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Author Topic: K.I.O.S.C. - Important Links and General Info  (Read 3658 times)


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K.I.O.S.C. - Important Links and General Info
« on: November 20, 2008, 04:08:05 pm »

Welcome to K.I.O.S.C. - your source for essential Gaming Guardians Community information.
Originally compiled and maintained by the moderators of the continuing Outpost Social Intro RP series.

Last Updated: April 11th, 2011

The purpose of this thread is a handy one-stop link center (not attached to a continuous thread) for all members to find info on the comics, other members, forum etiquette, IRC, and the RP setting loosely based off the main storyline. I plan on keeping this up to date, since I'm attentive to those types of things. If there's a thread/site/etc you think is missing, let me know.

CURRENT: I'm working on resetting the links built up over time, starting with the ones not dependent on the Nice. As we rebuild the administrative threads here, I'll add them to the lists. Please PM me here or on IRC as needed, as I'm trying to build up the posts needed for this thread.

Update Note 11/22/10: Added some of the new help file  links, and cleared out at least one currently dead link.  (--- Your Friendly Neighborhood Janus)
Update Note 03/17/11: Added links to the [ Play Aid ] threads, as well as some other helpful links. Also monkeyed with layout a touch. (Faye)
Update Note 04/11/11: Added link to the new "What's Your Metaplot?" thread under the "General RP Information/Threads" header. (Faye)

Comic and Writer Information

Gaming Guardians
- The start of it all. Perusal is fun and informative!
GG Livejournal Community
-A Livejournal community for the webcomic.
Comixpedia Wiki Article
-A wiki for the Guardians on a site dedicated to webcomics.

Other Graveyard Greg comics

The Guardians
-Alternate universe spin-off; familiar characters, different situations and world.
-The original spin-off to Gaming Guardians, ended series.
The Vial
-Spin-off series by longtime GG artist Webtroll; issue 1 complete.
Carpe Diem
-The story of several Furry friends, and how they seize the day.
Dungeons and Denizens
-Keeping an adventurer's dungeon running is a tough job, but some monsters have to do it.
The Weird Wild West
-A brief Deadlands mystery
Dice Club
-Mischief. Mayhem. Dice.

Member Information

Leave of Absence
- Leave a message here if you're going to be away and may be unable to post.

Administrative Links

No administrative links yet

Code of Conduct and Additional Information

All About Yore Gramar
- Helpful thread illustrating some common grammer mistakes and how to fix them.

Art, Cards, and Press Releases

No creative type links yet

General RP Information/Threads

Briefing Files: System Facts at a Glance
- Information on various RP systems as written by community members.
Report Thread
- Ran or participated in a mission? Write a report about your experience here! This thread acts as a bit of history for ongoing/completed plots.
Memorandum Thread
- Home to interoffice memos between various Gaming Guardian officers and guests.
Mission Briefings
- Need to get information to people without having to run an in-game briefing? Put briefing materials here.
Profile Review
- If you'd like your profile reviewed, check this thread out.
What's Your Metaplot?
- Let people know what kind of ongoing character focused stories you have going right now.

Roster and Command Structure Info

Current Command Roster
- The listing of all Guardians RP characters and where they are affiliated
Department Information
- Introductions to the various departments in Gaming Guardians, written by the community members involved in them.
Promotion Recommendations
- Reward your fellow players by nominating them for a promotion.
Promotion & Department Requests & Roster Updates
- Need to have your character listed on the roster or advise of a change? This is where you do it.

RP Administrative Links

No administrative links yet

Supplemental Character Information

No supplemental char info yet

If you wish to have your thread/GG-related site added (or deleted) from KIOSC, please PM me or post in the thread a link and reasons why you think it should be here.

FYI, KIOSC is a deliberate misspelling to accommodate an acronym (Keeping Information On Secure Channels).
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K.I.O.S.C. - IRC Roleplay
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2008, 04:08:33 pm »

The Forum is not the only place for Gaming Guardians Roleplay!  The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Community for the Guardians is active on the Sorcery.net servers, active in one way or another 24/7 for all your RP and Social needs.  We have multiple channels for Out Of Character and In-Character interactions, as well as rich opportunities for connecting with other members.

To access the IRC community, you will need a chat program that supports IRC and point it at the server address irc.sorcery.net.  Alternatively, there is a web-based client provided by Sorcery.net here if you can't get ahold of an appropriate program.  Once logged into the Sorcery.net servers, go to the channel #GamingGuardians for our main OOC channel and the default jumping-off point for Guardians IRC.

Useful commands to remember when using IRC:
  • /join [channel] - Replace the [channel] portion with any of the various channels that the community uses, or even make up a channel of your own!
  • /nick [name] - Change your displayed nickname for any reason.  Keep in mind that Sorcery.net has a nickname registration system, so be prepared to change names if someone else already has what you want.
  • /me [text] - Used for making emote and action style text.
  • !active - This command will cause our Database bot to display a quick readout of which of our main channels are being actively used.
  • !ping - A command to test your ping reaction in relation to the Database bot.
  • !help - The Database bot will PM you any remaining commands currently in use, and how to properly use them.

Sorcery.net IRC Homepage
- See what info there is on the IRC servers which have kindly given us a home.
Gaming Guardians IRC Rules of Use
- These are the hard rules used for keeping order and moderating on the IRC side of things.
Gaming Guardians IRC Logs on LiveJournal
- An excellent place to archive your roleplay on IRC for others to read later.
Gaming Guardians IRC Roleplay Etiquette
- General etiquette observed informally by the IRC roleplayers, letting you know the do's and don'ts of getting into things.
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Re: K.I.O.S.C. - Important Links and General Info
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2008, 04:09:06 pm »

Placeholder for more info and maybe links due to post limits.


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Re: K.I.O.S.C. - Important Links and General Info
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2008, 04:13:47 pm »

Yet another placeholder just in case. Lots of general info and links, and a 20,000 character (including spaces!) limit on posts.