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Author Topic: Tiernan Barimen  (Read 2782 times)


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Tiernan Barimen
« on: January 31, 2009, 01:22:38 am »

Tiernan Barimen

Basic Information

System of Origin:Amber Diceless
Age:In his 30s (Appears 20ish)
Eye Color:Grey
Hair:Orange-red, medium length, wispy
Build:Lithe, but athletic.


Tiernan is a quiet and reserved man, never one to give in wholly to most emotions. He is friendly and open to conversation and always speaks politely in a low, quiet voice. Because of his training, Tiernan is always at attention and doesn't often miss something happening around him. He is also a habitual liar, partly by profession, partly by nature. He has an interest in botany. He greatly enjoys spending time in his gardens where he cultivates all manner of flowers and plants, most of which have qualities useful to his former profession.

Clothing & Appearance

Tiernan has a wiry frame that lends itself well to stealth and subterfuge. He has delicate and effeminate features which are accented by a head of wispy orange-red hair and a pair of smoky grey eyes. He sports a pair of glasses, either half-moon spectacles or thick-rimmed glasses, without which he has great difficulty seeing. His clothing tends to be of a casual nature, emulating the fashion worn by modern hipsters. Scarves and vests are very frequent. Hidden beneath his many layers of clothing is a blood-red tattoo of a rose on his right pec.


Tiernan has in his possession a variety of throwing daggers, all of which are concealed somewhere on his person such as inside his coat and boots.  He also has a pair of thin assassin-style daggers that are perpetually hidden in his sleeves. They are laced with an extremely lethal poison. It was for fear of this poison (which didn't know he was immune to), among other things, that he always wears gloves. The daggers are artifacts left to him by his Amber Court Devotee, Fiona. They are named Arundor and Brisigam, both doing twice as much base damage as ordinary daggers would thanks to possessing the 'double damage' trait.


  • Gloves of Storing: These pristine white gloves, whose edges are dotted with tiny gold runes, were gifted to him by Rath Azuredawn. They have three enchantements on them: The first grants them damage resistance; the second allows Tiernan to change their color from white to black (by pinching his thumb and forefingers together on both hands), and the last allows him to store 25 small daggers that can be called on a whim.


Though he spent much time with the majority of his powers under lock and key, Tiernan nowadays has full access to them.
  • Shadow Walking: Using his pattern imprint, Tiernan can change small details in his surroundings bit by bit in order to bring himself to to whatever or wherever he seeks in Shadow. This is possible to accomplish anywhere he is but is more difficult and takes longer when attempted from Primary. It is possible for Tiernan to bring others with him through Shadow. The difficulty and speed of this process is dependant on the number of people he brings with him; the more he brings, the slower and harder it is.
  • Probability Affecting:In Shadow or Systems, if there is a chance of something happening Tiernan has the ability to make it happen. This requires him to concentrate - how much depends on what exactly he wants to affect. This is a difficult but not impossible thing for him to accomplish in the Primary System.
  • Pattern Defence: The pattern can be used to defensively strengthen. Though primarily to protect against invasive magic it also makes Tiernan more resistant to physical attacks. Thanks to alterations done to him by an enemy, this power  no longer hinders his ability to run or fight effectively as much as it used to. Training given him by Rath Azuredawn has increased his endurance in using this to the point that he no longer risks the crippling migraines that extended use used to give him. Distractions or sufficient damage can still cause these defences to shatter.
  • Blood Curse: Amberites are born with an inherent power that activates upon their death. This power may manifest as either a blessing or as a curse though is more often the latter. The details of the blood curse are determined in the moment of death.
  • Pattern Walking: If Tiernan walks a Pattern he can gain certain benefits including a cleansing of the mind, memory gaps repaired, and dissolution of any lingering curses, enchantments, or possessions. Once at the center of any Pattern, Tiernan can then instantly teleport anywhere he desires.(Requires Pattern)
  • Power over Shadow: When Tiernan is in a Shadow he can take advantage of the closeness of Shadows to effect small changes without traveling. However, he is still required to move; the more he wishes to change, the more he must move. This runs the risk of him accidentally transposing himself from one Shadow to another. Additionally, this is an extremely slow process.
  • Poison Immunity: Tiernan's body can process any poison and render it ineffective and harmless.
  • Pattern Sight: If Tiernan focuses on someone with the pattern active he can pick up on their physical conditions as well as their basic genetic makeup. He can also read the composition of items and through that is able to tell where they might be from (usually by comparing them to something else, like an item from Primary for example.) He can also use it to determine where magic might be sourced and sometimes also its nature.
  • Superhuman Strength: Tiernan's second best attribute, strength, basically means that he's quite strong even for an Amberite and can easily lift and throw a small automobile. He's also adept at picking up and learning various fighting techniques.
  • Regeneration: Given enough time, Tiernan can regenerate from any serious wound. This includes the regeneration of lost body parts. He is also able to go for long periods of time without rest, ignoring some amount of exhaustion and fatigue. Aah, the joys of endurance.
  • Pattern Manipulation: If Tiernan focuses the pattern outwards while forging a physical connection with someone while at the same time making use of his pattern sight, Tiernan can manipulate that person's mind. He is extremely unskilled at this and given that is is only slightly above average with his psyche attribute, he's not terribly effective.
  • Reflexes/Intelligence: As warfare is Tiernan's single most powerful attribute, this means that he not only does he possess above-average reaction time, he's also extremely intelligent and shrewd. He has an excellent grasp on tactics and strategy and tends to apply that both in combat and social situations.


As they allow psychic contact and could potentially be a gateway for Tiernan to control others,his creation and usage of Trumps is to be monitored by and all Trumps noted with the Gaming Guardians. Tiernan has created the following Trumps:
  • 1 x Jack Barimen
  • 1 x Machaira
  • 1 x Outside of Outpost Grounds: Painted in delicate, precise strokes was a field of plush, green grass. In the foreground was a lone oak tree while far in the background was the Outpost itself.


  • Hallucinogens: Amberites react especially poorly to hallucinogens; when they trip out they have a habit of initiating shadow walks. Since walking is influenced by one's imagination, doing so under the influence of a hallucinogen is extremely dangerous.
  • Poor Eyesight: Tiernan requires glasses to see. More often than not, he will wear a pair of half-moon spectacles or thick rimmed glasses. When it's more practical to wear contact lenses, he does so.
  • Sociopath: Tiernan is a clinical sociopath.

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Jack: When they first met, Tiernan regarded Jack as someone he could use to gain information on others. Following his incarceration by the Guardians, Jack spent months convincing Tiernan to enter the Rehabilitation program. Eventually the Amberite agreed. He now regards Jack as his only and best friend and is extremely protective of him. Thanks to time spent "growing up" together in an Urban Arcana system, Tiernan now considers Jack his brother.
  • Machaira: Machaira is someone else that Tiernan could potentially consider a friend. There is some sincerity to his actions, but just a touch. Mostly, he puts on a good show of it, and one would be hard-pressed to realize that he's simply going through the motions.
  • Udoshi: Tiernan once tried to kill Udoshi at the behest of Celeste, who had been pretending to be his sister. Understandably, this soured relations between the two men. Tiernan shows no remorse for his actions, nor any ill feelings towards Udoshi.
  • Celeste: Celeste disguised herself as the Amberite's twin sister and used that to convince him to betray the Guardians. To keep Tiernan under her thumb, Celeste seduced him. This eventually led to Tiernan discovering the truth, which prompted him to brainwash her into thinking she really was his sister.
  • Brietta: Brietta is Tiernan's twin sister. He hasn't seen her in 16 years and grew obsessed with her to the point that he fell in love. His affections will remain forever unrequited in part because they are brother and sister, but largely because his system, which she likely never escaped from, has seemingly been destroyed. This love, though still present, has waned considerably.
  • Gabe: Tiernan once used him to try to find his sister. They could be considered friends, but Tiernan treats Gabe much in the same way as he does Machaira; there's some sincerity there, but most of it is just good acting on his part.
  • Wren: If there is someone Tiernan actively feels negatively about (that he's not related to), it would be Wren. As he sees it the dragonness is solely responsible for the deterioration of his fantasy life with "Brietta."

Miscellaneous Information

  • Attributes: Tiernan's strongest Amberite attribute is Warfare, followed closely by Strength. He is capable enough in both Psyche and Endurance, though he could be easily beat by other Amberites in those areas.
  • Trumps & Magic: He is learning how to paint in an effort to learn to make Trumps. He is doing this largely for the power he feels he can gain from them in the future, but also in honor of his father, Brand. The man was touted as the most talented trump maker in the family, and Tiernan would like to follow in his footsteps. While in Urban Arcana he learned the foundations of magic, a subject/talent which he intends to explore further.
  • Laziness: Tiernan once had a tendency to be lazy. Though recent circumstances have forced him to be slightly more proactive in his activities, he does miss his more laissez-faire days.
  • Career Aspirations: He is presently working in the Guardian Medical Department. With his pattern sight as well as his intimate knowledge of the human body, Tiernan makes for an excellent doctor. In addition to this, Tiernan has acquired (in an Urban Arcana system) a law degree. He seeks to take the bar in Primary or Gamers End to allow him to use his skills on behalf of the Guardians.
  • Mind Games: He enjoys playing mental games with people; he likes seeing what makes them tick and will often steer a conversation in a manner that allows him to do that.
  • Pattern Experience: Though not on the same level as his elder relatives, Tiernan has gained much experience in pattern usage over the years. Along with that he has developed a taste for more power.
  • Almost-Vegetarian: Tiernan rarely eats meat and when he does, it's usually chicken. Besides that he tends to stick with a mostly vegetarian diet and small portions.
  • Parentage: Up until his capture he presented himself as Fiona's son. Now he freely admits that his Amberite parent is Brand.
  • Languages: Tiernan is fluent in English and Thari.
  • Chaliceborn Preparations: In an effort to better defend himself against the incessant Chaliceborn attacks, Tiernan is undergoing extensive training courtesy of Rath Azuredawn. To that end, he has been increasing his endurance such that he now has no difficulties whatsoever in concentrating on his pattern defenses while also performing other tasks.

Pre-GG Background

Tiernan and his twin sister, Brietta, were born to a set of parents that, much like their heritage, were unknown to them. They were strangely absent from their lives, which resulted with their being shipped off to an orphanage where they spent the first thirteen years of their lives. Well-cared for and somewhat well-liked (the sister more than the brother, in this regard), Tiernan had a halfway decent childhood.
Tiernan had a penchant for trouble. Although the delinquent behavior was par for the course with orphaned youngsters, the motivations behind it, however misguided, were better thought-out than could have been expected of so young a child. He recognised the frail qualities of his sister and took to thievery in order to help her. Through this the pair grew close. However, it also caused Tiernan to develop an almost obsessive dependence on Brietta Ė he felt that, without him, she would fall to ruin, and vice versa.
During one of his excursions to acquire money and medicines, Tiernan made the mistake of stealing from a powerful warlord. The endeavor ended poorly, seeing the youth captured by the man he sought to steal from. The warlord, a man named Rathe, decided to keep the young boy, which effectively separated him from his only family for the rest of his life. It would not be until he was well into adulthood that Tiernan would discover the real reason behind why Rathe had taken him away from his home and twin sister. It had been done at the behest of his Aunt Fiona.
Tiernan would then spend the next 16 years of his life in the service and employ of Lord Rathe. From the very moment he was purchased, Tiernan was educated and trained to become the warlord's personal assassin. Whatever his Lord and Master asked of him, he did without question -- Rathe's word was law in his eyes, and as such he considered little else, giving him a sometimes narrow view of the world around him.
In public, he cultivated an image of a quiet, serious young man, who was retainer to Rathe. He catered to the manís whims, acted as liaison and go-between, and on occasion stepped in to fill his Lordís place. In secret, Tiernan did much less savory things. He killed and kidnapped for Rathe, and he tortured the manís enemies. There was no one that Tiernan would not kill for his Lord, save for his sister Brietta.

One evening, after he'd finished killing one of his Lord's enemies, Tiernan finally learned of his true nature - he was a god among men. An Amberite. And the son of Brand, no less. At this revelation, every inch of his being screamed for him to pursue his sister. However, Tiernan instead obeyed Rathe one last time and went to claim his birthright. This led him straight to his Aunt Fiona, who had him walk the Pattern.
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I read a quote in a book the other day that made me think of the sort of training Tiernan might have received when he was still a boy. And since I sometimes have difficulties keeping certain things in mind with my various characters, like histories and personality quirks, I'm going to start keeping a collection of quotes. It may help me maintain some consistency when I play them.

"Then practice making faces. Beneath your skin are muscles. Learn to use them. It is your face. Your cheeks, your lips, your ears. Smiles and scowls should not come upon you like sudden squalls. A smile should be a servant, and come only when you call it. Learn to rule your face." - A Feast for Crows, George R. R. Martin
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