's A LOT of different games out there. Well....So far so good, right? It's simply games you play with some rules, a lot of imagination and some of dice, right? Nope. This is where things get complicated.

The Truth and Systems: When you 'create' a game you create a system (A kind of parallel dimension, except as follows.) Systems are direct reflections of RPGs (Role-Playing Games for those who didn't guess) being played or formerly played in the Primary system (There are systems for books, computer games, videos and probably a load of other things too also - but let us not get too far of the track). Systems focus on the Players and a GM controls the systems. There are clusters of systems each grouped by the game they are created from. The early history of the system is (most of the times) fabricated by the GM but for the inhabitants of that system that's how it has always been.
An example: A GM originally made an area of a specific world a very large plain. He later (perhaps sometime into the game) discovers that it would have been wiser or better to place a mountain range and highlands there instead. He does so and the plain changes into a mountain range and hills. Let's say there were creatures and humans living on that big area. Before the change they always remembered living on a plain. That's how it always had been. Now, the new terrain, along with all modifications to clothing and lifestyle to accommodate the presence of the new terrain, are instead remembered by the inhabitants as how things always have been. In most cases, nothing remains to indicate that things were ever otherwise. A GM has control of the rules and setting and can change almost anything.

PCs and NPCs: There are two general types of people in a Role-Playing system. Player Characters, or PCs, and Non-player characters, or NPCs. PCs are people who are directly controlled by the people playing the game in the Primary System that created the system. NPCs are people controlled by the Game Master. Basically, anyone who is not a PC falls under this category, from a farmer whom the party passes on the road, to the shopkeeper who sells them his potions, to the villain or antagonist of the game. Up until recently, the overwhelming majority of people who found themselves in the Primary System were Player Characters. In recent months, however, an increasing number of Non-Player Characters have arrived and been welcomed into the Gaming Guardians. Occasionally, Player Characters who arrive here look down on or disrespect former Non-Player Characters or consider them to be nonentities. Characterist attitudes such as these are NOT welcome here. The Gaming Guardians accept all manners of beings, creatures, constructs, spirits, and other entities who don't fall under the prior categories, regardless of their former PC or NPC status. We say former, because any character reaching the Primary System (whether they were PC or NPC) who learns of the nature of the gaming systems becomes independent from whatever player or GM in the Primary system that originally directed them.

The Outpost, the Gaming Guardians and the Powergamers: The Gaming Guardians are an organisation dedicated to keep all gaming systems from harm and errata. Without the past efforts of the Gaming Guardians many systems would have been ruined and in same cases destroyed outright. The Guardians have existed for several years now and have risked life and limb to help keep the systems running somewhat smoothly. The Gaming Guardians have been needed more than ever before in these last years however. Inconsistencies have been cropping up all over the systems and last year (2002 By Primary System reckoning) saw the Awakening of a large number of NPCs. It is guessed that this trend of Awakening will continue now in 2003. The last year saw also the creation of a NEW group called The Powergamers. The Powergamers primary mission is to protect the Primary system from outside threats. The primary base of the Gaming Guardians is the Outpost (You are probably standing in it right now if you're reading this). The Outpost is a state-of-the-art building with many rooms and surprises (Taste the cafeteria food then you'll know what the author is talking about). Key rooms include:

Atrium/Welcome Area.
Command/Control Center.
Hanger Bay.
Training Rooms.
Jaunt Rooms.
Rec Rooms.
Security Center.
Debriefing Rooms.

There are other less important(Or more secret) rooms around but these are the main gathering and lifeblood-areas of the Outpost.

What is Jaunting?: In the above list of rooms there's probably something that caught your eyes. Jaunt room? What is jaunt? Easy. Jaunting is what we call travelling between the barriers of the systems. Sort of dimensional travelling but its different. You need a jaunt device to be able to travel to or from a system(Not always the case. A lot of the recent arrivals to the Outpost have arrived here in odd ways).

Recent History: In the recent years the Gaming Guardians have had their hands full at periods and then endured a month or two of boredom before something goes wrong again. "The War" and the months before it was the longest and perhaps the most dangerous chapter in this tide of calm and not-calm. A villain (Original system unknown) called The Scarlet Jester attacked and destroyed the Outpost. Graveyard Greg, EDG and Radical (The original Gaming Guardian team) all barely escaped, Greg and EDG were lost in the hitherto-unexplored Video Games systems (Some of our new NPC members hail from this region) and Radical found herself in another system where she encountered a shapechanger called Mockery. Mockery replicated Radicalís body and powers and remade itself into an independent copy of Radical, renaming itself/herself Ultima. Ultima had one goal Ė to eliminate Radical so that she would be unique, not just a copy. In the ensuing fight between them Radical temporarily lost her powers and was imprisoned in that system. Graveyard Greg and EDG (who by now had escaped from the Video Games systems into the RPG-systems) found and rescued her with an improvised jaunt device. When they finally returned to the Primary System they were faced with the destruction of Maplewood, New Jersey. Later the cities Huntsville, Alabama and Monroe, Michigan suffered the same devastation. The person behind this destruction was The Scarlet Jester and Greg (who had had friends in these cities) decided to wage war against the Jester for the safety of the Primary System. Greg recruited a lot of help from various systems but even with this additional manpower he barely won what we refer to as 'The War'. When the dust finally settled in The Scarlet Jester's base the Jester lay dead (what caused his death exactly is unknown). The base was secured, and searched.

Afterword: We hope you will have an enjoyable stay here at the Outpost. Lodgings will be available for recent arrivals. Just go to the Atrium/Welcome Area and talk with the receptionist. Anyone wanting to join the Guardians should go there as well and ask for the proper forms.

Wargolem - project leader
Writer, Lurker37, and Cale Arin - authors
Lurker37 - editing
Gorbash Kazdar, Forsyth, Berserker60 & Ghost, Ronald Mack, and Cuspid - contributors
Attrition - Pie!!!
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