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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 2256 times)

Taross Blackburn

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Forum Rules
« on: March 31, 2010, 10:50:32 am »

These are the forum 'rules'.
They are not rules as set in stone like law, there is actually a thread to discuss the wording, severity or neccessity of certain entries to be found in the OOC portion of this forum. I also encourage people to go there if there's something they can't accept in the following post.

However, these are a couple of guidelines for general civility AND a couple of warnings of how your account will be dealt with.
While most of the sections haven't even been warranted yet, such as civility and swearing and such, it's just prudent (or overcompleting) to add them here right now. It's just so I don't have to go back too much to edit, re-edit and edit again.

Anyway, read the rules, familiarize yourself with them (but not too close, that's second date territory) and above all, keep to the one rule that's not in the list.

Have fun.

Taross Blackburn

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Re: Forum Rules
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2010, 10:51:14 am »

- Keep it civil.
Even though some characters may swear in a RP thread, there's no need to start dropping the same thing in other discussions or threads.

- Stay on topic.
OOC in OOC board. IC in IC board. Don't start posting forum-games in another persons thread.

- No porn/advertisements.
This should fit in 'keep it civil' mostly, however I am adding this as a separate rule of itself as the Admins use porn-signatures, links and other such references to weed out bots. Porn will get you marked and banned as a bot. Same goes for medication, dating sites, planes, trains and automobiles and other stuff completely unrelated to what we're about.
It's alright to make an occasional post to say "Hay guyz! Check out this new game" or "There's a sale on dice going on here."

- Make a post.
Not a bannable offense, and not really a rule per-se. But PLEASE make at least one valid, coherent post in any thread where it is a fitting post. As with above, post-count is usually checked by Admins when looking for undesirables. If you don't happen to be a well-known regular and you haven't made a single post after signing up a week ago. You might be marked a bot and banned.

- Don't join an RP 'uninvited'.
When marked (Open) an RP thread is usually fair game to join. But if it's in-progress, a GM might appreciate it more if you could join AFTER a current dilemma/encounter is solved rather than having you swoop in and 'solve' it. Send a PM and ask. If an RP is marked (Closed) the GM has most likely arranged for players in advance. DO NOT just step in as you will probably be ignored after one (or no) requests to butt out. At GM request your posts might even be removed.

- The GM is always right.
It's an RP rule, yes. But if you're participating in a thread for RP, the GM (and usually the starter of the thread) is the authority within their own story. Please don't start argueing with the GM in their own thread. Please don't start an OOC thread purely for the purpose of argueing with a GM about their RP. If you feel that you are being slighted or if the 'established Guardian universe' is being trodden on, there are more polite ways of adressing this than great big flame wars. If you're worried, send the GM a private message to ask why they denied you use of power x or howcome they're ignoring the fact that the outpost lobby is usually well-armed and defended.
As an addendum, even if the GM admits to not being quite certain about the universe he or she is running the play in, it's on average more polite to send a PM with clarifications rather than derailing the RP with OOC-chatter.

- Please don't break the universe.
We're all playing in a more or less pre-established universe where it may be canon for characters with super-ultra-tech to run around, but mind that these things usually only work if you are CM-ed, if they are on your own person, or in the outpost itself. Primary does not have the magic or the ultratech capability to make your stuff work on its own. Similarly don't simply write in "Giant force X that is hiding in this forest" or "Supersecret net of spy and jaunt sattelites that's been around Primary Earth for a while now". That brings us to.

- Other people are playing this game too.
To literally quote someone "Villains are villainous, but make the game fair before you make the villain more evil." Not even a GM gets to claim their stuff automatically works or is correct. If enough people call bull, you might want to rethink your strategy.