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Title: Faye Rivera
Post by: NerdyCanuck on October 31, 2010, 05:40:26 am
Faye's character sheet is in dire need of an update; she is no longer human. Rather, she has become an undead construct of sorts. Alive and yet not alive, and with a substantial change in her powerset and abilities. I have been too busy to do a proper update of Faye's sheets, but all powers/abilities/weaknesses from the Sabre ( portion of this character sheet applies to her.

Faye Rivera

Basic Information

System of Origin:Homebrew (D&D Inspired)
Race:Human (Elemental-blooded)
Eye Color:Hazel
Hair:Long, usually tied in a braid. Platinum colored.


Kind-hearted and brave. Sees things in shades of grey, though she tends towards good. Willing to help others and risk her life for them. She tries to see the positive in most situations.


Faye tends towards halter tops and pants or other clothing that allows for ease of movement. Occasionally, she wears something slightly skirt-like paired with shorts en lieu of pants. She doesn't stray far from her usual color scheme of black and blue.



Faye is a highly trained warrior specialized in swords, bows, and gryphon riding. Her style of swordplay relies less on strength and more about speed and grace. Though she typically forsakes the use of a shield, she enhances her fighting with her ice-based powers to make up the difference.

Racial Abilities

Though technically human, Faye is descended from a long line of humans whose lineage has long since been intertwined with ice elementals. Because of this, she has access to a number of ice-based powers:

Interpersonal Relationships

Miscellaneous Information


Faye comes from a system/planet named Varial. A native of the country of Alterra, she was born to an Alterran hero and an elemental-blooded woman from the Vennon Isles. When her mother took ill and passed away when Faye was still a baby, her father, Althanos, took on the responsibility of raising her alone. He never remarried, choosing instead to devote his life to both his daughter and a growing addiction to alcohol.

As she grew up, Faye found that she was gifted with the blood talents of her mother and the martial skills of her father. She put these to use as early as she could, hoping to repair the damage her father, by then a shadow of his former self, had done to their family name over the years. To that end, she petitioned to and eventually joined a branch of the Alterran royal guards.

In recent years, Varial had seen a strange and steady decline. Strange, terrible things kept happening all over the world, and especially in Alterra. Plagues, famines, the works. Faye travelled with her adopted brother, Braelyn, in hopes of discovering a way to stop the never-ending string of calamities, but was unsuccessful. As time wore on, the world appeared to come to a stop. In reality, the system was falling into a stasis brought about by its creator outright ignoring it.

When the stasis finally settled in, Faye was left as the only person left moving. As a result of this, Varial ejected her and she found herself in Primary and at the doorstep of her creator, a woman named Marie Comeau. Faye discovered that Marie was also the creator of another being, Val Cesoerdo, who seemed to occupy her attention during the years that Varial fell into decline. Faye determined that he was the cause of her world's troubles and, after learning that he was in Primary as well, vowed to end his life.

She made two attempts on Val's life, both of which went poorly. After the second, she was captured by the Gaming Guardians. She has since been released from the sublevels on a probationary basis. She is disallowed the use of her powers for anything excepting missions. This displeases her, but she accepts it as proper punishment for her actions.
Title: Reference Pictures
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By Myself (Newest to Oldest)

By Others (Newest to Oldest)

Complete list (Commissions + Own Artwork) (
Title: Sabre
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System of Origin: Azuredawn Reality Marble
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6”
Skin: Pale White                               
Eye Color: Blue                 
Hair: Short Silver
Hand: Ambidextrous                     
Build: Athletic                   
Race: Undead Ice Branch

Sabre was created in the image of Faye Riviera and is the vessel for a lot of Rath’s memories from when he was alive. She is kind, caring, patient, loyal, and selfless – traits that spring from memories concerning the woman she was made to look like. She is content with her lot in life – and although she is one of the few branches that can leave the Azuredawn she prefers to stay in the marble unless needed by Rath patiently and contentedly tending to a garden of ice crystals – a fabrication of the garden Rath spent a lot of time in when he was still on Eberron. She is an echo of memories that she once held, and is at peace with the nature of her existence.

She has only one real set of clothing – Gold and purple armor with brilliant blue crystals on it.