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Author Topic: IRC and You: A guide to finding the chat-based Guardians  (Read 3025 times)


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IRC and You: A guide to finding the chat-based Guardians
« on: September 24, 2009, 01:34:17 am »

So, you've found the home of the Gaming Guardians Roleplay Community through exhaustive internet searches and by clicking that handy link on our favorite webcomic.  You've also written up a fantastic character profile based on either your previous tabletop (or other forum/chat) roleplays, or inspired by your favorite settings.  Once this is done, what else is there besides finding a story here on the Forums?

Well... we also have our live chat community!

Yes, that's right!  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we have a place for you to go to connect with other members of the community and maybe even find some real-time roleplay events!

"But Janus," you might ask, "How do I reach this mythical land of wonder and joy?  How do I find other people that share my joy of stories and RPGs?"  Just follow along with these easy steps, and you'll be rolling along with the rest of us in no time!

Step 1:  Access IRC
Internet Relay Chat is one of the oldest forms of self-updating text communication on the internet, and is supported by a wide variety of freeware and purchased software programs.  There are also web-based applications, meaning there is no need to get these programs if you really don't want to.  What follows are just a few options for what is out there, as well as links to reliable sources for these programs/applications.
  • mIRC - By far the most popular program to use, the current build is a lot more user friendly than past versions.  Depending on how much you're willing to go through the customizing process you can insert scripts for log-in routines, create alerts with sound files and color coding, autolog your chats and channels, and sort multiple servers and channels.  A good balance between customizable interface and basic usability.  The company does want you to pay for the program, but after the trial period is done, all you will get are automated requests for you to pay for the program you are using and not just cutting you off coldUPDATE: The newest version of mIRC seems to cut you off now after the trial period.  Considering the utility of the program many here have happily paid for it, however if you need a consistently free option then consider reading further.
  • Trillian - Not the most popular with IRC users, there is a distinct advantage in Trillian being an all-in-one program for some of the most popular IM programs on the market.  Nice when you want to have all your chats in a unified system.  However, it's still a bit clunky customization-side for many features IRC users learn to appreciate.
  • Mibbit Web-based App - Using Mibbit, you can access multiple channels on IRC (a must for the successful Chat Guardian) and go through an account registration process for additional features.
  • SorceryNet Webapp - We use the SorceryNet server for our channels (more on that a bit later), and they maintain a decent basic webapp right on their website.
  • Colloquy (Excellent Mac Compatible IRC App) - As recommended by our resident ninja (especially Relapse), this might be what you want if you are running on Macintosh.
Keep in mind that this is not the definitive list.  There are many other programs out there, and if you find something new let us know!

Step 2:  Access the server & channel(s)
Because of the number of programs out there, we're not going to give a full user's guide to getting onto the channels.  However, here are a few major pieces of info for you to use after you read the basic startup instructions for your app:

Server - Sorcery.net
Channel - #Gamingguardians
Nick (nickname) - (This is where you put your name as the rest of us will see you..  No spaces.)

Once you have that and get your connection, you'll be brought to our main Out of Character channel.  #Gamingguardians is used for general chat, talking about story going on, and general tomfoolery.  It's also a great place to just get to know the community, and we're a friendly lot.  "But what about the Roleplay?"  Ahhh... that's easy once you find that first channel.

/join #gglounge

The #gglounge is our always-open RP channel.  It's currently treated as always being the main recreation lounge within The Outpost, and anyone is welcome to start RPing in there at any time.  We also have the following channels that can be accessed by typing /join and then the channel name:
  • #gglounge1 - Lounges 1-5 (including 3.5) are all used by players whenever they want to run a scene of any sort that can be witnessed by the community.  Missions, social scenes (either open for anyone, open by pre-approval, or closed except for selected members), and any other roleplay event within the community.
  • #gglounge2
  • #gglounge3
  • #gglounge3.5
  • #gglounge4
  • #gglounge5
  • #GGarena - The sparring & combat channel.  Want to pick a fight to see who actually is the baddest mamma-jammer?  Take it here.  Set the rules ahead of time, and then go at it.  No, there are no official b attle rules (yet), and like most of the community Storytelling rules all.
  • #GGVent - Something want to make you scream?  Take your rants and gripes into here.  People will know what's got you upset, and if you ask might respond with advice.  But the rule is, what is said in Vent, stays in Vent.  Respect that when people talk to you there and they'll respect that when you say things you don't want to have brought up time and time again.
  • #Gutter - We keep a general "PG-13" policy about anything brought up in the #gamingguardians.   Now... the Gutter is just what it sounds like.  If you want to know what might come up here, no matter what, then feel free to take a look.  Remember; if you don't want to know, then just don't look.  It's not as bad as it sounds, but we'll not go all censorship on the one channel we have set aside as "Gutter".

Step 3:  Jump in!
By this point, you've accessed the channels we call home and you've got an idea what the community is about.  So say hi!  Let us know a bit about yourself!  Get set on fire!  (That last part will get explained after you show up.)

You'll get some of your best interaction by talking with people and getting to know what's going on.  We'll get to fit you into things best once we get to know you.  But those are the topics of our next posts!
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Re: IRC and You: A guide to finding the chat-based Guardians
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2010, 12:52:14 pm »

IRC Rules of Conduct (As they appeared on Relapse's original document hosting)

Short and simple versions
  • Gaming Guardians Main Channel: Don't say or do anything that would get you fired from a decent job. Come to the Ops for help and infractions.
  • RP Channel (#GGLounge, #GGlounge1-#GGLounge5 and #GGArena): Communication is key. In Character =/= Out Of Character. If you can't see it on prime time network TV, don't do it here. In Character Actions = In Character Consequences. It's just a game.
  • Confidential mediation of personal issues available from Ops on agreement of both parties.

GamingGuardians Channel specifics for those who require them
  • INFRACTIONS. People are going to break the rules listed below due to things like ignorance or high emotions. If the conversation is making people uncomfortable or upset, causing people to comment passively, leave the channel, or call for Op attention, then it's likely past time to stop and change the subject. Mention it directly to the offender and ask them politely to desist; they may not have realized they crossed a line.
    • If conversation does cross the bounds of the rules, and the person doesn't quit after being asked, an op will kick or warn them (as seems appropriate at the time). If the person does not stop, they will be kicked again or temporarily kickbanned. If a person thinks a kick or kickban was not just, they should join #ggops to discuss it.
    • If no moderators are paying immediate attention, and thus do not provide a needed kick or warning, please PM the ones you know to be present, and/or come into #GGOps to report it. The ops are, unfortunately, only human. They can't read the main channel 24/7, however nice it would be. If no one is present for whatever reason (sleep, school, work, etc), leave an Email, Forum PM, and/or leave a message in #GGOps. Leave a brief description and copy-paste log of the matter, along with the offender's /whois info, so the Ops can deal with it when they read back (much easier to do in the Ops Chan than in Main).
    • Anonymity of those who report infractions will be protected. This is why the Ops ask that once any business is complete, non-Ops please do not idle/lurk in #GGOps. The Ops present will listen to anything brought up, and perhaps give an opinion or discussion, but will not "gang up" on anyone. Despite some rumors and odd perceptions, none of the Ops actually bite or are entirely unreasonable, especially if one maintains maturity and reason when bringing a matter to their attention.
    • If someone is really annoying/bothering you, but not obviously breaking a rule in the channels: Be aware IRC has an /ignore feature. Use it. You don't have to draw attention to the fact that you are--it's preferable you don't, actually, as it's somewhat dramallamaish--but it is handy to keep from seeing any posts made by that person in any shared channel, and keeps you from receiving PMs from them.
  • LANGUAGE. We're all reasonably intelligent, literate people. We should be able to communicate without coarse language. Also, it keeps the Main channel "clean" and "safe", especially for those who log on from work or school and may be screened even if on a break, and for our underage members whose parents may read logs or pop online themselves (both have happened in the past). Yes, our underage members are likely to see, hear, and even do quite enough on their own; however, we do not have to help perpetuate such. #GamingGuardians is often the first channel people come to and lurk in, and while not officially affiliated with, does represent the comic site and forums through membership and name, so keeping it public-friendly should be a priority.
    • Mild curses are all right (hell, heck, damn, darn, curses Specific to your fantasy/scifi references of choice; for example, Gaming Guardian's "bastich", Farscape's "frell", Shadowrun's "drek", Firefly's "gorram", etc.).
    • Stronger curses, slurs, and blatantly innuendo-laden references are NOT allowed. Words that will NOT be used in the #GamingGuardians OOC chat (used here only for clarity): fuck, shit, bitch, cunt (and other female sexual anatomy references), cock (same for other male sexual anatomy references), or homosexual/racial/national/religious slurs of any kind. This list may alter over time as situations warrant. If one must really curse for whatever reason, #Gutter or #GGVent are open for such.
  • TOLERANCE. This is an international community. People are going to have different ideas on politics, religion, sexuality, OS preferences, etc. Don't start flame wars, insult, or attack people. This includes every political, social, religious, or technological leader of the past century, who should be avoided in general because of flame-war potential and stepping over the bounds of subpoint A.
    • We try to avoid discussion on real-world political and religious topics in general as people oftentimes can't keep them from getting opinionated. A rational discussion on the differences between socialism and monarchy is all right; starting in on why your political party is better than Bob's and inciting an argument is not. Likewise, discussing the literary aspects of texts such as the Bible and how it influences other works is legitimate; breaking into a conversation about not subscribing to a religious belief and insulting those who do, no matter which one, is not.
  • NO INAPROPRIATE LINKS. This includes things that would break the above Language and Flame Rules. No pornography or sexual situations (if you can't see it on prime time network TV, you can't post it here). No explicit or barely/laughably censored nudity (with socially recognized naughty bits), regardless if the nudity is partial or full. Black censor bars are okay, just some blurry pixels are not. No gore, or excessive violence. If you must share it, do so in #Gutter.
    • No sites with warez, or Mp3/other pirating venues. This latter is a server rule, and you risk server ban by breaking it.
  • BASIC NETIQUETTE. Like the real world, the internet has some basic rules of etiquette that bear repeating here just to be clear.
    • No excessive use of capital/bolded letters; this is considered "shouting" and like in the real world, most people prefer you to use your "inside voice" in conversation. Similar can be said for excessive text color usage that will show up on others' screens.
    • We use English in this chat, please try to make it as proper as you are able; avoid 1337 speak and other dialect forms in OOC. Don't try to use other languages to get around the Language Rules, either; we have enough translators.
    • Don't Spam. Spam includes repetitive use of GuardianDatabase? bot commands, purposely setting off scripts multiple times, copy-pasting several lines of text, posting an excessive number of links/advertisments, and rapid-posting general nonsense that toes the line of propriety or just sense and taste.

RP Channel (#GGLounge-#GGLounge5 and #GGArena) specifics for those who require it:
  • Communication is key. A lot of communication in OOC channels and PM can help alleviate most misunderstanding and confusion, and also forwards plot. Since this is a freeform community, getting player permission to do things to other characters and their possessions is necessary. However, if you just can't deal with someone OOCly, you don't have to RP with them, but if circumstances bring it about, keep interactions as IC as possible, and don't disrupt anyone else's RPing.
  • IC =/= OOC. Characters are not their players, and players are not their characters. A player may have a radically different opinion or belief than the role they play. Don't take a character's actions personally, and don't decide to dislike a character due to a disagreement with a player.
  • No excessive gore, violence, or sexual situations. Not everyone wants to see that, even if it's only pretend. Fade to Blacks are preferred for many of these situations. If you really must continue, get a temporary private channel, or go to PM. Skimping on details and moving time forward to the next scene if more is to follow is also preferable.
  • Language Rules in the IC chatrooms: try to use good judgment. If it's situationally and character appropriate, Sparingly using strong language can be all right. Some players, however, still prefer to use setting-specific terms, asterisks/symbols, or just say "Bob swears a blue streak".
  • ICA = ICC ( In Character Actions = In Character Consequences ). If your character does something nasty or socially unacceptable, other characters are likely to deal with it in some fashion. It's story and drama, and without some form of conflict there is neither. Let things happen to your characters; they can't always be the best, the center of attention, right, or perfect. It's also rather frustrating for other PCs to try and deal with. Use communication with other players to keep things smooth and fun for all involved, though; don't strong arm anyone. This is still freeform, and permission is required. But that doesn't mean someone who randomly murders a dozen people can or should get away scott-free just because "the player wants them to". Interacting with the environment and the PCs/NPCs in it means taking lumps along with victories.
  • It's just a game. The internet really isn't serious business, and we're all here to have fun (including the Ops, though they volunteer time and sanity to do a little work for it). If it stops being fun, and is stressful or job-like, it's okay to take a step back, log off, and take a break for awhile. Also, don't take things other character say/do to your character personally, or let circumstances in a game session upset you. Yet again, OOC communication can help a lot of this in the first place.

Mediation On Request:
  • Be sure that everyone involved agrees that mediation is required. If the other people involved do not believe it needs outside assistance, do not bring others into your and their personal issues without their consent. That said, if someone you have a disagreement with believes a mediator is needed and you do not, please take a step back, calm down, be respectful, and give talking it out one last shot. If they are asking for a mediator, it is because they do not think talking will work. Prove them wrong.
  • Step into #ggops to ask for a mediator, or PM the specific person you think could best mediate the issue at hand. Please do not explain details or names, so as to minimize the number of people brought into the issue #GGops is confidential, but there are are a handful of ops in there at any time, and most of them do read back.
  • A temporary channel will be created, for everyone involved to explain the issue to the mediator. If the discussion gets out of hand and high-tempered, the mediator will call a time-out, and otherwise lead the discussion and towards good solutions. Everything said in this temporary channel will also be anonymous and confidential.
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