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Author Topic: Avatars and Natives  (Read 2925 times)


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Avatars and Natives
« on: October 20, 2009, 12:31:40 pm »

Welcome to Incognito

This thread is reserved for people who wish to 'save' their favourite disguises/avatars, as well as people who wish to create a persona who is native to the system itself, wandering around Metropole or just visiting the nightclub.
The rules are fairly simple.

Rule #1: The system is 99% Unaware. In fact, most of the patrons of the nightclub are just 'regulars' from the city. This enforces the 'rule' that everyone must remain 'in character' to be incognito. If you create a native character from the systems, remember that you are an 'Unaware' persona and living your life in a living setting. There are some help-groups of course for people who wander into Metropole from the surrounding systems, but not nearly as organised as the Guardians v. The Systems.

Rule #2: You are 'power-capped'. The system is set up to ensure that a regular character progression will not carry a persona over a certain threshhold. Specific NPCs put in to simulate pantheons, emperors or other such regulatory figures set aside. But even these are limited. This is to ensure that the Gaming Guardians and Incognito staff can reasonably handle any crises that may occur without having to break out the world-shattering stops.

This means that the rank-and-file people that make the world go round have a point-cap of 50.
The so-called 'plot-driving' npcs get to go to 80.
And should you ever run into a demigod, take a deep breath and know they're not stronger than 200. GURPS heroic level.

When you make your own avatar or local character, you can pick 1 and 2. But please don't go for #3. You can still add a maximum of 20 more points via flaws.

Should you be wondering how you can make yourself a GURPS character, properly, well... http://lapse.nerdvana.org.au/code/gurps/
Thanks to Relapse, this is the easy part.

So... will you be a local college student out for a night of not being beaten on by jocks? Are you just the proprietor from the coffee-shop down the street? Or are you a Guardian looking to see if they can't 'infiltrate' with the local Illumnati LARPers who gather in the nightclub every thursday evening...

Just remember to have fun.


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Re: Avatars and Natives
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2009, 12:37:15 pm »

A helpful template to get things started, by no means the obligatory format.

Name: The name of this character, of course.
Native/Avatar: Are you from Incognito? Or visiting? If visiting, do not put in the name of your 'real self'.
Hair Color/style:
Eye Color: 

The important part, what do you look like, eh?

Always useful, even if it's just a coverstory.

Optional, although if you intend to use any please write them in.

Again optional.


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Re: Avatars and Natives
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2009, 09:51:04 am »

Name: Belinda
Native/Avatar: Believed to be a DnD 3.5 Ranger, but 'native' to Incognito.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Elf (Wood-elf)
Height: 4'9"
Weight: 170-odd lbs, but really none of your business.
Build: Slender, trained... healthy on average
Hair Color/style: Dark brown, long, usually tied in a braid or ponytail
Eye Color: Green

Belinda usually goes around dressed like the business-owner she is. A neatly cut suit with a skirt, some nice shoes and not much in the way of purses or cases. She does her best to look as neutral as possible, aimed towards running a business and not showing off. Unfortunately, her physical condition, overall looks and eye to detail makes her look more provocatively dressed than she wishes to appear. Even if there's absolutely nothing off-key about her. One detail is a chained earring in her left ear, it has three small hoops along the outer edge, connected by a fine chain.

When neccesary she keeps an outfit handy for 'action'. This consists of a standard studded leather armor, a longbow, a long curved sword and the other normal trappings of an adventuring ranger. This equipment all has a basic level of enchantment on them just to have a little bit of an extra bite.

There's not a lot known about Belinda other than that she first appeared around the Guardians in Sigil. She has a companion animal probably from a more homebrew rules setting and if there is more written about her past, she hasn't shared much of it.
Nowadays she runs the nightclub Incognito together with Mika. The appearance of the system-cluster and the city that grew out of it around the nightclub can be called auspicious, but since none of the high brass of the Guardians have intervened it would seem to be ok.

Belinda is a mid-level ranger, and as such has access to all the powers and abilities that come with it. She has her companion animal, with whom she appears to share a closer bond more associated with a familiar than a regular companion.

Inside the nightclub itself, things are a little different. Doors are never locked if she absolutely needs to be inside, and even the bouncers claim that she's beaten them in armwrestling. While not absolute, the club is a domain she shares with Mika and she's been empowered to keep things Proper. This ability begins and ends at the outer limits of the club property.

Other than that she posesses an average skill in combat and business savvy, even though she's had little use to the first, and a weird knack of being able to guess numbers...

As noted, a basic enchanted full Ranger equipment.
A black clamshell phone that can also contact the Outpost, and communicate to other systems through that relay.
A small tazer.

Nightshade, aka Shade.
Shade is Belinda's companion animal. As a ranger she's acquired a Dire Skunk companion. The beast is BIG, as fits a dire animal. It's a spotted skunk type, and usually pretty laid back.
Belinda appears to have a closer-than-normal connection with this animal, and it's believed she can even see and hear through him to some extent.
He is highly protective of her, and the other way around, and can almost always be seen together