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Author Topic: Relapse, Ninja  (Read 4629 times)


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Relapse, Ninja
« on: November 20, 2008, 09:30:26 am »

   Mid to late 20s, male, caucasian human, about 6 foot, lithe and strong limbed
   Short black hair, long fringe, clean shaven, eyes are hazel-brown and slightly asiatic. The eyes gain a black/ grey streaking when Relapse gets focused. Thinnish face, straight nose. No distinguishing scars, has the kanji for Heaven or Sky tattooed on the backs of his hands.
   Relapse's training since birth has earned him a dexterity that would baffle modern day athletes and their trainers, seemingly beyond maximum human potential. His strength and constitution are at a near olympic level - while he wouldn't win any weightlifting medals, that's not his forte. He would be able to toe-to-toe any comers for a martial match however. Relapse's ninja training also included mental exercises, resulting in a high intellect and general where-with-all.
   Usually a calm and friendly person, during times of need he becomes totally focused on the task at hand. This can be noted by a slight Japanese accent, lack of contraction-use and his irises swimming with the black/ grey streaks. He no longer spends his time in 'his tree', as he has finally come to terms with the loss of his wife Kay`ela a number of years ago (with the help of Wirrit, Lana, the visitor Trisha and spending time as Mikashi). After escaping the Merchants, Relapse has finally made it back to the Primary. He's jumpier than before, more prone to reacting defensively and slightly less outgoing.

   On each forearm-hand he wears a skin-hugging, grey sleeve-glove. His left glove, below the back of his arm and just before the wrist meets his hand, is a horizontal rectangular opening onto blackness. His right glove no longer has any openings (aside from the one to stick his hand in). The powers contained in these gloves are detailed in the 'Skills and Powers' block.
Monochrys Armor (light)
   Protecting his torso and arms, this armor provides good protection with no loss of mobility and is worn under anything other than his casual attire.
Casual attire
   Jeans, tan hiking boots and off-the-rack shirts (one particular favourite is a gift from Shun, a black "Off Duty Ninja" shirt from Hot Topic). Unless the weather is too hot, he wears a green jacket over the top of the shirt (the jacket conceals a garotte in the collar).
Stealth, missions, training
   Stereotypical black gi w' face hood. Iron bars are sewn into the sleeves for deflecting weapons, and the uniform has enough pockets for vials, shuriken of various sorts, and other small equipment he could need. The belt has a strong garotte hidden in the weave, and one of the iron bars holds a hidden breathing tube he can use for breathing underwater or getting more accuracy over ranged needle spitting.
Quick uniform
   This uniform is strips of black cloth that Relapse wraps around himself to gain an advantage for stealth and secrecy. Iron bars can be wrapped to his forearms for weapon deflection, but there are fewer places to hide objects with this rushed but portable costume.
Battle Gear
   Worn for missions where combat is certain, this uniform is designed to look less like a set of PJs and more like he's ready to spill as much blood as necessary. Still in predominantly dark shades, the uniform consists of an over-vest of many pockets (enabling him to carry five additional potion-bottle sized items and ten more blade or dart shuriken over his normal allotment with easy access), a mesh undershirt and black pants, tobai, gloves and hood of a strong material. The iron bars (see ninjutsu equipment) are superceded by obvious armor plates on his forearms and the back of his hands enabling him to deflect much more powerful attacks. The mesh netting prevents too much sweat build up and provides great freedom of movement.

Known ninjutsu equipment
      Blinders/ smoke bombs/ noise makers/ chaff. Emptied egg shells filled with chili, flour and stinging nettles/ flour and dust/ detonating powder/ or shiny metal fragments then plugged with wax. He generally carries at most two of two types.
   Standard shuriken
      Dagger (kunai), star or needle. Generally has bandoliers of four dagger shuriken on each bicep, bandoliers of four dart shuriken on each forearm (accessed inside the mouth of the gloves) and five star shuriken kept in his pockets. One star shuriken is kept in the false bottom of a boot.
      Small, made of four prongs of metal joined so no matter how they fall one prong is pointing straight up. Two bags of one use each.
   Poisons/ venoms
      Lethal, incapacitating, diuretic, itching. He generally carries at most one vial of two types, with three uses in each vial.
      One block of 250g.
   Iron bars
      Sewn into his sleeves (gi) or wrapped onto his arm (cloth strip costume.)
   Blow darts and blow dart tube
      Ten darts (can deliver venoms), one tube that doubles as breathing tube when underwater.
      Commonly hidden in his collar or belt.
   Holy symbol of Kwan the Redeemer
      A bronze medallion with a profile view of a roaring tiger's head. Displayed proudly during ceremonial occasions or when fighting vampires, otherwise it's kept beneath his clothes to prevent it bouncing around.
   Payload shuriken
      Made from surgical grade steel (amazingly sharp, tendency to fracture when struck), these kunai have glass wells along the 'shaft' of the weapon and protruding slightly from the end as the blade's point. These shuriken are designed to shatter and release their contents on impact, so far the ninja has used acid, holy water, essence of rust-monster, and anti-magic variants. He has others that nobody has seen, such as silver nitrate, grease and 'Golem Slayer' from Eberron. He has a protected pocket that can hold up to four payload shurikens safely.

      A pair of Adamantium climbing claws (see full description in powers).
      A "Ring of Mindarmor" that grants him a resistance to psionic intrusion/ control. Difficulty 17 (D&D3.5) to beat.
      An "Amulet of Catapsi" that grants him the chance of making psionicists within a 100' radius have to pay double power points for their 'spells' for ten minutes, usable thrice per day.
      Not a gift as such, but Tizak did give him a ring of mind-communication; its twin is owned by Lana.
No longer carried
   Energy Katana
      A gift from his deceased first wife Kay`ela, the powers of this formidable weapon are detailed below. A constant reminder of the love he lost and the pain of losing someone so dear, the weapon was a tangible sign of Relapse's desire to carry her with him in spirit if not in body. While powerful, the weapon detracted from the unarmed prowess of the Way of the Tiger style of ninjutsu and Relapse's skills suffered for it. When Wirrit declared her feelings to him and the two continued to grow closer and closer, he let himself feel the intensity of love again and the need to hold on to the katana and keep love at bay faded. It is now kept in a place of pride on the main weapon-wall of the Cupboard's armory.
      The ring of electricity resistance given to him by Wirrit is no longer worn as the pair have separated.

Skills and Powers
Exceptionally skilled ninja
   Atheletic skills
      Acrobatics, balance, climbing, jumping
   Social Skills
      Disguise, impersonation, infiltration, Shin Ren (body language reading)
   Resistance Skills
      Poison/ venom immunity (non-magical only, bonus to save vs. magical), Shin Ren (pain resistance), Shin Ren (emotion control).
   Dextrous Skills
      Arrow cutting, escapology, lock picking, silent walking, hide in shadows/ plain sight.  Note: His invisibility skills appear so great, that even his player's actions and texts are frequently overlooked. This can only mean Relapse could stroll through a dieters' convention covered in chocolate while playing the bagpipes and be completely unnoticed.
   Mental/ Martial Skills
      Feign death, nerve striking (more damage against humanoid opponents).
Grand Master of unarmed combat
   This is the Way of the Tiger style of taijutsu as taught by and to followers of Kwan the Redeemer.
Master of the shuriken, the katana, and the kusari-gama
   He can throw groups of shuriken with fantastic accuracy, wield a katana only injuring who we wants to, and use a kusari-gama's wirling rope, weight and blade with dizzying speed.
   Can drive a stick-shift vehicle. Hasn't tried piloting a bike, plane or boat, so he can't do those yet.

Equipment Powers
   Right glove
      Instead of firing shuriken, the glove now forms throwing stars made of the odd energy material when Relapse makes a holding-a-group-of-shuriken gesture with his hand.  The shuriken are perfectly weighted for throwing and the energy released can be stunning or lethal depending on how they were formed.
   Left glove
      Fires a multi-spiked grappling hook on a limitless and unbreakable cable. This can automatically retract at speed, pulling the ninja to wherever it is hooked.
   Both gloves:
      Sprout "cat's claws" - three 4", curved blades forming claws across each palm to aid in climbing. Being Adamantium (copyright Marvel comics, I assume), they are unbreakable and can cut through virtually anything - this necessitates the cutting edge of the claws being on the top of the curve rather than under it; otherwise when he tried to get traction he'd just slice through what he was trying to climb.
   Energy Katana
      Channeling similar energy to the shuriken-glove above, its power level is much stronger. The katana sprouts small bolts of controlled lightning-like energy that ground to itself when its powers are activated.

Ki Powers
   Ninja of Kwan are taught to accumulate yang ki through rest, dedication and meditation. This ki is stored with the ninja's own life force as a kind of energy battery, that can be tapped into when required. Relapse has a maximum pool size of 20 points.
      Ki-strike, and Enhanced ki-strike
         These two techniques infuse the striking part of Relapse's body with energy, inflicting more damage. Beings unaffected by ki take no extra damage from these strikes. Enhanced ki-strike wreaths the striking appendage in an orange and black tiger strike pattern. Both these abilities cost one ki-point apiece to use.
         Similar in use to enhancing a strike, the ki-leap channels the energy into the ninja's leaping muscles. The ninja can leap enormous distances with this power, without the use of wire-fu but with the cost of one ki-point.
         A power acquired some time after the leap and ki-strike, ki-dash enables Relapse to move a distance of up to five metres in an instant, trailing after-images of his movements in shadow-forms of spent ki. Relapse must start off from a surface he can get a purchase on to start his movement, making it useless in air or water (if the start point is solid, though, he can dart the full five metres through air or across/ through water.) These shadow images disperse quickly, and the entire skill use costs a single ki-point.
         Taught by the ki-master Lana, Relapse can spend three hours observing a person and then spend three ki-points to assume the complete physical form of that person.
         Most mysterious of the ki powers, sakki is Relapse's ninja danger sense. Working off disturbances caused in ambient ki by the intent of an assailant, sakki gives Relapse a warning of impending attack split seconds before the assault is committed. This power does not work on attackers without intent (non-sentient robots/ golems/ gun-turrets etc.) but does work off the intent of people activating such things.
         Acquired during the Caruthers family vacation April 2004 (along with reducing the cost of a number of his ki powers), ki-mind shield makes him undetectable to mind-based discovery techniques, provides enhanced shielding against psi and mind attacks, and negates others' sakki based danger sense. This versatile power costs five ki points to employ, and can be defeated by appropriately powerful magics or mentalism.

Ninja of Kwan
   Relapse still returns home to train regularly, spending time with his foster father the Grand Master of the Way of the Tiger ninja clan, his best friend Tanaka and the trouble-causing trio of Chun Li, Kasumi and Ayane. While not a 'friend' per se, the great God of Redemption Kwan is always paid his due respect and honour on Relapse's homecoming.
Gaming Guardians
   Since his capture by and escape from the Merchants, Relapse has lost contact with all of his former friends. He no longer wears he ring that was a gift from Wirrit, and has avoided bumping into most of his companions from before.  Taross and Ocelico met him when he returned, but he hasn't seen them since.  Hope managed to find him during his wanderings, but again the ninja's Danger Sense appears to be blinkered. 
   In fact, he only stayed at the Outpost a short period before handing in his GSS badge and communicator and leaving once more.
   See Remember, the story of Relapse's creation as Relapse and how he met the Cupboard, or a near-complete write-up of Relapse's history pre the Gaming Guardians.
Home System
   "World of Darkness" x "HERO system" [Home brew adaption of the Orb 'Way of the Tiger' series]. Relapse is a perfect and nigh-undetectable gestalt of Kewashi Nagat (Way of the Tiger) and Michael Stone (Werewolf.) He doesn't have any fusion-based powers though.
   Gaming Guardians, GFC Admin
    [by Sage [by Megagal [by Wirrit [by Drozd [by Drozd of The Front [by TMPWPAM [by Captain Wingnut]  [by Y2Jenn] [by Operative 274]     [by TheDragonGirl[by Flats/ Frostclaw]                                                                                                          
   Bang , one of Mobius Rook's assaults on the Primary, this image shows team leaders who... errr... lead teams during the emergency.
Awards (images link to threads/ logs)             
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Relapse is one of them. Cupboard is not, and neither is Stephen.


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« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2008, 09:32:45 am »

    Appears to be a mahogany wood cupboard. On the top is exquisitely carved livery, with an infinity symbol in the middle. This glows blue on occasion.
    The Cupboard hovers weightlessly and generally follows Relapse around, unless in an area with un-enlightened when it shrinks and hides in one of Relapse's pockets.
Displayed Powers
    Shrink and enlarge itself, infinite inside, can quick-change Relapse between clothes, linked with Relapse, communicates with others via a variety of means (spoken words isn't one of them), jaunt, teleport, transform its insides to various rooms or structures, produce anything. Doesn't always do what is asked. A good example of its playfulness is the Pretty Pretty Golem Scouts adventure.
GM's Note
    The Cupboard works basically as a plot device. If it's needed, the Cupboard can do it. If you'd rather it didn't happen, the Cupboard chooses not to do it.
This signature contains 400 ninja.
Relapse is one of them. Cupboard is not, and neither is Stephen.


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Stephen, lost GM
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2008, 12:31:34 pm »

   Early 30s, male, Caucasian human, about 6 foot, overweight, scraggly hair, not well shaven, not well exercised, bit of nerd-palor.
   Aside from his weight, not much remarkable about him.  No glasses, no scars, no fashion sense.  Jeans and t-shirt is standard, jacket if cold, and sweaty if hot.
   Stephen's a good player and GM but has given most of that away due to knowing what his actions have done.  Very skilled computer programmer - but overshadowed by people with Computer(3)+ who just seem to make computers do what they want rather than having to read code.  Not that this makes Stephen bitter at all.  Has focused a lot of time on RPGame Theory, Narratology and has written a few papers about them; he rarely share these papers with anyone due to his excellent skill at being shy and reclusive.  Nearly as good as Relapse at punning.
   Very shy.  Not outgoing.  Likes computers as he can understand the logic.  Tries to apply that '1+1=2' logic to gaming, and has had a few successes in the application of Pun and Story theory to games and objects therein.  Distrusting of most people due to vivid school yard memories.  Girl shy.  Sage, Hope and other people had started to get him out of his shell until he fled the Gaming Guardians with the genie Al`Eyeis to help free Relapse from the Merchants.  He hasn't been seen since.

   Linux inside.  Tuned.  Tweaked.  Purrs.
Gaming sources
   Even though he has given up gaming, he still researches and has numerous theories about the gaming universe and Laws of Narration.  Some of these he emails to R&D, anonymously.

Skills and Powers
Very good programmer
   Web languages, C and Assembler, esoteric like Haskell - Stephen's tinkered with most and has a few pet favourites.  He maintained some of the Gaming Guardians' web presence and mundane-tech systems.  Doesn't go too close to System tech as he says it knows he fears it.
Bupkis social
   Doesn't even pretend to go to bars or nightclubs anymore.
   Can drive a stick-shift vehicle and a motorised boat up to 40'.  Can row boats or steer those with outboard motors.

Under protection
   Stephen was brought to the GG for his own protection after his character Relapse was attacked by the Merchants.  Since then he worked for the GG to pay his way.  He has socialised with Relapse, but has resisted the ninja's attempts to get him to socialise more.  Funnily enough, has gotten on fantastically with Cupboard.  This protection is now voided as he has gone awol with a known criminal.
   A lonely, lonely geek before geek was cool Stephen resents the time he grew up in.  Is sure if he was only born 10 years later he could've surfed the Geek Cred bandwagon to having friends.  As it stands, his own surety of friendlessness and overall negativity has ensured this remains true.  The devotion to bad Goon show episodes and jokes only he gets hasn't helped matters.
   Since Relapse's final acquisition by the Merchants he forced himself to talk to people (admittedly this hasn't always been a good idea, just ask Hope) - but he'd found that he does actually have more to offer than sarcasm and shyness.  He'd even thought of maybe buying Sage a coffee - but probably getting Ocelico to give it to her.  Nobody knows what's happened to him since he left the Gaming Guardians; Relapse may know more thanks to the ninja's rescue but Rel isn't talking about it.
Home System
   Gaming Guardians
   (Stephen's the one on his laptop)
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This signature contains 400 ninja.
Relapse is one of them. Cupboard is not, and neither is Stephen.